Thorn Expedition Steel Rear Cycle Pannier Rack - Black Powdercoat

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Perfect for adventure touring, cycle camping, carrying the shopping, whatever you need to do.

We believe that our Thorn carriers are the strongest carriers on the market, they have been used in extreme conditions, with massive weights and nobody has broken one yet that we know of!

The Expedition Rack has 5 cross members to allow precise and non-slip positioning of your panniers. This also provides a great surface for rack top bags / baskets.
Our carriers are made from 10mm seamless, cold drawn, heat treated, aerospace Cr-Mo steel.
We have our tubes heat treated which makes a significant difference to the Ultimate Tensile Strength but can cause some slight imperfections in the straightness. – when fitting, please be aware you make need to tweak the rack slightly but we can assure you this does not affect the strength in any way.
A mount for your rear light is supplied.

Dimensions - 380mm long x 130mm wide.
Height 350mm from lower mounting bolt to rack top.
Weight - 860g
5 tubes for the load surface!

Max load when used on surfaced roads;
When fitted with 6mm screws - 60kg
When fitted with 5mm screws - 40kg
These figures should be halved when being used on rough track.

Cycling Plus Recommended - Best Rear Rack for Expeditions.
Product Reviews (9)
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Product Reviews (9)
Overall Product Rating 5 / 5
By Marcus Gates
22 May 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Taken this rack fully loaded on three major trips on mainly off road routes. I hammered this and it did not even wince. A great bit of kit.
Both sturdy and neat
By Tim
04 Jun 2018
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Consscope for minor improvement
ProsDoes the job excellently
Does the job well but has some scope for improvement a) the rear plate or bar - both supplied - mean a choice is needed between fittings for lights (with the plate) or for a bungee. It should be possible to combine these somehow b) not an easy job sawing off the front stays supplied to the right length c) I'm not convinced that a 5mm bolt in a 6mm hole does not give extra scope for movement and loosening. Could a 5mm bolt with a 6mm shoulder not be supplied, for a top quality rack?
Great Rack
By Martin
17 Sep 2015
5 / 5
I recommend this product
I have the very excellent Thorn expedition rack it has done fine service on my Sherpa, then a Raven Sport and finally on my Raven, most latterly when I went to Patagonia and had that delightful smug feeling you get when your expensive steel expedition rack is still in as good condition at the end of the trip as when it left the factory: others saved a lot of money buying cheap aluminium racks. I saw a lot of them hanging up on the wall outside Hostel El Mosco in Villa O'Higgins in Patagonia, many of them in two or three pieces.
Exactly As Described
By frank revelo
18 Jun 2011
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Constrouble installing
Prossturdy, large, no sharp edges
I needed a rack that would support hanging two 6 liter MSR dromedary water bladders on the sides and a cylindrical stuff sack on the top. I'll be touring the western US, incl Death Valley, on dirt roads. The Thorn rack works much better than other racks for this. There are no sharp edges to cut the 2cm webbing straps I use to hang the water bladders, top is wide and long and so supports the stuff sack well. I anticipate carrying about 25kg, incl the 12kg of water. This was shipped to the USA. Pricey, but worth it.
By justin
22 Apr 2011
5 / 5
ConsHoles on rear bar not cut accurately, had to refile, but no big deal.
ProsBomb proof, simple.
Currently in the flow of cycletour in Brittany with new rack. 250 miles so far of undulating coastal roads and hot sunny, dusty days on the Brook's saddle. The rack is perfect! It replaces a Blackburn EX2 which was good but upset my artist's eye for simplicity. It's solid and fits my shire horse of a hybrid perfectly.
The Perfect Rack
By Michael Inglis
02 Oct 2010
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsRobust and simple
Faultless. Handles heavy loads over rough terrain without any noticeable movement. The simplicity of the design makes it easy to attach a wide range of panniers or other loads. The robustness of this rack allows serious cycle touring or shoppng with heavy loads with complete confidence.
The best rear rack bar none
By Anonymous
24 Jan 2007
5 / 5
I have used one of these on the back of my touring bike for a year, in conjunction with Ortlieb panniers (also brilliant by the way), and it's just amazing. I have carried some pretty major loads over some rough roads, and it's never given me cause for concern. It's stiff, there's no sideways motion or 'sway', even when i was loaded up to the roof with several extra days of food and water on a recent trip in south America. I would unswervingly recommend one of these to any serious tourist contemplating a rugged trip where reliability is paramount. It's not even that expensive when you consider how long it's going to last, and in any case, what price peace of mind ?
Super tough rack!
By Anonymous
30 Jun 2006
5 / 5
So pleased with this rack. Done several heavy laden tours now and it is just so stiff. My Ortliebs sit well and there is zero sway! Well done Thorn!
My husbands Thorn Expedition rear Rack
By Mrs Pauline Shackford
28 Jun 2006
5 / 5
He said it is PERFECT!
Questions & Answers (24)
Does this rack come with the 5mm to 6mm adapter?
13 May 2022
For any information or advice on any of Thorn bikes, frames and forks or parts, please contact our dedicated Thorn bikes sales team either on 01278 441505 or [email protected] and they'll be able to provide you with all of the information you need.
Can I use this on a Specialized Crave (QR Skewer rear end) that has 29" 2" wide tires?
02 Dec 2021
I'll be mounting this on the back of the bike and will mount a child seat (Hammax, very sturdy mounting system). Wanted to know if it'll fit my 29er. Thanks
We have not tested fitted this yet, so we cannot confirm sadly. Please note this rack is not rated for use with a child rack.

