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SRAM Automatix 2 Speed Hub - Shimano Roller Brake Compatible - 130mm - 36H

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Auto shifting you can rely on

This one's a no-brainer. When riding in dense city traffic, you need to concentrate on the road, not on your shifters. With SRAM's Automatix two-speed hub, you can focus on your lane, and the hub will change gear automatically for you based on your speed. There's no shifter, because the centrifugal clutch chooses your gear automatically. It's a fantastic system for riding around town, with a minimum of terrain changes. If you're on hillier ground, check out the i-Motion 3 instead.

Automatix gets you where you're going, and the centrifugal clutch changes the pace along with you. It delivers automatic two-speed shifting, no shifter required.

SRAM Automatix eliminates the distractions for a ride that's safer, easier, and more fun!

- Two-speed automatic gear hub
- Safe and stress-free system
- No shifter, no cables, no maintenance
- Gears: 2
- Transition: 136%
- Technology Highlights: Mechanical centrifugal clutch
- Weight: 780g
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Questions & Answers (3)
Sram Automatix Rollerbrake Version Specs
21 Nov 2016
(1) Is the Automatix rollerbrake version pre-equipped with a sprocket (as in photo) and, if so, how many teeth?
(2) To wheelbuild into a rim wit ha 583mm ERD (item no 18604), what length spokes should be ordered (alternatively, what are the hub dimesnions, since I can't find these anywhere online)?

There is a 19T sprocket supplied, but it does not come pre-fitted. Assuming you're building 3-cross then the spokes need to be 275mm for the drive side and 276mm for the non-drive side.

What Thread Is The Axle Nut?
17 Sep 2014
I bought this one from you some time ago, to my winter bike. Now I am ready to fit it, I discover the wheelnuts have done a vanishing act. They are not the same thread I am used to. I see you have a wide variety of nuts, Could you tell me which one is correct?

This hub uses a standard M10 axle with a 10 x 1 axle thread, the same as used on most hubs including all Shimano hubs. Any M10 axle nut will fit with this hub.

Roller Brake "Compatible" ?
07 Nov 2013
I don't want coaster or roller brakes, but you don't have the freewheel version of the Automatix in stock. What's the downside of using the "roller brake compatible" version instead ? It doesn't actually come with a roller brake, does it ? It still freewheels ?
I've heard that the freewheel version is just as heavy as the coaster brake version. Is the roller brake one any different ?

There is nothing stopping you from using this version without a roller brake as a standard freewheel version. It doesn't come with the brake it just has fittings on the non-drive side that allow you to fit a Shimano roller brake. The roller brake version and the freewheel version both weigh around 200 grams less than the coaster brake version. For an ETA of when we are due the freewheel version back in stock please email