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NuVinci N360 Hub with Disc Brake Fitting - Silver

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Includes shimano cassette fitting 3/32" sprocket, non turn washers, nuts, inner cable and rotary handlebar shifter for normal 22.2mm bars.
NuVinci N360 Advancements include:
Lighter Weight: Over 30% Lighter
Smaller Size: 17% Smaller Diameter
Wider Ratio Range: 360% “Gear-Free” Shifting
Easier Shift Effort: Even Under Load
Less Shifter Rotation : Only ¾ Turn from Low to High
New, Sleek Shifter: More Intuitive; Easier Twist Adjustments
Hub Interface: Inboard Frame Dropout; Cleaner / More Protected
Sealed Hub: Maintenance-free; No Adjustments
World Class Reliability, Durability and Quality
Smoothest, Easiest-Shifting Drivetrain Ever!

All that’s required to get your bike up and running is this kit, some spokes, a wheel builder and some outer cable.
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Questions & Answers (4)
Nuvinci N380 Question
08 May 2017
Hi there
Can supply and fit or just fit a Nuvinci n380 to my bike? See link . Can you use the existing wheel? I have a triple chainset on the front that I would like to keep if a chain tensioner could be added in place of the rear derailleur?
Please let me know thoughts and a cost please.

Kind Regards


We unfortunately no longer have an open workshop so we would not be able to fit this to your bike I'm afraid. You would be able to re-use your rim (providing he number of spokes is correct) but your spokes would need to be a drastically different length. It is unlikely that a chain tensioner would be able to take up sufficient slack in the chain to cope with 3 chainrings on the front, also your chain-line would be poor in two of the 3 rings.

Do You Agree That Apart From Maybe Some Spacers That Will Be All I'Ll Need ?
02 Mar 2017
Do you agree that apart from maybe some spacers that will be all I'll need ?
Hi SJS People, I'm thinking of converting my modified 'Cube Acid 27.5"' with Bafang BBSHD drive, & Deore 10 speed cassette on a WH-MT15-A hub, with a Shimano 180mm centre lock disc to an 'IHD'. I used to have a Kalkoff with an 'Alfine 11 speed IHD, and because I commute on muddy country roads in North Devon, the daily cleanse of the cassette & derailler in the winter is chore too many! I rather like the NuVinci CVD & wondered if the only components I would need to change is my disc from centre lock to bolt on, & my shifter. Many thanks Steve. PS I have off-road wheels for the weekend so I'll have to get 2 drives! Doh!

Other than needing a new rotor the only other thing you should need to purchase will be new outer cabling as you'll need two cables at full length for use with this hub.

Room For Brake Caliper
14 Mar 2016
I'm curious to know if 140mm disc will fit ? assuming the caliper is on diameter 120 to 160 mm from disc to hub flange 18mm thick plus 1mm for safety .
The answer is ...

Unfortunately a 140mm disc won't quite fit, we measured the distance to the hub from a 140mm rotor at exactly 18mm. We then tested the fit with a Shimano calliper to be sure and that fouls on the hub slightly when centred.

Can The Nuvinci Fit A Brompton Wheel / Tail?
25 Oct 2015

I'm afraid this hub will not fit it a Brompton. Brompton bikes have quite narrow rear spacings of 110mm where as this NuVinci hub is spaced at 135mm. We have seen similarly sized hubs fitted but it has required serious frame modifications to do so and this would void the frame warranty.