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Sturmey Archer ABC-3 3Spd Hub with 90mm Drum Brake with Gear Control - Silver - 36 Hole

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- 3 Speed Internal Gear Hub with 90mm Drum Brake
- Hub Shell Material - SPCC Steel
- Axle Diameter - 13/32” Slotted
- Axle Length - 162.7mm
- Over Locknut Dimension - 117.5mm
- Right Axle Protrusion Length - 23.1mm
- Left Axle Protrusion Length - 22.1mm
- Spoke Holes - 36
- Pitch Circle Diameter - 65.1mm, 102.3mm
- Flange Width - 65.0mm
- Spoke Compatibility - 13g or 14g
- Chain Line: 1/8” Flat 13T ? 19T - 45.1 43.4
- Chain Line: 1/8” Dished 17T ? 22T - 46.8 45.1 43.4 41.7
- Chain Line: 3/32” Flat 16T - 45.3 44.7 43.6 43.0
- Chain Line: 3/32” Dished 17T ? 22T - 47.1 45.4 42.8 41.2
- Indicator Chain - HSA315 Mark III
- Weight - 1570g

Gear Ratio
- Overall Range - 177%
- Gear 1 - 0.75 (-25.0%)
- Gear 2 - 1.00 (Direct Drive)
- Gear 3 - 1.33 (+33.3%)

NOTE: Does not include sprocket or shifter
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Product Reviews (2)
Overall Product Rating 4 / 5
Don T Forget To Insert Oil In The Shaft Hole.
13 May 2011
4 / 5
I recommend this product
Consneeds oil, careful with drum brake
Proslong lifetime
despite what is said in the manual, grease will not stay forever on the gears in the hub. actually there is no grease at all on the "clickets" because otherwise they get stuck and don t get the grip. so i injected 5 ml of car engine oil. like this i won t have to replace the gears as fast as on my previous hub.
i add a bit of oil every year. don t put too much or the brake will be contaminated and it s a pain to remove oil from there.
Ok, But Could Not Unscrew The Hub.
11 May 2011
4 / 5
I recommend this product
Conshub screwed really tight
Prosworks well
product arrived after 3 work days in france, so i am satisfied.
the painting on the hub seems not to be as resistant as the chrome of the old one i had to replace (18 y old, over 40000km). reused spokes of my old wheel and it was not too hard, only took me 4 h to dismantle and reassemble the wheel. i have tried to dismantle the hub (in an attempt to not have to rebuild the wheel around the new hub) on the bike and braking full strenght, but it is screwed so tight and the steel is so hard that it did not move at all, so i gave up not to break it.
Questions & Answers (2)
Which Cog Size Is Provided?
13 May 2016
Do you have any 13T cogs that can be fitted with this hub?


There is an 18T sprocket supplied with this hub. We do stock a compatible 13T sprocket and this is SJSC part 19322.

Are You Provide Controller With This
27 Jan 2016
are you provide controller with this

This hub includes everything you'd need to set it up, aside from the brake lever. So it includes all of the cabling, the gear shifter, the sprocket and the axle fittings.