Busch & Muller Lumotec Cyo 60 N+ Switchable LED Hub Dynamo Front Light with Bracket & Standlight

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Product Reviews (11)
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Product Reviews (11)
Overall Product Rating 4.9 / 5
Really good light
By Jonathan Leach
23 May 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNone really
ProsGood light, easy to fit, has terminals to power the rear light.
I regularly cycle my Brompton up canal towpaths and along unlit lanes. I was very unhappy with the usual Brompton dynamo light as it just didn't "throw" the light far enough and secondly was insufficient illumination. This light is really good and although not as physically robust, just as good as my Edelux light which is double the price. I can now cycle at a decent speed and it is much better value for money than the Edelux.
An excellent product.
By Denis Baldwin
07 Feb 2018
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsA small light with an excellent light output.
I have two of my bikes equipped with this light. This does an excellent job of lighting up a 24 foot wide road for about 200 feet, and will pick out reflective road signs for about 1 km. The B&M optics results in a flat topped beam which will not blind oncoming road users when properly set, and does not waste energy lighting up the trees above. Living in northern Ontario, on two occasions these lights have picked out a black bear on a night time prowl, at an acceptable distance. of about 200 metres. An excellent light at a reasonable price.
bought 2 and then another 2
By Anonymous
02 Nov 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Prossee and be seen
Large area casting out a bright light that stays on for a long time without dimming when stationary.
At walking pace the beam is bright enough to find your way. Stop a few minutes and it remains bright.
Never switch off. Safety day and night.
Great Light, But Tight Beam
By Patrick
13 Oct 2016
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Received as scheduled, and relatively easy to fit on my Brompton, where it has room under the T-bag. Some crimping and using heat-shrink tubing was necessary. The standlight was good. My previous Brompton halogen light, also by B&M, had a wide beam, and one could see reflections at night from Stop signs two blocks ahead. The new light illuminates the road extremely well, but may be less visible to oncoming traffic and even more so from the side or from areas either side of straight ahead. Overall, I am very satisfied with this light.
Great Headlight
By David Moorhouse
08 May 2014
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsBrightness, Construction
Casts a bright usable pattern on the road ahead. Also works as an attention getter during daylight, with noticeably fewer car drivers pulling out from side streets into my path. Now 2 years old and still working well.
A Revelation
By Les Crook
06 Apr 2013
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Consneeds a dynamo, not much of a con really
Prosbright and even I can't forget to charge it
It's official, I'm stupid!

I have finally taken the plunge after once again forgetting to charge my old lights up and gone dynamo.

I purchased the Cyo after reading various articles. This is a great light, bright and puts the light where it's needed i.e. on the road and not at low flying aircraft. Teamed up with a Shimano Deore LX dynamo I find that it gets to full power at about 8mph. The standlight is great too.

Do yourself a favour go dynamo and team it up with this light.
German Quality
By Stephen Garratt
10 Nov 2012
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNone what so ever.
ProsBrilliant visibility and safety, even in bright daylight.
I have only just got the bike back from the shop 3 days ago, with this new lamp and hub dynamo fitted, so I have not really been able to "Use It In Anger" yet. BUT...because I have the headlamp on at all times, in "motorcycle daylight headlight mode", it has already been noticed by 3rd parties I have met, as a remarkable, in daylight visible "Look Out For Me" indicator for my self on the bike! I already own a recently purchased and fitted Schmidt Edelux on my "Best" bike, so for my everyday shopping and jobbing machine, I thought I would go the B & M alternative. Having observed the output from both the Edelux and B &M Cyo 60, I am now guessing that both lamps share the same internal construction. They both put out virtually the same light intensity at the same speed and the stand light stays illuminated for the same time as well. The only difference is the metal construction and design of the Edelux. Can I suggest here to our cycling hero Brad Wiggins, that he has either this lamp or the Edelux, plus a dynohub, fitted to his road practice bike, to be seen by and prevent any more collisions with emerging vehicles! But to sum up now, the B & M Cyo 60 is absolutely eons ahead of (bar the Edelux) any previous dynamo based lighting that I ave ever owned.
B&M Cyo Iq
By Rod Dalitz
24 May 2011
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsFiddly ti fit
ProsBright, good beam shape, light weight
This headlight gives a bright beam with good shape. I am pleased with the results, a great improvement on my old Lumotec halogen, but I had a few unnecessary problems.

