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Alloy XL Bottle Cage

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- Length individually adjustable
- Suitable for PET bottles with up to 1500ml content
- Additional safety ring
- Colour - Black/Silver
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Product Reviews (2)
Overall Product Rating 4 / 5
Needs Better Elastic
12 Sep 2016
3 / 5
ConsBad elastic
ProsGood size
Cage itself is great, and having storage for a 1.5l bottle on the bike means more miles and fewer stops but you'll need to use a toe-clip strap or similar to hold the top half of the bottle.

The elastic lasted 5 miles.

Check you've got frame clearance for a big bottle before buying.
Useful, But Weak Elastic
20 Nov 2011
5 / 5
ConsWeak elastic
Great for touring as takes the standard 1.5 litre bottles of water that are available as standard in most shops and supermarkets. I will definitely keep this cage fitted (as well as a standard bottle cage).

After 1,000km the elastic looks ready to break and will have to be replaced somehow.
Questions & Answers (2)
What Is The Maximum Diameter Bottle This Cage Will Take?
16 Apr 2016
"Takes a 1.5 Litre bottle" sounds promising, but these could be long and thin. I have a 1litre bottle that has a 9cm diameter. This definitely doesn't fit into a standard cage.

If it will fit this one, you have a customer!

This bottle cage can take larger diameter bottles as well as taller bottles and it should easily be able to cope with a bottle that is 9cm in diameter.

Do You Have A Distributor In The Us?
14 Mar 2015
I would like to purchase but $20.00 USD per cage is a touch excessive.

I'm afraid we don't have a US distributor and there is nothing we can do about the postage prices. We get charged volumetrically for items so although this cage doesn't weigh a lot it gets classed as a higher postage bracket due to its oversized size.