Shimano 3/16 Inch Stainless Steel Ball Bearings - 22pcs - Y00091270

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Manufacturer part number : 
These 3/16" Stainless Steel Ball Bearings can be used on the following front & rear hubs:

- Shimano XTR WH-M988-R12 / WH-M988-R
- Shimano XTR WH-M985-R
- Shimano XTR WH-M980-R12-29 / WH-M980-R-29
- Shimano XTR WH-M975-R
- Shimano XTR WH-M970-R
- Shimano XTR WH-M965-F
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-9000-C75-TU-R
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-9000-C50-CL-R / WH-9000-C50-TU-R
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-9000-C35-CL-R / WH-9000-C35-TU-R
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-9000-C24-CL-R / WH-9000-C24-TU-R / WH-9000-C24-TL-R
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7900-C50-CL-R / WH-7900-C50-TU-R
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7900-C35-CL-R / WH-7900-C35-TU-R
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7900-C24-CL-R / WH-7900-C24-TL-R
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7850-SL-R
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7850-C50-CL-R / WH-7850-C50-TU-R
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7850-C24-CL-R / WH-7850-C24-TU-R / WH-7850-C24-TL-R
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7701-F
- Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7700-F
- Shimano XTR HB-M965 / HB-M960 / HB-M950
- Shimano Dura-Ace Track HB-7710-F / HB-7600-A-F / HB-7600-F
- Shimano Dura-Ace HB-7700
- Shimano XTR FH-M988 / FH-M985 / FH-M975 / FH-M970
- Shimano DXR FH-MX71 / FH-MX70
- Shimano Dura-Ace FH-9000 / FH-7900 / FH-7850 / FH-7801

These are an "A" match which indicates that the parts are the same in materials, appearance, finish & size etc.

Genuine Shimano replacement part.
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Product Reviews (1)
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Great balls!!
By Marvin
08 Jun 2022
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Excellent quality balls!
Excellent service!!!
Questions & Answers (5)
Can I use this with C50 wh-7850 rear hub?
18 Feb 2021
Yes we confirm this will be fine

WD 18/02/21
Do these fit front hub WHRs11? If not any ideas?
24 Mar 2020
Yes these bearings will work on your Shimano WH-RS11 front wheel with no issues.
Regards. 25/03/20
Shimano Ultegra RS500
29 Oct 2018
Will these fit in a Shimano Ultegra RS500 rear and /or front wheel? I think the RS500 is the same as the 6800. Not sure though.
Yes these would be suitable.

Thanks - 29/10/18
Which bearings to use in dura ace c35 wh-9000 front hub?
12 May 2018
I bought these to replace the bearings in my 3 yr old dura ace c35s with wh9000 hub. They don't fit. The original bearings are in a plastic race that holds the bearings in place when they go into the actual hub. These bearings are loose and do not fit into the plastic race..they are too bug. What bearings do i need to buy?
You require - SJS Cycles part number : 35947

Rs80 Front Wheel
05 Dec 2016
If it is the same size Y00091270 and Y4BB98030 can Y00091270 fit in a RS80 wheels? And if it would fit would it give any difference in performance?

As they are the same size they can be used instead. The Y00091270 is a higher grade of bearing so in theory should roll slightly better.