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Sturmey Archer S80 Left Hand Brake Lever - 22.2mm Clamp

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Questions & Answers (3)
v-brake & Cantilever compatibility
10 Feb 2018
Hi, I found out that these levers work with Drum, Roller or Cantilever brakes.. Can it be, because normally v-brake/ cantilever levers have different design?
Hi there,

These are not listed by Sturmey Archer to work with Caliper brakes. They offer two brake styles; roller/drum/canti and disc/V brake.

Early or late version?
05 Aug 2017
Hi, are you able to supply this lever, or any of its twins (left or right, with or without parking button) as the early type with the polished finish lever and the silver barrel adjuster? I'm trying to get a replacement for one which recently snapped and want the old type to match up.
Hi, sorry our stock is all fairly recent, you'll just have to buy a pair if you want a match, we've got these with and without parking brake, which is # 34719 and 34718 without 30749 and 30748
Brake Lever Compatibility Question
29 Mar 2017
I'd like to put a 70mm drum SA brake on the front and a Tektro R559 caliper brake on the back of an old bike I am recomissioning. Would these brake levers be compatible with both brakes in terms of cable pull / mechanical advantage please?

Drum brakes use the same cable pull as caliper brakes so this left-hand brake lever will be suitable for use with either of those brakes.