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5/32 Inch 3.97mm Top Quality Chrome Steel 10 Grade Ball Bearings - 100

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High Precision Grade 10 Hardened Steel Ball Bearings

High quality graded hardened chrome steel ball bearings made from Chromium AISI 52100 steel. Hardened to 60-67 Rockwell Scale equivalent to 700-900 HV (Vickers Scale) and are hardened all the way through the ball. These are the same hardened steel balls used to manufacture bearing assemblies and have a high duty and life cycle.

Manufactured in compliance to the following international standards:
- AISI52100
- EN31
- BS534A99
- W1.3505
- BS535A99
- UNI100C6
- AFN100C6
- DIN100C6
- JIS G4805 SUJ2

- Material: AISI 52100 Chrome Steel
- Min Crush Load: 990kg
- Hardness: 60-67 HRC
- Hardness Depth: Through Hardened
- Corrosion Resistance: Keep Oiled
- Note: Not Drillable
- Weight (Each): 0.26g
- Attracted to Magnets: Yes
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Fulcrum Racing 3/Campag Hubs
06 Oct 2014
Would you be able to advise as to whether Camapgnolo use 4mm or 5/32 (3.97mm) bearings in their hubs? From your experience would it make any difference if I were to use 5/32 and the originals were 4mm?

Any help would be appreciated.
SJS Customer Service:

I'm afraid that we have never sold Campagnolo hubs so we would not know what size bearings came as standard with them. I would however recommend keeping to the same size as even small changes in the size of the bearings could have a knock on affect of how well they work.