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Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U Senso Headlight for Hub Dynamos

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Busch & Muller strike again with the new Luxos front light which is the first Lumotec with the new ground breaking IQ2 technology. Busch & Muller have designed a new combined light and reflector which has a light field twice as wide as previous LED head lights. The Luxos illuminates an area that is several times larger with maximal homegenous output. In Busch & Mullers own words; "So wide, so far, so pristinely bright'.

The new light provides a very wide range of light, both in front of the bicycle and to the sides extending beyond the edges of the road and over 30 meters in front of the bicycle thanks to the additional LEDs which are managed electronically.

The flood light option can be used in pitch darkness when negotiating tricky road sections etc. It is activated by using the push button on the handlebar. The push button allows you to control your light directly and easily; including on/off, flood light, flashing full or standard output.

It's possible to charge USB devices via the USB socket which is integrated into the handlebar push button including mobile phones, GPS and MP3 players etc. This is done by utilising the integrated lithium cahce battery which supplies constant voltage.

The integrated lithium cache battery is used for peaks of demand as well as charging and acts as an additional energy storage unit. It recharges continually when cycling. The charging status is indicated by an LED inside the handlebar push button.

The Licht24 daytime running light has signalling LEDs shining brightly forwards. A sensor automatically switches between day and night mode. If you look closely at the front of the light at the top you will see the additional LEDs with their own reflectors which provide the panorama light at close range and Licht24 light.

A control LED is situated inside the head light which continually shows whether or not a connected rear light is functionally correctly.

- 70 or 90 Lux output
- 90 Lux flood light
- Licht24 Daytime running light
- USB device charging option
- Panorama light at close range
- Handlebar control push button
- Cache battery
- Automatic sensor
- Rear light monitoring
- Standlight
Product Reviews (10)
Questions & Answers (19) Q & A
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Product Reviews (10)
Overall Product Rating 2.8 / 5
Dont Buy
By Duncan Lovett
20 Nov 2020
1 / 5
ConsWarrenty replacement light has now died
ProsA great light when it works
These are really great lights in turns of light power and beam shape and the USB output is the main reason I bought on to replace and older B&M light. The first light failed at 9 months and SJS were a pain to deal with to get it replaced. Now that replacement has failed at just over the 2 year mark. I'm not going to buy another one as for the price I would expect it to last a lot longer then two years.
Expensive - could be brilliant but highly unreliable.
By Andrew Lee
27 Oct 2020
1 / 5
ConsTerrible reliability. Be prepared to buy more than once. No manual You have to work it out yourself.
ProsLots of great features and excellent light.
I've had three of these, one is still working. They are bright, they are light, they do work on a sensor. the light is fantastic. The spade connectors break and need to be soldered to fix them - try that on a tour. Two of my three have just failed. Really really disappointed. Had them for four years. One still perfect. Ridden on two bikes at the same time. One failed after a year and the third has just packed in. There are other ways of getting a light and USB charging.
Unreliable but great light output
By Ivan
22 Jul 2020
3 / 5
ConsTotally unreliable.
ProsGreat light output in the right place
I have two of these lights on different bikes. I only buy them because they are the brightest lights I can find. I have had three failures (total 5 lights). Two h ad broken switches and the third a rear lamp output failure. One of the clear plastic lenses also fell out. They are made in Germany but not to normal German standards. I like the remote switch.
Do not purchase this if you are ever likely to ride in rain
By Grahame
31 May 2019
2 / 5
ConsElectronics fail after a wet day riding
ProsExcellent light
I have now ditched the 3rd LUXOS: the electronics have failed in similar circumstances: wet. One long wet day touring in Scotland did for one unit. After a wet day cycling in Ireland the electronics failed. A family member had the same problem on an extended tour. Works well when new, the light is excellent but beware wetness. This damp penetration occurs even if the two small pin holes in the base are sealed. Recommend the B&M ISQ instead.
The Best dynamo powered Headlight on the market.Period
By Neill
15 May 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsPlastic housing can break But Busch and Muller are Fantastic about replacement parts
ProsVery Very Bright Headlight,Easy on the eyes,Light is very well and equally spread on the road
Fantastic headlight!
Very,Very Bright.
The light is Easy on the Eyes
Use it on the 90 lux setting.
The Light is very Well Spread Equally on the road.
Consequently Extremely Good visibility.
Thoroughly Recommend it
usb charging is a bonus.
If you require usb charging its Better to use a Dedicated rear wheel rim mounted bottle rim dynamo in conjunction with the Busch and Mueller usb charger,E - Werk.
Remember your Lights Are Extremely important!
Use All your dynamo hubs Output Power to drive your headlights and rear lights.Dont use Any of this energy for usb charging.Then you get The Best results possible
Great function, poor durability, poor serviceability
By Gideon Reade
16 Mar 2018
2 / 5
ConsWeakly made, not rainproof, not fixable.
We bought 2 for a 24 month tour. Light is good, USB charging good. Flash function silly. Status on lamp rear useful, but very hard to see past Barbag etc. Lamp unit is serviceable, well made, switch is moulded shut, unfixable, no strain relief, poor weather proofing. One switch cable failed, whole unit needed replacing. Both units erratic after heavy rain, one now maybe wrecked. Disappointing. Basically only
Very Disappointed
By Jos Joslin
17 Mar 2017
1 / 5
ConsProblems with 2 units
ProsLight is fantastic
Cable from light to handle bar on first unit easily came detached but to their credit they provided a replacement. This has worked well for a few months and the light still works brilliantly but the USB port not longer functions - the sole reason I bought this light so I can charge my phone whilst camping/touring. Not happy!
By sls
17 Nov 2016
3 / 5
I recommend this product
Conseasily breaks and crack
the plastic is filmsy... easily breaks or crack.

