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Sturmey Archer AW3 3Spd Freewheel Hub with Gear Control - 36 Hole

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- Hub Shell Material - SPCC Steel
- Axle Diameter - 13/32” Slotted
- Axle Length - 162.7mm
- Over Locknut Dimension - 117.3mm
- Right Axle Protrusion Length - 21.5mm
- Left Axle Protrusion Length - 23.9mm
- Spoke Holes - 36
- Pitch Circle Diameter - 65.1mm
- Flange Width - 54.0mm
- Spoke Compatibility - 13g or 14g
- Chain Line: 1/8” Flat 13T ? 19T - 43.3 41.6
- Chain Line: 1/8” Dished 17T ? 22T - 45.0 43.3 41.6 39.9
- Chain Line: 3/32” Flat 16T - 43.5 42.9 41.8 41.2
- Chain Line: 3/32” Dished 17T ? 22T - 45.3 43.6 41.0 39.4
- Indicator Chain - HSA315 Mark III
- Weight - 1140g

Gear Ratio
- Overall Range - 177%
- Gear 1 - 0.75 (-25.0%)
- Gear 2 - 1.00 (Direct Drive)
- Gear 3 - 1.33 (+33.3%)
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Product Reviews (3)
Overall Product Rating 1.3 / 5
24 Nov 2012
4 / 5
I recommend this product
Came supplied with a twist grip shifter, which was not suitable for use with a drop bar setup. I purchased a handlebar end shifter separately.

I set up the hub with a 42 / 18 chainring / sprocket (63") setup, which replicated my fixed gearing in the 2nd (1:1 direct drive) gear. This gives an efficient normal gear for the majority of use, with an "overdrive" of 84" and a bale out gear for steeper hills of 47".

So far, i have found it to be smooth and slick in selecting gears, and have not noticed any sponginess when using the epicyclic gears.

So far, i am very happy.
Follow On From Previous Feedback
15 May 2012
0 / 5
However, since I first posted the review SJS have been in touch and do seem to be making an effort to follow up on my comments, so hopefully future experiences will be better.
Poor Experience
14 May 2012
0 / 5
Received the hub, which came with the wrong gear changer (a twist grip shifter was included instead of a trigger shifter). Contacted SJS via the email address, but received no response, so I gave up and bought the correct shifter elsewhere. A week or so later SJS asked me for a review (via an automated email), so I described my experience in the review. As a result of the review SJS finally contacted me to apologise and offer to send the correct gear changer (which by then I had already bought elsewhere). However, they also removed the review. This was blamed on a 'technical glitch', although it seemed more likely to me that they are just reluctant to leave reviews in place when customers have had problems. I've asked them to replace the review with this one, which details the whole experience. All in all, not good customer service.
Questions & Answers (2)
Do You Sell The 127 Wide Version Of This Hub. Dimension Over The Locknuts. I Can Only See The 117.
04 Sep 2016
No further details
SJS Customer Service:

This 117mm version is the only AW3 hub we stock I'm afraid.

What Is In The Box?
27 Mar 2014
Hi, I would like to know if the package is included with the shifters. Thank you.
SJS Customer Service:

Everything you need, including the shifter is included in the box.