Jtek Titanium Seat Post for Brompton

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Light weight Titanium seatpost that has a built in seat clamp.

Weight 520mm 307g
Weight 580mm 323g

Requires a 4mm Allen key to assemble.
Recommended maximum rail clamp torque of 5Nm.
Max rider weight 100Kg

Saddle not included.

Now updated design with offset cradle to allow improved positioning.
Product Reviews (2)
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Product Reviews (2)
Overall Product Rating 4.5 / 5
Well-made product
By Karl
07 Aug 2019
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsCost (but cheaper than some other options)
ProsLightweight, good quality
Seems like a well-made product and appears as advertised. Replaces the original standard length seatpost while shaving a couple of hundred grams off the overall weight of the bike. The mechanism used to attach the saddle is a little more fiddly than the Pentaclip, but is still relatively easy to attach the saddle and adjust the position. Some claim that titanium seatposts offer a more flexible ride/increased comfort. Personally I can't tell the difference in this respect.
By Andreas Rusch
18 Jul 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Lovely. I merged it with USE Evo91 Clamp Kit to provide better support. However this might be overengineering (I am German...).
Questions & Answers (15)
What is the maximum rider height for the 580mm version?
10 Nov 2020
I note the 580mm is 20mm shorter than the Brompton 'extended' seatpost, but does this mean the maximum recommended rider height is also less? I'm 6ft 1 with a 34inch inside leg...Thanks!
This 20mm shorter does not account for the use of the Pentaclip, so really these are the same length.
We cannot guarantee rider heights due to preferences in saddle height and leg length ETC.
Thanks - 10/11/20
Wall thickness?
10 Dec 2019

Please can you tell me what is the main post wall thickness.

1mm but the very top is thicker, RT 10/12/19
Can they make a 550mm long one?
19 Nov 2019
There’s a significant gap between the 520 and 580mm length ones.
I (and I’m sure many others) am looking for a 550mm length one, which a number of the Far East/Asian manufacturers provide.
Can you ask Jtek if they would consider manufacturing this length please, as I’m sure there would be plenty of demand?
Hi, thanks for your enquiry. Currently there are no plans to increase the size options available in Jtek seat posts, the production batches are to large to have multiple length variants. Thanks 20/11/2019
differences between the jtek and brompfication seatposts
08 Nov 2019
hello, judging from the photos the jtek and brompfication titanium seatposts seem to be identical, is there any real difference that i should know of, and.. will the brompfication one really be in stock from 14/11?
also, I'd like to know how the length compares to the stock brompton seatpost, since there will be no pentaclip any longer is the length long enough to give a comparable height with the pentaclip in high-position?

thanks , daniel
I think if your stock seatpost is at the MAX you should order the 580, the due date for Bromfication is not correct and will be amended to a month later. The Jtek post has the cradle offset at the top, I'm not certain about the Bromfication as it's been unavailable for several years and the design could have changed. To the best of my belief these posts are made in different factories.
how does the length of this compare with the extended and the telescopic seat post?
18 Jul 2019
The two lengths sit in line with the standard and extended from Brompton.

Thanks - 19/07/19
Why is this seatpost 520mm long when a Brompton seatpost is 530mm long?
12 Jul 2019
Because this does not use the pentaclip system so the set up is altered, the set length is about the same though.

Thanks - 15/07/19
Can I use this with a Brooks B17 saddle?
22 Jun 2019
Yes, this would be fine!

Thanks - 24/06/19
Hi, Is that seat post provided with a bung to avoid direct contact with the ground ? Thanks
15 Jun 2019
No bung is provided, but the bottom is flared so you can fit the OE Brompton one.

Thanks - 17/06/19
Is there anything extra needed when ordering this, like bushings etc. ?
16 Feb 2019
This comes ready to fit and use, with all the parts required.

Thanks - 18/02/19
Is there a recommended max weight of rider ( backpack)?
18 Jan 2019
Incl backpack I'm around 113 kg currently using steel seat post Brompton.
Brompton have a max rider weight of 110kg, the Jtek post max rider weight is 100kg.

Thanks - 18/01/19
Weight saving
13 Nov 2018
What is the weight saving of this seatpost, when compared with the standard length Brompton original fit seatpost please?
The weight saving is 214 grams.

Thanks - 13/11/18
Is this seatpost made in the UK?
25 Aug 2018
The seat post is not made in the UK, Jtek are a UK based company though.

Is this suitable for a saddle with carbon rails?
04 Jul 2018
It's hard to see how narrow the clamps are - do you think this would be suitable for a saddle with carbon rails?
We do not recommend this clamp style with carbon rails.

Titanium grade?
05 Nov 2017
Is this grade 5 or 9?

These seat posts are made from 3Al-2.5V seamless titanium tubing.

30 Jul 2017
Is this seat post flexi (in a good way) like most Ti ones are? or stiff like Alu/Steel? Thanks!
Hi, Yes it is flexible like other Titanium posts. Thanks