have 2 units, both has crack
By Caburn
30 Sep 2016
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsBig and heavy
ProsGood light spread, and USB charging
My first thoughts were that it was a bit big and clunky, and rather heavy.
When I put it on the bike I was really impressed! The light output and spread is superb, the floodlight excellent for tricky descents down dark lanes, and I had no trouble being able to charge up my phone on the go from the USB adapter.
It does take a while to set up - if you run a rear dynamo light you HAVE to open it up and disconnect the Earth that connects to the fixing bolt - you may have to bend out the copper strip. If you don't do this, the dynamo wheel will do weird things, such as power itself from the stored capacitor charge! Electric bike on the cheap!
Luxos U & Samsung Galaxy Tablet Charging Sorted
By simon abraham
28 Jul 2014
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Conspanorama mode?
Prosbeam and charging
Schmidt son28 dynohub with luxos U. Owned for 18 months. at first, using the original 3 foot long charge lead for my tablet ( galaxy 7 inch) , the setup wouldn't charge my tablet, however this weekend, by accident I had to buy a repalcement lead , this lead is only about 6 inches long & charges the tablet without a problem during daytime use without the lights on. RESULT. the lead was £7 from tesco, has a USB one end with 3 tails on the other end. ( micro usb/ mini usb / iphone 4 (samsung) & is all white ) that is what I wanted, the lamp is excellent at night time as long as the other riders with you don't have the new 1000 plus lumen battery lights as they wash out your light. The output from the dynohub isn't enough to run the lights & constantly power the tablet.... as i think 1amp is the quoted output from the switch USB socket at 5 volts. Now i'll upgrade the connector cable from the hub to the lamp, from the bell wire supplied to minimise any more current loss. report to follow
Questions & Answers (19)
What cable connectors should be used with this?
25 Oct 2020
I want to remount my light but don't know what size spade connectors I should use.
These use 2.8mm spades.
Thanks - 03/11/20
What is the warranty period on these lights?
04 Sep 2020
The manufactures warranty on this is two years.
Where can I source the clip-on reflector?
23 Apr 2020
I have one of these lights on my touring bike, but do not have the clip-on reflector that fits onto the bottom. Where would I go about sourcing a replacement part without buying a whole new light?
Hi, the reflector is not available as a retail spare part. An email to Busch & Muller might get you one. Thanks 24/04/2020
Reliability and durability issues
10 Apr 2020
Hi - several reviewers here mention issues of reliability, particularly associated with wet weather. I assume you wouldn't continue to sell or advocate these for touring if it was really a major problem - but, are you able to say whether the proportion of purchasers who experience such problems and come back to complain about it, is significant, please?
Hi, you are correct if a product is particularly unreliable we do discontinue selling it. Yes we have had some customers with problem units but few compared to the number sold. Thanks 13/04/2020
Handlebar mount?
28 Mar 2019
Hello - I'd like to mount the light on my bars, rather than on the brake bolt. Any ideas how I could do this?
Hi there,

There are a couple of options that you could go for. These can be found under part numbers 33640 and 42377.

Can I use this with a Shimano deore xt hub Dynamo which only give 1.5 watts
25 Feb 2019
Yes you can use it, but the lights going to be quite dim.

Thanks - 26/02/19
Luxos U
15 Feb 2019
Can I use the Luxos U light with a Velogical rim dynamo or do I need to also attach an e-werk from Busch and Muller to charge a Garmin and the lights?
As the Velogical output is only 1.5W its unlikely to power a light that is designed for 3W very well, its highly unlikely to be able to charge anything.

