Trickstuff Exzentriker - Black

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With the Excentriker we have another nice innovation part for your bike. An eccentric bottom bracket for standard frames! Fix to standard frames and brings the possibility to adjust the chain tension (for gear hubs and single speed). So you don’t need a chain tensioner, adjustable drop outs or tandem bottom bracket any more. The Excentriker is easy to install and brings you a smooth optic on your bike! Fit with single speed cranks with 24mm axle (like Shimano HollowTech II).
Runs on two 6805 bearings. 37mm OD - 25mm ID - 7mm Width
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Product Reviews (1)
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Second Exzentriker
By Peter Webber
27 Oct 2016
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsPrice, a bit fiddly to adjust
ProsEasily adapted to most frames
We have just purchased our second exzentriker. This is as a backup for a year long trip we are about to undertake. The current exzentriker has done over 5000km & we have had no problems to date with the product.
Questions & Answers (16)
How easy is it to replace the bearings ?
20 Nov 2020
Do they need to be installed with a hydraulic press or can they be tapped in with a rubber mallet. Thanks
You would need a bearing press to do this accurately.

Thanks - 20/11/20
Frame and BB compatibility
29 Jun 2020
Hi, I have a Trek Cruiserliner bicycle with 3 speed hub.
The frame's BB is threaded and 68 mm in length. I have square tapered BB.
Could you please clarify certain points:
1. Is Exzentriker compatible with the frame?
2. Will I have to replace square tapered BB and cranks?
3. How much adjustment will it give? I plan to move the wheel as close as possible to BB and then adjust with the Exzentriker. I suppose I can add a half-link for single speed chain, if it exists.
4. Is special tool absolutely necessary to install it?
Yes, this fits 68mm BSA threaded shells.
You will need to be using a 24mm axle chainset, such as a Shimano with Hollowtech2.
We do not have exact adjustment measurements.
Its possible to fit /adjust without, but it makes life harder.

Thanks - 30/06/20
Hi, can I use this on an old Giant Defy frame (English threaded BB) ?
12 May 2020
I was using a Shimano Tiagra RS500 english threaded BB on my Defy that I now want to convert to a single speed commuter for Winter.
Yes RT
Hi, can these be used on early Moulton APB? Thanks
24 Apr 2020
No, I don't think so, the bolts that secure the rear suspension behind the b/b look to be wider that the bottom bracket shell and too near to it (so this will foul it. RT 27/04/2020
Can I use on a 2017 Bombtrack Beyond frame
22 Apr 2020
Wanting to build a SS to tour on. Can your EBB fit onto this BB shell BSA 73mm shell width?
Hi, yes this will fit. Thanks 24/04/2020
Can I use this with a BSA 68mm cromoly 39mm shell.
12 Nov 2019
I am wanting to use this with a 597 cromoly shell 39mm BSA. I am slightly worried because your dimensions mention 37mm. Will it work. Also fitting a Shimano Alfine FC-S501 crankset. Is this compatible?
Hi there,

unfortunately, as we have not tested this we cannot say for certain I'm afraid.

Are the bearings replaceable
25 Sep 2019
I'm also guessing with my disc trucker this means I can completely get rid of my chain tensioner?
Yes, two 6805 bearings. 37mm OD - 25mm ID - 7mm Width.

Yes, this removes the need for a tensioner.

Thanks - 30/09/19
will this work with xt hollowtech II chainset
23 Sep 2019
As far as we are aware yes, but we have not tested it.

Thanks - 24/09/19
How much adjustment available?
18 Jan 2019
Hi, just considering using this to adjust BB drop on a frame, how much adjustment appears to be available? I'm guessing you can rotate the bearings so they sit at the bottom of the BB shell, plus the thickness of the threaded portion of the cup?

Based on manufacturer website:
"Deviation: +/- 3 mm; plus halflink. Halflink fits 7spd, 8spd and 9spd chains. Halflink width w/o bolt 6.6mm"
This portion with a thread on it is 15mm.
Hope that helps.
geared bike just to raise BB height
11 Jan 2019
hi can i use this on a geared (xt 1x11) bike (surly krampus) to raise or lower my bottom bracket height?
This is not the intended design, but I cannot see why it would not work!

Thanks - 14/01/19
Will it work on Marin San Rafael?
30 Dec 2017
Rohloff fitted and currently using Rohloff tensioner. Standard square taper bottom bracket with 46 tooth chainwheel. Bottom bracket shell too small for usual EBB. Before Rohloff fitted it had an SR Suntour triple crankset. The single chainwheel was a straight swap.
Hi there,

This should work but we have not tested it ourselves so there may be some unforeseen compatibility issues.

Inside BB Protection
07 Oct 2017
Is there a plastic open ended cup that fits both inside rims of the EBB to prevent moisture build up in side the BB housing?
I think Shimano has some thing like it.
If not are they available as a spare part in a similar size BB?

Unfortunately it does not come with a centre tube like the Shimano bottom brackets. We don't know of any that would be compatible with this BB either I'm afraid.

Question Re Rohloff Chainline
27 Mar 2017
Hi there - I am very keen to explore the purchase of an exentriker for a Rohloff hub that i am using. I have a question about achieving a 57mm chain-line - Could you suggest what crankset i might be able to couple to achieve a 57mm chainline?

We don't have exact chainline measurements for most cranksets but we do know that if you wanted to fit a Shimano MTB style crankset that with the ring in the outer position then this would give a suitable chainline.

Do You Also Sells The Tool To Install This Ebb?
14 Apr 2015

We do indeed sell the tool that goes with this bottom bracket, it is SJSC part 20287.

Type Of Crankset?
10 Mar 2015
What would you recommend as a single chainwheel (say 46 tooth) crankset to go with this, probably to run with an SA S3X rear hub (120mm) on a frame with standard British Standard BB shell?. Do you need to buy the bearings as an extra item?

Any crankset with a 24mm diameter spindle will be suitable for use with this, so any Shimano set and any Shimano compatible cranksets that are designed for use with external bearings. The bearings are already included in this product so there is no need to purchase them separately.

Shell Size
23 Feb 2015
I am thinking of fitting this to a Genesis Croix de Fer 2015 frame which has a standard 68mm BB shell with a view to fitting a Rohloff hub. Do you think this will fit a standard 68mm British thread BB shell? Also the Rohloff needs a dropout spacing of 145mm?

Yes the Excentriker will fit a bottom bracket shell of 68mm however all Rohloff hubs are spaced to 135mm only, we wouldn't be able to advise as to whether you would be able to have the frame adapted that would have to be something that you would need to speak to a frame builder about.

Regards, Jamie