Problem Solvers XL Caliper Brake Mounting Bolt for Carbon / Thick Nut - Each

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XL Brake Mounting recessed nut.
For Carbon Road type forks - with Caliper brake.
Chrome. M8 x 22 or 30mm long
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Product Reviews (1)
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Problem Solvers Xl Caliper Brake Mounting Bolt For Carbon / Thick Nut - Each
By Premacy
21 Nov 2010
5 / 5
This bolt can be mounted on a carbon fork a fender and a light on the axis of the brake
good build quality but the price is expensive
Questions & Answers (7)
Please can I have this in a 44mm length ?
25 Aug 2017
My existing nut is 39mm long and I'd like to mount a dynamo lamp to the brake mounting.

Kind regards

Unfortunately this nut is only available in sizes up to 33mm long and the longest option we can offer from another manufacturer is 35mm so we're not able to offer a 44mm nut I'm afraid.

Is This Nut Capable Of The Sheldon Nut Function?
01 Jul 2017
Where you can mount a fender to the rear of the forks...

The part that you would need is SJS part #18687.

Removable Brake Mounts For Easternbikes Bmx.
15 Apr 2017
I Want To Fit A Rear Brake To An Easternbikes Bmx Frame. Do You Have Any Removable Brake Mounts That Will Fit?

Unfortunately as we do not really deal with any BMX parts we don not have any removable brake mounts suitable for BMXs.

Bolt Width
06 Nov 2016
Hi, I Am Trying To Fit An Ultegra Brake To The Carbon Forks Of A Merida 900. The Bolt Supplied Has A Too Wide Head To Fit The Recession On The Fork. Are Your Bold Statement Narrower Than The Shimano Ones? Thank You

The head on these bolts is 10mm in diameter the same as the Shimano ones so it is unlikely they'll fit any better I'm afraid.

Problem Solvers Xl Caliper Brake Mounting Bolt For Carbo
04 Apr 2015
I need this product in 50mm. can you please advise if this is something you stock?

I'm afraid Problem Solvers only make this XL brake mounting bolt in 22 and 30mm lengths.

06 Oct 2014
Thanks for that reply.
The length is fine as that is based on the thickness of the fork.
Just a bit confused still about the outer diameter that you say is 8mm. I need a thicker bolt as 8mm would move around in the fork sleeve which is 10mm.
Is M10 not 10mm ? The name implies that it is not a standard bolt as it is a "problem solver" and XL ?
Thanks !

Unfortunately the M10 is a bit misleading, M10 is 10mm but only the lip of this bolt is 10mm the main shaft is 8mm. The XL simply refers to the length as standard calliper brake bolts are a lot shorter than this.

Dimensions Please
04 Oct 2014
Dear Team
I am refitting some Shimano Ultegra calliper brakes to the rear carbon fork on a Trek bike. The old pivot nut had seized in the frame and the Allen keyhole stripped but I managed to carefully knock it out with a long bolt.
Is the outer diameter 10 mm as that appears to be the diameter of the sleeve inside the fork ? What is the thread size on the inside: the existing thread of the brake bolt looks about 6mm.
Thanks !

The outer diameter of this bolt is 8mm which is standard for all calliper brake bolts. the inside takes a standard m6 (6mm) bolt which is again standard for all calliper brakes. You may need to measure the length of your current bolt as it is unlikely you will need a 22/30mm long bolt for use with a rear Ultegra brake.