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Busch & Muller Lumotec Lyt Plus Headlight for Bottle Dynamo

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The Lumotec Lyt offers not only great light yield and distribution, it is also positioned as an interesting alternative in price when compared to halogen headlamps. This way, it caters to all those cyclists that could not yet devide to go for the light revolution "IQ-TEC". Apart from that, the headlight also excels in other areas that come to mind when Busch & Muller is mentioned: superlative technology and attractive design. A computer designed lens system spreads the light of one high performance LED evenly and extensively, so that the road is lit by a brilliantly white cone of light. The Lumotec Lyt reaches a light output of approx. 25 Lux. Light at close range sinificantly improves riding safety. In addition, the Lumotec Lyt features an attractively compact design integrating the front reflector that is mandatory in Germany.

- LED headlamp with new lens system guarantees a brilliant and homogenous light spread
- Light at close range
- Attractively compact design
- Solid stainless steel mounting bracket
- 62 mm diameter
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Questions & Answers (3)
Is this a single wire headlight?
03 Oct 2017
I intend to use it with a Soubitez 6V 3W bottle generator and an LED rear light. There is a single wire to the rear light and a single wire inside the frame to the front headlight.

This light requires two cable connections. With most dynamo systems both wires from the dynamo go to the front light and then the rear light piggy-backs off of the front light.

I Am Looking For A Replacement For A Lumotec Lyt T Led Senso Plus, Would This Be Sutiable?
22 Jul 2016
Is the mounting bracket the same across models?

Although there are different length brackets available the fitting is still the same across all of the models so any of them can be used.

Does Anyone Know The Actual Power Draw Of The Lyt?
12 May 2015
Contemplating a lower power dynamo and therefore looking for the power draw of the lyt.

Most interested in steady state, but the peak when charging the standlight is also of interest.


We don't have any figures for the actual power draw of any of these lights, and the information is not available from Busch and Muller either. Low power dynamos are specifically designed to be used with a single LED front light like the LYT so you should be absolutely fine using this light with a lower powered dynamo.