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Lepper L-85 Hammock Gents Leather Saddle - Natural

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A classic gents saddle with a leather cover and a nostalgic frame. Do you want the highest comfort? This will be your saddle. It's been used regularly on tour bikes and transport bikes. Also retensionable.

- Length: 260 mm
- Width: 200 mm

The proud name of Lepper has been displayed on many types of leather bicycle saddles for almost 117 years now. A sturdy Dutch product in many varieties, each and every saddle is made to provide the comfort that is so important to every cyclist.

One thing is sure - you can depend on Lepper's long expertise and experience in the manufacture of leather bicycle saddles.

Because comfort is so crucial to the enjoyment of cycling, Lepper concentrates on providing both comfort and quality in its products. The leather comes from the best cowhides. Following a plant-based and therefore environmentally-friendly tanning process, they are expertly turned into the various models by hand.
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Questions & Answers (2)
More About Seatpots For This Saddle
09 Nov 2016
Thanks for your response. In light of your advice, I will have to obtain a plain 31.8 seatpost to use this saddle (I guess either the Humpert or perhaps a longer Brompton post), but will the supplied Lepper clamp fit either of these? I'm assuming that it's a standard size as per Brooks style 2-rail clamps.

Both of those posts use a 22.2mm diameter top so either will be fine for use with the clamp supplied with this saddle. If you were to use the Brompton post you will need to cut it down though because as well as being too long to work with most frames the bottom of the post is splayed out so will not fit in most frames. The clamp is indeed the same size as the Brooks equivalent.

Can The L-85 Saddle Be Used On Modern Single-Rail Seatposts?
09 Nov 2016
Can The L-85 Saddle Be Used On Modern Single-Rail Seatpost Fittings, Or Is An Adapter, Something Like A Breezer Block, Needed? The Last Lepper Saddle I Used On A Single Rail Broke The Rail, And I Had A Hard Time Getting Spares From Lepper!

These saddles are designed to fit to plain seat pins using the supplied clamp that fits to both rails. Even if you were to remove this clamp we would not recommend fitting the saddle with only a single rail to your seatpost.