16 349 SJSC for Brompton Sturmey Archer SRF3 / CR18 3 Speed Rear Wheel - Black

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£99.99 Please note this product has selling restrictions to your country. was
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SJS Cycles part number : 
Manufacturer part number : 
Black Sturmey Archer S-RF3 3 speed hub built on to black Sun CR18 ABT 349 rim with 14G black stainless steel spokes. Also includes Sturmey Archer SLS30 thumbshifter with inner cable (1950mm) and HSL759 cable adjuster .
Drilled for Schrader valve.

Note: This wheel is not supplied with rim tape.

Average Weight (without fittings): 1415g
Average fittings weight: 160g
Total weight: 1575g
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Product Reviews (10)
Overall Product Rating 4.9 / 5
Be warned
By David Smart
19 Jun 2021
4 / 5
ConsFitting tires
ProsSame gear components as older wheels
I purchased this wheel to replace my existing old 3 speed Brompton wheel with a worn hub and gear problems. All went well until putting on a new tire, then I remembered the warning I was given from the cycle shop when I looked to purchase a new Brompton Black a few years ago, he informed me that there wasn't an internal grove in the rim for the tire to slot into when removing or installing a tire. In the end it was easier for me to remove the complete internal gear assembly and fit it in my old wheel, as they were the same even though my Brompton was made in 2008. Believe it or not it was much cheaper to buy this wheel, take out the gear assembly, throw away the new wheel and stick it in your old wheel, rather than buy just the gear assembly.
SJS Customer Service:
Sorry to hear you found tyre fitting difficult, we do suggest using a tool like the KoolStop Tyre Mate.
I also note the internals from our SRF3 hub are not the same as the BSR internals.

Thanks - 22/06/21 Rh
Great value and functionality
By Karen Fry
30 Jan 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Took me ages to work out what to do about my glitchy 5-speed hub on my 20-year-old Brompton. On first riding this seems to be a great solution - a nice low gear, a middle for towns and a high for long stretches of road. The gear changer doesn't have markings but changes smoothly and definitely. Altogether excellent value for money, and useful to get the feedback on here.
Good deal with punctual delivery
By Hans
23 Jan 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
It would be nice if the axle came with 2 nuts (which are required for installation). Here in Austria it is very difficult to get the British threaded nuts. It would be nice if there was a hint to buy other items required such as outer cable and bike cable holder. It would be perfect if it came with a an installation manual including shifter. But thanks for the great item and price.
Not Bad value but you need bits.......
By John P
10 Jan 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
This is a good value and strong hub for the Brompton,but to convert a 2spd to a 3spd I had to source an outer cable, buy the gubbins for the brompton cable guide on the rear wheel and then try and find an extra retaining nut for the new chain tensioner as only 2 were supplied and you need three.
About £130 for the conversion which is not bad.
Delighted with this purchase
14 Sep 2018
5 / 5
I recommend this product
My old 3 speed Sturmey Archer was slipping and would not hold the any adjustment. The new black wheel complete with new Sturmey Archer as supplied by SJS is superb and I would recommend it to anyone who was thinking of replacing their old unit
Good buy
By Phil
14 Sep 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Ideal replacement wheel or upgrade to 3 speed for a Brompton. Replaced the Sachs hub on my 2002 Brommie with no problems. I even managed to refit the Schwalbe Marathon tyre.
By Dave
05 Aug 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsTight fit with some tyres
ProsLightweight, good look, well built.
Excellent lightweight replacement for the original Brompton wheels. Only downside was the Marathon tyres are tight on these wheels.
A New Bike!
By Cynthia
04 Apr 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Fitted my old MR3 Brommie with ease and feels like riding a new bike. Just one thing, it comes without a spare axle nut and when fitting with a new chain tensioner one will have to be cannibalised from the old wheel.
By Christian Baylies
14 Oct 2016
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Good wheel. Replaced heavily used two year old original wheel. Fixed all but one clicks and slips in the drive chain.
Good Product
By Michael Hillman
04 Jul 2016
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Cheaper than the equivalent Brompton product, but I don't see any shortcomings. The gear hub is the standard SA product for the Brompton, but in black.
Questions & Answers (22)
Is the lockring included?
16 Apr 2022
Does the sprocket lockring come with the hub, or is that something which needs to be purchased separately with the sprocket?
Thank you for your enquiry, yes the lockring is included

WD 19/04/22
Which rim tape is suitable?
30 Mar 2022
hi, could you recommend the correect width rim tape for this wheel? I'll be fitting with marathon plus
Thank you for your enquiry, we recommend SJS cycles part number 38109

WD 30/03/22
Can you provide the part numbers for a 16T and 18T sprocket that will fit this hub?
14 Feb 2022
SJS Cycles part number : 34781
SJS Cycles part number : 48700

Although, Bromptons would normally use 13t, and larger sprockets may not fit within the triangle.

Which nuts & washers?
26 Nov 2021
I’m looking at this as a replacement for a five speed hub that I can’t get working. Which nuts and washers does this one need. I’ve broken the original long nut with the cylindrical end that angles the gear chain out of the hub
Thank you for your enquiry, all parts required to fit are included.

WD 26/11/21
Are the rims double walled?
27 Oct 2021
As a comparison to the Brompton rims, are these rims double walled?
Do you have to true this wheel after fitting?
Thank you for your enquiry, yes the rim is double walled and is all trued ready to go.

WD 27/10/21
3 speed shifter
19 Oct 2020
Do I need to change the shifter if I already have a Brompton 3 speed? Are there any other components I need to buy to fit the wheel?
Nope! Just use the sprockets/fittings off the current wheel.

