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Cinq5 The Plug III Hub Dynamo Powered Charging Device

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Please note : The pictures show the Plug III connected to several devices to demonstrate intended use including a Cinq 5 Smart Power Pack, Garmin GPS, Nokia Phone, these are not included. Package includes : Plug III Top cap/USB output, Top cap weather seal and fixing ring, Expander wedge and bolt (replaces your bicycles star nut), PAT II module and cable, user instructions.

After a successful product launch over one year ago (at time of Summer 2011) the Plug was continuously developed further. One of these evolutions is the extended functionality of the TopCap, which allows charging the Apple iPhone without a special cable. The possibility to connect the Plug II directly to an E-Bike battery also needs to be mentioned.

In a revolutionary manner however is the integration of the entyre electronic, which has been in the head tube cartridge so far, in the TopCap. The aluminium housing is totally enclosed with a sealing liquid and therefore protected from humidity in the best possible way. The assembly becomes a piece of cake - the cable must be connected with the dynamo hub and the USB port with the TopCap - that simple!

Especially touring cyclists (Trekking / MTB / E-Bike), commuters and messengers benefit from The Plug II features such as:
- Eco-friendly power supply for USB-devices (GPS, MP3-Player or mobile phones) via dynamo hub
- Full integration offers a clean bike design, easy retrofit as well as a very good theft protection
- E-Bike Ready: the possibility to connect the Plug II directly to an E-Bike battery brings the USB-port to the handlebar
- Meets USB Specification: The Plug converts power from an existing dynamo hub in USB 5V standard
- Rugged, Repairable Aluminium Housing: The rugged aluminium housing does not only look good, but also withstands even serious crashes onto hard ground
- Salt Water Resistant Housing: The aluminium housing is totally enclosed with a sealing liquid and anodized to make it corrosion-resistant. Since scratches cannot be avoided during the long lifetime of the Plug II, Tout Terrain have also used a corrosion-resistant 6061 aluminium alloy

This package includes the PAT system (+ part!)

Through P.A.T. (Power Amplification Technology) system, that is used, the power output of the Plug II can be optimized. This is particularly useful for users of smart phones or rechargeable batteries that want to maximize their power output on the road. Concealed, the extra power module is attached in the fork tube, so there are no other cables necessary outside.
Product Reviews (4)
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Product Reviews (4)
Overall Product Rating 2.5 / 5
Know its limits
By Trish
26 Jan 2018
4 / 5
Hi. My experience with the plug is that it does depend on how large the battery is you are trying to charge eg : Iphone 4s and 5s work brilliant but batteries are only 1800 mah (something like that), also Polar V650, it will happily charge all day (think thats 1850 mah). LGG4- no chance- 3000mah battery, tries to draw power- can't- so switches off - tries again ( you get the idea). Also have an old garmin that it didnt like, no idea what size battery though. So I would say anything under 1800 mah SHOULD be ok (but no promises :D)
Utterly useless in real world conditions
By Paul
04 Aug 2017
1 / 5
I had real expectations for this item when building up my touring bike last year. My bike has the superb SON 28 dynamo hub paired with SON front and rear lights. No complaints from those items at all, they're superb.

The 'Plug''s rubbish. Sure, it 'works' from very low speed, but try to get it to actually charge anything at less than a continuous 17-18mph minimum speed is impossible (and with the lights switched off).

I have tried all types of devices, from a basic 3 year old Motorola smartphone to small powerbanks, even cheap 2000mah ones and they simply will not charge up.....unless you're going fast, which no-one realistically ever does on a touring bike.

The ONLY item I can get to consistently charge are those small USB rechargeable bike lights.....which I don't need!

I had high hopes for this item, especially given the cost, but it's just an ugly useless piece of anodised alloy on the top of my stem.
This Device Is Great On Tour
By Jamie Archer
22 Jun 2017
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsHarder to make the minimum speed on a heavy bike or uphill, no separate output for dynamo lights
ProsEasy to install, charge a phone relatively quickly
I've been using this device for 1 year now on a tour from London to Singapore to charge an iPhone 5 and an iPhone SE - it works perfectly so long as your making about 10-12km per hour minimum speed.

The previous reviewer probably had a rubbish dynamo I recommend pairing this with a Schmidt Son Dynamo its the best and lightest one our there.
Useless, Doesn'T Charge Modern Devices Or Obay Usb Power Delivery Spec
By Alex
01 Feb 2017
1 / 5
This device is pretty much useless. It simply didn't work for me. I bought it as a friend had one - he had to use it with a cache battery to avoid problems with intermittent power for his GPS, but as I was going to use it with my phone I didn't think that would be a problem.

