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Eccentric Bottom Bracket Insert - Fits Nomad/Raven Mk2 Sport Tour etc 73.2mm For External Bearing Bottom Bracket - Gold

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51.2mm dia. Slightly wider than the black originals to more easily accommodate new external bottom brackets, this slight extra width means the cups just clear the paint on the outside of the frame.
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Questions & Answers (4)
Exact width of the BB shell needed?
06 Dec 2017
I have a frame with a shell inner diameter of 51,5 mm but the width of the shell is only 66 mm.
Do the 73,3 mm mean that this insert is for a frame with a width of 73mm or is it just the total width of the insert?
would it fit a frame with 66mm width?
Thank you in advance.

73.3mm is the width of the EBB, generally for 73mm frames.

We have this - SJS Cycles part number : 11656
That seems to be the closest option to your specs, 51.2 X 68mm.

I cannot guarantee a correct fit without knowing more information - Feel free to call Thorn on 01278441505 to discuss EBBs further.

Can I use this with Nomad MK 2
25 Nov 2017
Does this EBB fit the Nomad MK 2? I can't see any in your store that you claim do fit. Do you have any in stock? What is the exact size I need?



Yes this EBB should fit your Nomad MK2.

- 51.2mm diameter, 73mm Width.

Correct for Thorn Sterling?
04 Sep 2017
Any other replacement options?

The part you need is sjs part #9053.

Thread Not Engaging
20 Aug 2015
I recently purchased this item from SJS as a spare to take with me on a multiyear trip. Despite persistent but very gentle efforts I can't get the thread of a Shimano BBUN55 Bottom Bracket British to engage. Given the significant cost of this unit and the fact that I'm in Australia I don't want to run the gauntlet and simply order another. I'm absolutely certain that I didn't cross because I'm only using my fingers. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, take a close look at the threads, you will be able to see if either the Eccentric or bottom bracket threads are damaged. If you think the Eccentric thread is damaged take a photo and email our customer service and they will sort it out. Is it not screwing in on both sides, it would be very unusual to have damaged threads on both sides!