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Jtek Double Control Brake / Gear Cable Splitter

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The Double Control model L (long pull) is a cable splitting device with 2 applications:

1) It allows you to combine two shifting levers for control of shifting your bike. People with clip-ons can now shift while riding in their aerobars just like the people with dedicated time trial bikes, plus they can also still use their drop bar shifter too!

2) It allows the addition of an extra brake lever when using V brakes or mechanical disc brakes.

- Super lightweight, only 16 grams.
- Best of both worlds: shifting in aero position or using dropped bar shifters.
- Clean and small design.
- Works with both front and rear shifters.
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Doublecontrol L For Breaks? Difference To Cabledouble 2.1?
19 Jun 2016
Can I use this (jtek double control L) instead of a Problem Solvers Cable Doubler 2.1? Can you explain the main difference between those two products?

My project is to be able to control a single break from two different levers.

The double control is half the price, and by looking at the pictures, assuming I understand them correctly, the double control seem to be a much simple and more durable mechanincal construction. However, according to your product description, the "double control S" is for breaks, but the "double control L" are for shifters. That does not really make sense to me.

Regards, Pär

This Jtek double control L is designed for use with gear shifters rather than brakes like the Problem Solvers cable doubler 2.1. The double control S would be the correct one for use with brakes. The Double control relies on the spring tension in the brakes where as the cable doubler has its own sprung system.