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Rohloff Shifter with Full Length Grip by Hase in Germany

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Rohloff approved shifter with full length grip, ideal for people who find it hard to use the stock shifter or Recumbents.
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Matching left grip?
20 Feb 2019
Do you have a left side grip that will (more or less at least) match the Rohloff grip?
Hi there,

Looking at what we currently have, it seems as though the best option would be part #39426. This seems to be the closest match that I can find except for the logo.

What is the overall length please?
05 Nov 2018

The complete length of this grip is 140mm, this includes the clamp & fixing bolt at either end.

Kind Regards 05/11/18
Brompton M bars
14 Feb 2018
Is this a solid grip? What I mean is, can I use this on Brompton M bars clamped at the inner only. I do this already with cut down odi grips. The inner plastic sleeve supports the grip that overhangs the bar. I’d just just prefer a prettier solution.
Hi there,

The internal is solid, as the whole grip rotates.

Is this product OK with a 2007 Thorn tandem and can it fit with an Ergon grip?
08 Feb 2018
Will this be OK with our 2007 thorn tandem?

My captain is now finding it increasingly difficult to change gear as his wrist starts hurting on a long ride. It doesn't look as if it's possible to use this product with an Ergon grip, which he very much likes. With this in mind, do you think we would be better advised to go for the short shifter rather than this one?

If the expensive version is definitely better for people with wrist problems, would we need some sort of bar end in addition to what we already have? I ask this because of the answers to the email queries on your website.
Hi there,

Yes this should fit your tandem, and it may be easier to use as the twisting section is much larger. However you wouldnt be able to use your currently Ergon grip/bar end and need to fit a different bar end.

Hase Full Length Grip Shifter (Sjs Cycles Part # 31868)
21 Aug 2014
Does this shifter fit the same diameter handlebars (22.3mm, 7/8") as the stock Rohloff shifter?

Yes, this shifter will fit to standard 22.2mm diameter handlebars the same as the standard Rohloff shifter would.

Keeping It Together 2
29 Jan 2014
Yes, I have now discovered that the cables do keep the cable pulley in place, but there is nothing other than gravity and a little friction keeping the grip attached to the pulley. I use the shifter on a vertical handlebar on a recumbent trike and the grip has gone flying upwards on sharp turns and when kerb mounting. I don't think gluing the two parts together is wise so I shall buy a secure bar end plug. Till then will take care. Otherwise the shifter has proved to be a great improvement and I shall buy another for the second Rohloff equipped recumbent trike in my fleet.

If that doesn't prove successful my colleague has just pointed out another product we stock that is designed for a purpose almost identical to your issue. They are lock ring collars (similar to those on lock on grips) that clamp to the bar either end of the grips. (only needed on one end in the case of the Rohloff shifter) These are SJSC part number 14257, if you wish to have a look.

Keeping It Together
24 Jan 2014
Just bought one from you, it's great, but how do I keep it together? The shorter shifters have a spring washer for that. I haven't fitted it yet. Will the cables keep it together well enough or do I need a bar end plug that's attached firmly by a screw (eg. Hope Grip Doctor)? If so, which make would you suggest?

The cables should keep it all held together, if you are worried then a decent par end plug will help. The Hope Grips Doctors' are probably the best available option.