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Busch & Muller Cyo IQ Premium T Senso Plus Headlight for Hub Dynamos

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The Premium models offer the unprecedented large-area light field with a light intensity of 80 lux. Under the main headlights, which the brilliant light of the homogenous IQ-Tec brings up the road, light striking LED dots, arranged in one or more rows. They are exclusively designed to signal other road users. This features can be set correctly bicycle headlight alone does not accept because his light beam - up limited by the sharp cut-off limit - maximum is bundled directed to the road. The variant of the headlight with integrated reflector also has extra safety features close-range illumination.

Traffic regulations requirements are always met - even in day mode because the headlight is then dimmed to the minimum requirement of traffic regulations.

Sidelights: Two of the signal LEDs take over the parking light function. Better than previous lighting solutions that are not aligned as signalling, but down on the road.
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Questions & Answers (2)
What Actually Does This Light Do?
16 Nov 2016
I don't understand the description under "Details". The first sentence is fine - the rest seems to be gibberish. Please clarify. Perhaps you should supply the original German - it may be clearer.

The important information is that there is an 80Lux output using B&M's IQ-Tec lens to give a bright well spread light. The lower mounted LED's in a row are specifically for the purpose of standing out to other road users especially from the side on. The light pattern has sharp cut offs to give maximum light onto the road surface.

20 Jul 2015
Dear Sir/Madam
I have a Viking Keswick 2015 and would like to mount this light either onto the crown or the handlebars, in both instances which fittings/extensions would you be able to supply for this light?


This light comes as standard with a bracket for fitting to the fork crown. Handlebar brackets are available as separate items and these are SJSC part number 33640.