YST Threadless 68 mm Sealed Bearing Bottom Bracket for Frames with Damaged Threads

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Manufacturer part number : 
Fits JIS square taper type cranks.

Requires a Shimano type splined bottom bracket removal tool. (Shimano's own is SJSC part #858)
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Product Reviews (9)
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Product Reviews (9)
Overall Product Rating 4 / 5
Worked well, solved my issues
By Alex
29 Mar 2023
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsGood value, easy to install
Having worn out a couple of bottom brackets in a short span I realised a crossed thread was meaning they were being installed askew. This was fitted easily (only one tool needed for me, the cup found enough grip on the frame) and has so far done about 2000 miles without coming loose and still running smoothly.
Frame saver
31 Aug 2022
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Easy to fit, best to have two locking tools, one each side as you tighten!
OK for a while
By Jamie Stroud
17 Feb 2022
3 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsEventually died
ProsWorked fine for a few years
I had issues with it repeatedly working loose. I eventually just did it up really tight (tighter than I had initially thought necessary or wise) and that sorted it. I see that SJS have recommended another reviewer use some threadlocking compound on it - probably a good idea. However, the ball race eventually cracked open after about 3 years/12,000 miles. So... it didn't run forever, but it was cheap and easy to install so I think I got pretty good value. Going to try another brand this time and see if it's any better, though.
By Marc
16 Dec 2019
1 / 5
After just 1800k I heard a loud snap. The previous ride it had begun squealing so I opened it. Some dirt had gotten in an I cleaned it and put some grease in. At the end of my next ride "pang* That was the drive side ball bearing exploding.
By William
27 Aug 2019
3 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsKeeps coming loose
ProsGreat idea
I installed one of these on my 2000 stump jumper and it keeps coming loose. Is there a sleeve or something that would help?
SJS Customer Service:
Hi, thread lock on the threads and tighten to the recommended torque should do it. There are no additional sleeves or parts. Thanks
Works well,saved my frame.
By eric niven
15 Aug 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNot really any,just depends on how long it lasts.
Proseasy to fit with the right tools.
Very good solution,seems good quality as well.
Great Product to get round damaged bottom bracket thread
By TonyL
13 Feb 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNone once I got it fitting more snug
ProsEasy to fit
Fitted easily, too easily at first as it undone itself after tightening from non drive side. Took it apart and used some plumbers tape on the thread, and tightened from drive side, also slightly filed down inside drive side of bike casing to give a tighter fit.
1 week and 100 miles and its still tight.
very good unit, great value
By Eamonn Newton
02 Nov 2018
4 / 5
I recommend this product
Prosfits well allowed me to ride my old race bike again.
I am really pleased with this unit. Fits in nicely.
By dan
05 Jul 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Proseasy to fit, fairly cheap, saved my bike
this was easy to fit and works fine
Questions & Answers (16)
Can you advise how to select the correct measurement option on you web page?
16 Dec 2020
Re the YST Threadless Repair Bottom Bracket - Square Taper. Can you advise how to select the correct measurement option on you web page. The width of my bottom bracket on the frame is 68mm.
You need to measure the end to end of the axle of your existing BB and purchase a new of one the same length. You will also need to measure the diameter of the hub shell and make sure this corresponds with this BB. We would recommend taking your bike to a professional cycle mechanic for further assistance in BB identification.

Thanks, 16.12.20
what is the difference between the Sunlite and the YST threadless bottom brackets
22 May 2020
None apart from where we buy them and the branding, we keep both in case there is a supply issue RT
68 cartridge in a 73mm shell
01 Mar 2020
Hi, is there a reasonable amount of thread on this, enough that I could tighten a decent number of turns with 5mm still to go? It seems impossible to buy repair cartridges with a 73mm body and I'd prefer not to pay to get the frame reduced and faced ...
The axle would be "lost" inside the LH cup, so this would not work. You need a 73mm for 73mm shells.