Turns out the device doesn't obay USB power delivery specs. When it first gets power, my phone will start charging, but pull more current than the plug can deliver. The plug then turns off. This repeats over and over.

Ultimately, my phone drains FASTER when "charging" off the plug than when disconnected. This isn't an issue with speed, even on a long descent, it still can't charge the phone. This issue arises as the plug doesn't meet the USB power delivery spec and doesn't tell the device how much current it can draw. I don't have this problem with a Luxos U light - that works perfectly and can charge my phone while it is running a GPS.

Avoid this device at all costs!
Questions & Answers (8)
Can the battery be charged by a USB charger?
15 Jul 2020
Charging the Cinq unit by pedal-power is not a speedy process. Can the battery be charged from mains power using a standard SB charger and male-to-male USB cable? If so, it would be easy to keep the battery topped-up when you are not riding the bike.Cheers,
NO- the battery is only there to smooth out the output profile- preventing sharp spikes in output voltage to your devices. You would be best using a USB powerbank with passthrough charging as an interface between this and your devices- as that will accomplish the same thing. I highly recommend Xiaomi powerbanks for their superior cell quality, efficiency and their unique ability to pass through charge/ daisy chain charge.
The images and description refer to The Plug II as well as The Plug III.
18 Jan 2018
Can you confirm that I would be buying The Plug III, not The Plug II. Thank you
Hi there,

The Plug II has now been replaced with the Plug III, which is the product we are stocking.

Plug Iii On Slammed Stem?
06 Aug 2015
Hello, do I need to have steerer tube available above the stem in order to use The Plug?
Hi, as long as your system is 1 1/8" Ahead then the plug will fit fine as it replaces the top cap & star fangled nut with a new one with a longer bolt. Thanks
Plug Iii Compatibility
19 May 2015
People seem to have had mixed experiences with the Plug. There are some very positive recommendations but also stories where it didn't work well (including on this site). Have you formed a view (based on customer feedback) about under what circumstances (or with what devices) it works well and where it doesn't?

In our experience the Plug has been very good, from the large number we sell we get a lower percentage of issues than with any of the other charging devices, we still highly recommend these and fit these to our bikes regularly. We have found them to be compatible with most devices providing that device is capable of being charged from a standard USB output and doesn't require anything more powerful. If there is a large amount of draw from the hub (say if you had a light on at the same time) then at slow speeds (like when climbing) the charging can sometimes be affected, but as soon as it flattens out or points downhill then it should be absolutely fine.

Is The Plug Iii Compatible With A 1 Inch Steerer Tube?
28 Oct 2014
I have a steel framed Roberts with Ahead stem attached to a 1 inch steerer tube can I use the Plug III?

Unfortunately not, even if you were able to find a 1" expanding wedge that allowed you to pass the cable through, the top cap would still not fit safely to the top of the steerer tube.

Wiring The Plug Iii
09 Jun 2014
Following on from the first question, I've got a Schmidt SON 28 hub but I'm not clear on how I would wire this to allow me to use the charger and also a light?

Can I leave both connected at the wheel but then unplug the phone (or whatever) when I want all the power to go to the light, or would the charger use up power and hence take brightness away from the light as long as its connected.

I'm assuming there's not going to be enough power to use both unless there's a very big hill.

The Schmidt Son 28 hub is designed to be used for lighting and charging at the same time, even at slower speeds. To fit them both to the hub you need to use a piggy back spade connector which will allow both to take power from the hub, these are SJSC part number 28876. If you were to unplug anything from charging then in theory more power would be available for the light.

Wiring The Plug Iii
05 Apr 2014
I have a Supenova Hub dynamo and a E3 Pro 2 light. Can the plug make use of the rear light cable coming from the E3 Pro 2. Or does it need to be wired directly to the hub. And if so, how do you wire both the front light and the Plug III to the front dynamo?

Many thanks


You will need to wire both into the hub, un-fortunately as with all dynamos and lights that use the Shimano style connectors there is no easy way of doing it. The only way of doing it is to disconnect the cable from the end plug and then fit both the cables from the light and the Tout terrain into the plug, you can do this by wrapping the un-coated ends of the cables around each other and fit them into the plug. This isn't the prettiest way of wiring the cables but unfortunately it is the only way.

Will Tout Terrain Work With A Exposure Pd8 Dynamo Hub
22 Feb 2014
the plug 3 tout terrain

Yes, the PD8 hub can be used with a charging device like the Tout Terrain Plug.