Thanks - 20/10/20
Do you sell this particular hub as an individual item?
15 Feb 2020

Thanks - 17/02/20
Gear ratios?
09 Dec 2019
Could you tell me what the gear ratios are for this wheel? Is it the same as a Bromton 3-speed wheel? Thanks!
• Overall Range - 177%
• Gear 1 - 75% (Gear 2 - 25%)
• Gear 2 - 100% (Direct Drive)
• Gear 3 - 133% (Gear 2 + 33%)
Which as far as I can tell is the same as the BSR 3 RT 10/12/19
Will this fit a 1999 5-speed?
03 Dec 2019
My 5-speed hub needs replacing, and this product seems to be a good solution. Just would like to check it will fit my bike! Also, what is the difference between this product and the 16 349 Brompton / Sturmey Archer BSR 3? Thanks.
Hi there,

This wheel should fit your bike with no issues. The difference between the two is basically that the BSR 3 wheel is something that is made and supplied by Brompton, Whereas this wheel is something that we have built up ourselves with the Brompton in mind. The other difference is that this wheel will require you to use the shifter supplied rather than the Brompton shifters you may already have.

Can I use this on my 2018 Brompton 6 speed?
20 May 2019
Also is it standard ratio gearing rather than wide ratio? If I can't then can you please advise what wheel is available that gives me a standard ratio set of gears? With thanks.
Yes, but this is only a 3 speed wheel. The 6 speed version is - SJS Cycles part number : 43709

Thanks - 20/05/19
Can this be used on the 6 speed Brompton?
28 Nov 2018
Also, is there any weight saving compared to the Brompton original wheel? Thanks
Hi there,

Unfortunately this cannot be used on a 6 speed Brompton im afraid. In terms of weight saving, the two are fairly similar.

Will this fit a 1994 Brompton?
19 Nov 2018
Yes this will be suitable.

Thanks - 20/11/18
can i use with old brompton 5 speed
13 Sep 2017
do i need to change anything else? the oldie has a shorter width but would the existing cables and sprockets work?

The existing cables and sprockets will be the same fitting so you could re-use them if you wish. You would need to fit the new shifter that is supplied though.

Will This Work With A 2-Speed?
13 May 2017
I've got a M2L with reduced gearing (44T) and I want a wider gear range without putting on too much weight. Would this kit work on a M2L, and if so, would it end up with 2 shift levers?

This wheel can only accept a single sprocket so you would have to convert your bike to a M3L to get this to work. This would mean new shifter (supplied), new chain tensioner, new single sprocket, new cables and new grips (if you still have the original ones as they have to be removed to fit the shifter).

Brompton Rear And Front Wheel
11 Apr 2017
Hi, i need to replace my rear 2012 brompton wheel which currently has a 3 speed sturmey hub. Will the black version you have for £99 work with my current shifter and is the black front wheel you have for sale a matching rim? Finally does the front wheel also come with the axle bolts.

The rear wheel is an exact replacement for your previous one, so the shifter and everything will work with this exactly the same. The black front wheels we stock do indeed have a matching rim to these rear wheels, we do actually sell them as a set for less if you're looking to purchase both, these sets are SJSC part 40115. The front wheel comes with the skewer for fitting, but you'll need to re-use your current safety tabs.

What Is The Oln Dimension?
24 Mar 2017
I want to use this on an old F frame Moulton with a rear fork inside width of roughly 113mm

These use an OLN of 111mm to suit a Brompton but easily could be spaced an additional 2mm if required.

Will This Fit My 2002 Brompton M3L
03 Nov 2016
I've got an old M3L fitted with the Sachs 3 speed hub, now rather worn. Would this be a good replacement and will I need new shifter and cable too.
Thanks, Alan

This wheel would indeed be a good replacement for your rear wheel. You will need to fit a different shifter but there is a suitable one supplied with the wheel so you should not need to purchase any extra parts.

Will The Sjsc Made Rear Wheel Fit My Brompton?
13 Sep 2016

I have a 2011 3speed Brompton bicycle and I wonder if the "SJSC for Brompton Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Rear Wheel 16 x 1 3/8 - Black" is a direct replacement for the rear wheel. Can you please advise? Thank you in advance.

This wheel can indeed be used as a direct replacement for your standard 3spd Brompton rear wheel.

Can You Sell Me One Of These With The 1/2 Speed Brompton Hub?
26 Aug 2016
Love the look of these but I don't want a 3 speed hub. Can you sell me one with the Brompton 1/2 speed hub? Preferably in black.

We are not able to get hold of Brompton's own 1/2spd hub in black I'm afraid. We could do a customer build with the silver hub, black spokes and black rim if you wanted to though.

What Is The Maximum Size Of Sprocket I Could Use With The Existing Brompton Chain Tensioner?
01 Jun 2016
Will a 20T or 22T sprocket work? Also would I need a straight or dished one?

We have never fitted anything different to the standard 13 and 14T sprockets that are used on Bromptons. There is a small amount of clearance so you may be able to go up to a 15 or possibly a 16T but we have never tested the clearance with these sprockets. You definitely would not have the clearance for a 20 or 22T sprocket though I'm afraid.

Is A Sprocket Included In The Kit?
15 Oct 2015
Or do you need to buy on in addition?

I'm afraid there is not a sprocket included in this kit, we sell them without the sprocket so customers can choose the size they need for the gearing ration they are looking for. The hub takes standard hub gear 3 notch sprockets.

Gear Ratios For This Hub
16 Jul 2015
Which version of the SRF3 hub is this wheel built on, the ‘normal’ internal gear hub type sprocket (13t min) or the SRF3 (N) version which is a hub with a 9spline driver taking a 12T sprocket?

The hub in this wheel is the standard S-RF3 hub which takes a standard "3-notch" fitting sprocket in a minimum of 13T.