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Igaro D1 Dynamo USB Power Converter - Shimano

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Power any USB device using a 3W bicycle dynamo hub (not included) and an Igaro D1.

- Ultra efficient
- High power support
- Digital dynamo monitoring
- Titanium alloy housing
- IP69 Waterproof
- Lifetime warranty

Efficiency is the most important aspect of a dynamo hub power converter because so little power is available from a 3W dynamo hub. The Igaro D1 outperforms all of its competitors with an outstanding 87% (with typical smartphone) efficiency rating. Being efficient with power results in your devices charging faster. At lesser speed it can be the difference between a device discharging it's battery or having power to function.

The Igaro D1 is crafted from a single piece of titanium of just 70mm (L) x 13mm (W) x 8mm (H) in size. Significantly stronger than plastic, it is designed to withstand falls and knocks from any direction. The bespoke circuitry within the Igaro D1 uses military graded components designed to have a 25 year working life. A wide operating temperature range of -40c to 80c ensures operation in any season.

Each unit is filled with epoxy resin for full IP69 waterproofing against rain and vibration protection against poor road conditions.

Flexible brackets are provided to attach the unit to any tube such as the stem or head tube.

Up to 10W Output

The Igaro D1 supports up to 2A at 5V, however the actual power output is proportional to speed. Power enables at approximately 8kph for 700c wheels and 7kph for 26 inch wheels. High speed charging is available at around 12kph.

Further power is available at higher speed such as on a decent. Devices should be left in to benefit from this (they must support high speed charging - most smartphones and battery packs do).

Remember, the Igaro D1 does not create power - it provides a higher conversion efficiency rate using the power available to it.


The Igaro D1 manages over speed, short circuit and overheat conditions (although with its high efficiency it generates negliable heat during normal riding conditions).

Digital monitoring of the dynamo hub power prevents connected USB devices turning on/off rapidly, which can cause software lockups on digital USB devices.

Single USB Output:

The Igaro D1 has one USB port configured in power adapter mode with gold plated connectors attached to a 30cm high strength cable.

The USB port must be positioned to allow water to run off to the ground. If water collects within the port, electrolysis will eventually dissolve the USB pins rendering the unit inoperable. This port is replaceable at minimal cost and without shortening the cable by sending the unit to Igaro.
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Product Reviews (3)
Overall Product Rating 5 / 5
08 Feb 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Prosdependable, efficient, light weight and compact
I’ve been raving about my Igaro D-1 for over 15 ever since the first units were produced. In the past year, besides all of my local running around, I have used it for 700km. and 500km. tours in France and then I took it to China for a real workout. My tour was over 1500km long during a six week period on some of Sichuan provinces roughest rural roads. My D-1 was a match for the wash-board broken pavement, rain and mud I encountered and never let me down.
It is dependable, efficient, weighs practically nothing and is discrete in its compactness. I have said many times in the last year that it is the best new and innovative piece of gear I have seen in the last 30 years, and is worthy of awards.
My wife often gives me a hard time when I spend money on bike gear, as she did here, but after seeing how well and dependably the D-1 works, she wants one for herself. What more can I say?
Ken Brunn,
Vaulx Milieu, France
27 Sep 2016
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsLightweight, small, starts charging at low speed
I took this on a 600km ride through France, had no problem keeping a smartphone (3000mAh), lights and my e-cig charged.

It kicks in a pretty low speed so the only time it lost power was stopping and starting at lights - even on long ascents in low gear it didn't cut out.

I went through a couple of showers, but I didn't get soaked through at any point so I can't really comment on the waterproofing. It certainly looks pretty well sealed, I was more concerned about water sitting in the hub connection than any part of this thing.

The Best Dynamo Charging Solution On The Market
19 Aug 2016
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsI would prefer a detachable USB lead of some form for when I do not need charging
ProsSmall, very stable charging
Over the years, I have used E-Werk and Luxos U for charging battery packs out on the road (touring and randonneuring).

A recent trip through France caused me many challenges with my Luxos U getting wet and not working for charging.

I have now been using the Igaro D1 for about a month, mainly at randonneur speeds and it is just so stable and charges really well.

I have been using it with a SONDelux so far, but will be touring (i.e. lower paced) but with a SON28 next month, so I am hoping that it performs just as well.

Form factor is tiny. Very discrete.

I am now looking at replacing the Luxos light with something with better resilience to water.

But the D1 is perfect for my needs.
Questions & Answers (1)
Charge And Lights Simultaneously
17 Nov 2016
it is possible?


Whether or not you can charge and run lights simultaneously will actually depend on your hub, as both the lights and this charging device are wired up directly to the hub. If your hub can handle both then you will be absolutely fine.