Thanks - 02/03/20
Use with vintage Raleigh 70-71 mm bracket shell?
02 Dec 2019
This 68mm YTS BB is similar to the 68mm Velo Orange, which is reported to work satisfactorily in a 71mm Raleigh shell. Will the YTS also fit the Raleigh? Any downsides to the YTS? Will filling or chamfering the shell (for a better fit) render the threads unusable in future?
Hi there,

Unfortunately, we can only guarantee that this will work with a 68mm shell I'm afraid. As we have never tried this with your bike we cannot say for certain whether it would work or not I'm afraid.

spindle length
18 Nov 2019
Am currently using a Oxford cycles thread-less bracket which has developed spindle play after less than 2000 miles (bracket still snug). Also I am having a bit of trouble getting my front derailler far enough out (it touches the chain on the two smallest rear cogs. It has a 113mm spindle length. (Shimano FC-m410 crankset) Shimano seems to be recommending a 113mm spindle but would 110mm or less not be better?

Shimano do indeed recommend a 113mm spindle, however, in your situation it does sound as though a shorter spindle would be beneficial.

My electric bike shaft is 175 mm long do know how I can use a threadless bb kit
03 Jun 2019
126.5 seems longest? Regards Chris daddow
We could only recommend speaking to the manufacturer / seller of the bike as without seeing it this could be very difficult!

Thanks - 04/06/19
Will this fit a 79 Peugeot with swiss threaded bottom end?
10 Jan 2019
Hi there,

As we do not stock that particular bike we would have no idea whether this would work or not im afraid.

Is this a suitable replacement for a Campagnolo Veloce 111mm bottom bracket ?
26 Dec 2018
To fit a Bianchi M-Pro year 200 model
Hi there,

You should be able to get away with this as there is only 1mm difference, However as we have never tried this we cannot say for certain.

Can I use this in a BB shell with a 38mm diameter?
06 Sep 2018
I am refurbishing a Gazelle Tour de France which has a threadless 38mm diameter shell. Does this BB fit that shell?
Hi there,

Unfortunately the Diameter of the bottom bracket is 34mm so is too small.

I'm looking for a reaplcement for a first components nc99. Will this work in the same way?
08 Jun 2018
Yes this will work in the same way,

Will your axles be long enough?
23 Jan 2018
I've damaged bottom bracket threads so looking for a threadless BB. Size is 68mm but axle length is 125mm. Do you have a threadless option that will fit - they all appear shorter.
Hi there,

The only option we have got that is not shorter is - SJS Cycles part number : 32373L1265

Will this fit in a damaged 1.37" thread
10 Jan 2018
I have just removed a Shimano BB -UN52 Bottom bracket from my bike unfortunately resulting in damaging the threads in the frame beyond use. I think this will fix my problem, my current bottom bracket is 68mm frame width and 122.5mm length which this matches, Can you please confirm this will fit inside a standard 1.37" threaded frame
Hi there,

Yes this will fit, just select the 122.5mm option on the drop down tab.

Frame preparation?
19 Oct 2017
Does this BB require any frame preparation?

If your frame has never had the BB shell faced then this may be required to get a tight enough fit but otherwise no additional frame prep should be required.

68mm threadless BB unit
27 Aug 2017
I have a 1977 Carlton Clubman frame with stripped BB threads. The BB axle has threaded ends with nuts that secure the crank arms. Your axle comes with bolts that secure the cranks arms to the axle, will my crank arms fit onto the axle OK. My current axle is JIS with the slightly larger tapered ends.

This will work with your current crank arms.

Will This Fit A 122.5Mm Long Frame?
16 Dec 2016
I Can See It Says 113mm Here But I Filtered By 122.5 And This Was Dispayed As A Result.

This bottom bracket is available in different lengths, you can select the required 122.5mm length from the drop down menu.

Will This Fit A 35Mm Diameter (68Mm Wide) Bottom Bracket
15 Sep 2014

Yes this bottom bracket will fit fine into your frame.