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This model is for mating Shimano 11 road STI levers with Shimano 11 MTN rear derailleur and cassette or 11 speed MTN rapidfire levers with Shimano 11 speed road rear derailleur and cassette.

The ShiftMate Straight is an inline shifting interface device for mating different bicycle shifting components. Using a ratio changing pulley, the ShiftMate Straight adapts different component brands and models to make the proper correction in the amount of cable pull needed for perfect shifting.

- CNC machined.
- Sealed ball bearing.
- Hard Nickel plating.
- Ideal for straight cable run mounting or mounting at cable stop locations.
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Questions & Answers (3)
Shiftmate 8 Component Compatability
09 Sep 2016
I want to extend the gearing on my road bike using the Shiftmate 8 and a Shimano M8000 rear dérailleur. The bike has a 50/34 crankset and 11 speed Shimano ultegra STI shifters. Which M8000 RD should I use with an 11-42 cassette (medium cage gs or long cage sgs). Also, which Shimano 11 speed chain is recommended for this setup? What changes would you recommend for the dérailleur (gs vs sgs) or chain if a larger range cassette is used such as a Shimano 11-46 or SRAM 11-50? Can I expect shifting to be a lot rougher with these larger cassettes? Thanks for your advice.
SJS Customer Service:

The SGS would be the recommended option as it will be able to take up all of the additional slack in the chain. Any Shimano 11spd chain should be suitable as the Ultegra and XT groupsets actually come with the same chain. We would not recommend using anything bigger than a 42t largest cog when using a 50/34t front chainset as it is unlikely the chain will be long enough and the derailleur may not be able to cope.

20 Aug 2016
If I use the shifmate 8 can I use 11s shimano STI levers with a 11s XTR derailleur can I then put a Sram xg-1150 Cassette? I am using a 50/34 crankset at the front. Another question is if I do use this setup can I then go on the big ring at the front while being on the big cog at the back without snapping the rear derailleur, I know it’s not good for chain alignment but id rather not spend 100 euros on a derailleur and have it broken because of an accidental shift.
Thanks in advance.
SJS Customer Service:

The Shiftmate 8 will indeed allow you to use 11spd Shimano STI levers with an 11spd XTR derailleur and a Sram XG-1150 cassette. We would not recommend using the big cog on the rear when in the outer chainring, the chain won't be long enough to cope with this so could end up damaging the rear derailleur.

Jtek Shiftmate 8 - Compatibility With Shimano St-Rs505?
05 Aug 2016
Dear Sirs,

I am interested in combining the Shimano ST-RS505 shifters with a Shimano MTB derailleur (11 speed). Is Jtek ShiftMate 8 compatible with these shifters and will it work correctly with an 11-speed derailleur like Shimano XT Shadow Plus RD-M8000?

Moreover, if these components are compatible, what is the biggest cassette that I can use given that I will use a compact 50-34 Shimano 105 crankset (e.g. FC-5800)?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,
Spyros Zoupanos
SJS Customer Service:

The Shiftmate 8 is the correct part to use those shifters with the XT M8000 rear derailleur. There is no limitation to the cassette size, you could fit either an 11-40T or an 11-42T cassette. You'll just need to be sensible with your gearing selection (so not crossing the chain too much).