The Lumotec was supplied with 0.187" pushon connectors for the Schmidt hub. Fortunately I had some, but mine had insulators to wide to fit on the closely spaced terminals and I had to shave one down. B&M, why not supply terminals ready like the Lumotec??

The Cyo IQ has short wires ready to connect to a taillight. I cannot believe many UK cyclists will use a generator taillight, since battery ones last so long, and the wires are untidy to fit. The loose wires have bare terminals which need to be insulated. Why??

The bracket supplied with the Cyo IQ is formed from heavy round bar. On my Thorn bike, the brake bolt was just a little too short, so I had to rush out and buy a longer Shimano brake bolt to fit.

These complications are "par for the course" when fitting new bike components, but B&M managed to make the original Lumotec so much easier, I expected the Cyo IQ to go on more easily.

Now it is on my bike, I completed the Snow Roads 300, and gave it a decent test. I would compare the beam to dipped car headlights, brilliant!
Cyo Headlight
By Flathead
08 Jan 2011
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsFiddly to fit
ProsVery bright
This is a really bright light. Hooked up to a shimano nexus hub dynamo, it's fantastic for commuting. The standlight is very handy when stopped at lights.
It is clearly designed to be fitted behind the brake bolt on a city bike. Fitting it to my mountain bike took a lot of ingenuity by Kevin of ezerider.com and the re-cycling of part of the mount for the battery light it was replacing.
Like David Stanton, I find the very square footprint of the light takes some getting used to. It is not as diffuse a light pattern as a normal filament bulb light.
Cyo Headlight
By David Stanton
01 Dec 2010
4 / 5
I recommend this product
Consappears to be square footprint
Proswhite light
This is a seriously bright light - white - it needs to be set at the correct height to get the benefit as it appears to shine as a square. best for really dark country lanes. quite easy to fit - but had to change the connectors for a Schmidt hub. Easy to use just keep it switched on and forget. Very light in weight. You may wonder how it produces so much light.
cyo headlight
By Mr Jon Michael Ross
04 Aug 2009
5 / 5
this light is as bright as the Edeluxe... it is simply a great light...
Questions & Answers (11)
why is my lumotec dynamo light not working
16 Jan 2022
The bulb is fine, the standlight works, the connection is fine, but the light no longer works. The whole worked perfectly 10 years on my beloved Thorn, but have replaced bulb twice before realising must be something else.
It is likely moisture has corroded some contacts on the board, these lights are not watertight like SON lights.

JK 17.01.22
I would like to buy this dyno light: what wheel (complete), that you sell, works with this hub?
16 Jan 2021
Depends on what wheel size you need, and if it's a disk or rim brake! All of our complete dynamo hub wheels will work with this light, but of course, the wheel might not fit your bike!

Thanks 18.01.21
will this work with a VELOGICAL SPORT rim dynamo?
09 Oct 2020
the rim dynamo has an output of 1.5w?
Hello, As we have never fitted Velogical rim dynamo we have no way of confirming this.

JK 12.10.20
Does this come with a wire to connect to a hub dynamo?
19 Dec 2019
Yes, this light comes with the wire to connect to a hub dynamo.
Regards. 19/12/19
Connecting to Shimano Deore XT DH-T8000 (sjs part no 45056H36)
22 Nov 2019
Hello, is this light supplied with the required parts to connect to the Shimano Deore XT DH-T8000 (sjs part no 45056H36)? If not which part do I need?

The hub comes with the plastic box connector and that is all you need!

Thanks - 22/11/19
Can this be attached to a rear bottle system as we don't have a hub setup
23 May 2019
Hi there,

This is possible, however, due to the power needed it may not work as well as if it was wired to a hub dynamo.

17 Apr 2019
Re instructions 2 cables from the light, the long (bare) wires go to the Dynohub and the short wires (with spade connectors) to the included wire that go to a rear light No rear light SO can I use the short pair of wires with connectors (that the instructions say go to rear light to connect to the wires built into the dynohub for a neater finish
Hi there,

As we have never done this we cannot say for certain im afraid.

Can I connect a rear light to this?
10 Jul 2017

Yes you can connect this to a rear light.

Hi, Can I Use This With Sp Sv-8 Dynamo?
31 May 2017

Yes you can use this with the mentioned hub.

Weather Proof
02 Dec 2016
Hi can you tell me if this light is totally waterproof and suitable for Audax rides here in the UK with our wet winters

All B&M lights are water resistant but are not fully waterproof.

How To Replace Bulb
29 Jan 2014

With dynamo headlights the LED bulbs are not replaceable.