Thanks - 18/02/19
Replacement handlebar control
02 Jan 2019
My handlebar control switch has stopped working but the light itself is fine (I just have to leave it on all the time).
Can I buy a replacement control switch?
Yes, you simply need to contact our sales team to request a returns form as we need to fit the new switch for you.

Thanks - 08/01/18
Replacement cache batteries
07 Nov 2018
Hello I'm looking for replacement batteries for my
Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U Senso Headlight for bicycle Hub Dynamos,
I've owned it several years and the cache battery is taking longer to charge.

Lifep04 6.4v 150mAh
HI there,

Unfortunately we do not have anything that will work im afraid.

can i use this with a shimano dh t6702n i dont run a rear light
31 Oct 2018
Hi there,

You should be able to do this without an issue.

USB power to charge up satnav, phones, camera
30 Jul 2018
With the SON 28 hub dynamo, is this headlamp all I need to give front light as well as to provide power to charge our electronic devices via USB when on tour? Idea is to charge/power devices during daytime and use dynamo headlight only when needed.
What rear light would you recommend to go with this headlight and the SON28?
Hi there,

Yes this is all you need, our most popular set up would be a light of your choice and a Sinewave Revolution or the Sinewave Beacon light.
If you are using this light we would generally recommend a rear from this page -

How can I connect this to my iPhone/USB?
16 Mar 2018
I have a Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ2, which has a little round power connector that comes out of the on-off button. I can't find a connector for it, though. Can you help? I'd like to charge my phone while riding. I will try to send you a picture of the connector.

The circular connection is the same as used on their E-Werk charging device so the part you require is SJSC part number 30408.

Ridgeback Voyage / Tektro Oryx
04 Oct 2017
Will the bracket supplied with this light fit around the Tektro Oryx canti brakes on my Ridgeback World Voyage? It all looks a little tight...

This should work absolutely fine, however we have not tried this so we cannot say for certain.

Could I Power This From My E-Bike Battery
06 Jul 2017
I have a Raleigh Pioneer Electric. The battery powers my lighting. My power controller has a light sensor that switches on my lights in low/night light. Would this headlight be useable with my setup?

Unfortunately it is unlikely this light will work from your E-Bike batter as most batteries give out a DC power supply where as Dynamo lights like this one require AC.

Which Version Is This One?
02 Feb 2017
Earlier versions had problems with water ingress through the remote switch / charger cable which was on a headphone style jack. This was later changed to a permanently wired version to cure the issue. Can you tell me which version this is?

This is the most up to date newest version.

Will This Fit My Brompton M6R To Replace My Lumotec Lyt
28 Aug 2015
I am planning to purchase this as replacement to my B&M Lumotec Lyt which came as original component of my Brompton M6R with Shimano Hub Dynamo.

Since I see the Luxos IQ2 is a bit bigger than the B&M Lumotec, I am afraid the new light will interfere with the front baggage of the Brompton.

Also, is it possible to use the same wiring configurations already installed with the the current light system and just replace the headlight from the Lumotec to Luxos?



If this Luxos U light is fitted with the Brompton specific bracket then it will fit without interfering with the luggage, the amount of clearance is very slim though so you will have to be careful when mounting it. As both lights use spade terminals then you should just be able to change out the head units without the need for re-cabling the entire system.

What Rear Light Will Work With This Light?
30 Aug 2014
Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U Senso Headlight. Son dynamo.
Ideally fitted to a rear seat stay.

Any Busch and Muller Dynamo rear light can be used with this light.

Version With 95Cm Wire To Switch/Usb Port?
30 Jul 2014
I have a Yuba Boda Boda with the "bread basket" and light is installed to it's front side.

There should be three versions to my knowledge 45 cm, 95 cm and 160 cm.

As far as we were aware there was only the one length available. The length of the ones we have in stock are 60cm. This is the only option available from our UK supplier so this is all we can order unfortunately. I cannot find any mention of there being a different cable length on Busch and Muller's website or in any documentation they provide.

Schmidt Son Delux Dynamo
24 Apr 2014
My Thorn Nomad MK11 is fitted with the above Dynohub, will it generate enough power to charge the headlight so that I can charge mobile phone and a Satmap GPS?
Thank you.

The Delux was originally designed as a faster rolling lower resistance hub only designed for lighting. It can be used for both charging and lighting but the speed will need to be a lot higher to generate the necessary power for both, we have not tested it with the Luxos light unfortunately so we can't say what this speed will need to be or if there is anyway of reducing the lights output to provide more power to the charging port.