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KMC X10E EPT 11/128 Inch 10 Speed Chain 136 Links

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Specially designed for middle engine driven e-bikes such as Bosch, Panasonic and AEG, these chains have higher torsion resistance to cope with ruthless shifting and hi-torque.

Triple X Durability, unmatched chain life - KMC guarantees your satisfaction! EcoProTeQ Anti-Rust technology, HT-e Non-Directional Design: assembly of this chain is independent of direction! It allows maximum compatibility, no matter MTB or Race: this chain fits all.

- 1/2" x 11/128" - 136 Links - Pin length: 5.88 mm
- Compatible with all 10-speed Road and MTB drive train systems
- Hi-Performance
- Special design for mid-motor e-Bikes
- Triple X-Durability
- Increased Pin-Power
- Non-directional design
- Hi-Torsion resistance
- Extra long: 136 links
- EcoProTeQ Anti-Rust technology
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10 speed chain, 118 links?
19 Oct 2017

My 10 speed chain is getting worn and needs replacing.
I have a 10 speed Surly disc trucker, size 56” so long chain stays. The bike is 2 years old and has its original chain – a KMC X10 I think.

I removed the old chain and was going to use a 116 link shimano 10 speed chain.
But on carefully checking the ORIGINAL chain is 118 links (including a quick link) and its clear that that 116 links will not be enough.

On my Shimano 6701 box it lists lengths as 114/116 and 118 but I have been unable to find anyone who sells the 118 link length or even if it still exists.

I want a mid range 10 speed chain for this bike, 118 links, and hoped to avoid splicing 2 chains together (which I could do) both for cost and ‘its not ideal’ reasons.

Can you help?


Roger Leary

Unfortunately this KMC 136 link chain is the only one that we would have that is over 116 links. Shimano no longer offer the 6701 chain in anything other than 116 links I'm afraid.