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Tigra Sport BikeConsole Smart 5 Universal

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Universal Smartphone Bike Mount

Fits any smartphones within the following dimensions:
- Screen size 5.3" to 5.9"
- Thickness: 6.4mm (0.25") to 9.4mm (0.37")
- Length: 144mm (5.7") to 158mm (6.2")
- Width: 76mm (3.0") to 80.6mm (3.2")

Can also accommodate smartphones in cases as long as they are within the above dimensions. However, the smartphone case should not have an edge higher than the touchscreen surface; otherwise touch-sensitivity may be compromised.

- IPX4 waterproof
- Shock and impact proof
- Double-hinged side latch looks phone in securely
- Touch screen membrane with sensitivity over 90%. Can also work if smartphone already has a thin screen protector on it, but touch sensitivity may be compromised
- Rear camera operable for most models
- Side buttons of phone operable for most models
- Pocket-friendly flat back design

Charge-thru mounting bracket with micro USB and 2.5mm DC jacks (power input 5.0V DC) for plugging in from power sources such as BikeCharge Dynamo, BikeCharge Power Converter, BikeCharge Power Pack or other third party battery packs and converters. Integrated charging cable with micro USB plug for connecting to the phone on one side, and the other side connected to a PCB with Smart Circuitry which optimizes power output to phone. The PCB has contact plates exposed outside the case for connection with the mounting bracket.

- Mounting bracket rotatable 360 degrees, can fit bars/stems of ø20-45mm, with dual-lock mechanism and compatible with other BikeConsole models
- Built-in 3.5mm stereo male to female cable (for plugging in headphone outside of case), removable by user
- Smart Spacers in 4 sizes included for DIY customization of case interior to form-fit smartphones within dimensional limits
- Smart Spacers can be slotted among each other to form blocks, and slotted into the inner wall of the BikeConsole case to limit movement of the phone

Smart Spacers attached to the soft plastic wall of the case (in red color) also doubles as activators for the phone’s buttons. To prevent triggering the phone’s buttons accidentally, the Smart Spacers used as button activators should always be thinner than the Smart Spacers used to limit phone’s movement (eg. if a 4mm thick Smart Spacer is used to fix the phone’s position, then the Smart Spacer used to activate the button should NOT be more than 3mm thick). To prevent Smart Spacers from easily falling out, users may apply glue to firmly attach them inside the case (glue is NOT included in the package). Recommended glue includes two-part epoxy such as JB Weld PlasticWeld (Epichlorohydrin and Bisphenol A) and Loctite Super Glue (Ethyl Cyanoacrylate). Some glue may leave white marks on the surface of the case/Smart Spacers.

- Overall dimensions (excluding mounting bracket): 184 x 98 x 28mm
- Total weight (excluding phone and mounting bracket): 146g

Package includes:
- BikeConsole case with generic silicone pad base (for vertical shock absorption)
- Smart Spacers in 4 sizes (2 packs)
- Silicone pads (2 pcs) to adjust depth to fit different phone thickness
- Rubber plug for sealing cable passage in case stereo cable is removed
- Charge-thru mounting bracket (IPBK-03)
- Allen key for fixing bracket on bar
- Additional rubber pad for increasing grip of bracket on bar
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Do You Sell The Battery Pack (Ppp-2800) That Goes With The Tigra Smart Console 5?
01 Apr 2017

Unfortunately it looks as though the additional battery pack is no longer available from Tigra sport.