JK 03.12.21
Mounting brackets
07 Apr 2021
Are the perforated stainless steel mounting brackets available separately? I'm trying to move my expedition rack from one bike to my new Thorn Raven frame.
Thank you for your enquiry, yes they are available separately, please see SJSC part number 12555

WD 07/04/21
16 Mar 2021
How would you recommend repainting rust spot after sanding down?

What sort of paint would be most suitable and should I also use primer?
As we are not painters we can only advise taking this to a professional powder coater.

Will this rack fit with disc brake set ups? 26 inch wheel. I assume so, but please confirm.
19 Feb 2021
This depends on the frame / where the brake is mounted!

Hi. what are the spacings of the holes for rear light mounts please? Thanks.
17 Feb 2021
Thank you for your enquiry, please see SJS part number 46620 for details on the light bracket.

WD 17/02/21
Will it fit boost/148mm OLN 29er frames? It is advertised as 26in.
29 Dec 2020
Without having your bike here we cannot say, you might find that you have to bend the stays out slightly in order to fit this to your bike- and if you're running large tyres you might not have enough clearance to fit this.

Thanks, 30.12.20
Can I use it with specialized Como 4.0 low step 2020. It got low seat stays
13 Jul 2020
Additional information request. Could you advise what is the width between struts that fit the seatstays, the width between legs fitting ( I need ko które than 6.7" measured between legs i.e. internally , though can bend it a bit). Can it be used with achild seat? Is it tested and approved. And do you have a better picture of those legs- are they flat i.e will be flush or tubular. Thanks
This item can take the weight, however, it has not been approved for use with child seats and as such we would not recommend its use in such an application.
Can I use it with specialized Como 4.0 low step 2020. It got low seat stays
07 Jul 2020
Could you send me some detail with full measurements. Thanks
Hi it should fit fine, please advise what other measurements you need that are not in the description. Thanks
Fit for a Troll ?
11 Nov 2019
Hello SJS, I would like to use this rack on my 2019 Surly Troll (with 26" wheels). Can you tell me if it will work ? Thanks, Finn
The 2019 Troll is 145mm ONL the rack will fit, as it will easily spring out from 135mm, for neatness bending the ends back in a little would be preferable, the stays are plenty long enough and can be cut and bent to suit almost anything.
Other finishes?
19 Sep 2019
The Blackburn rack on my wife's tourer is due for replacement, and she will only accept one with a silver finish. She has a point, the look would be very different. Any plans to offer this in a silver finish?
Hi there,

At present, there are no plans for this to be made in a silver finish im afraid.

Which mudguards/fenders
15 Aug 2019
Assuming use on a 29er (tyre width 2.0 - 2.4 range) Brothers Big Bro, which fenders/mudguards would be suitable to fit with this rack? Thank you
Yes, these will both be fine.

Thanks - 16/08/19
Will this rack fit on a Surly ECR 29 running 29x3.0 tyres?
14 Feb 2019
We simply have not tried, the 350mm measurement is to the underside of the rack but we would want to test fit to confirm,.

Thanks - 15/02/19
Comparable Rack
13 Aug 2018
I have the Thorn Expedition rack on my Thorn Raven Twin. I'd like to find a comparable rack that has the side bar for pannier attachment and also has the eyelets for the fender mount. Can you recommend something similar for loaded touring? Thanks.
The Expedition rack has both a side bar for panniers and eyelets for mudguard fitting.

Does this rack fit bikes other than a thorn ?
08 May 2018
I have a custom built touring bike that is a pretty standard design. There are two possible fixing lugs on the back forks just behind the wheel hub .
If i cannot get the rack to fit can i return it ?
Hi there,

Yes this should fit many other bicycles. As long as the product is in original packaging and in resell-able condition returns are no problem.

Bolt spacing on seatstay?
06 Oct 2017
Hi, what's the spacing between the brackets where they mount onto the bike seatstay? Thanks

The seatstay brackets are designed to be bent to suit your frame so they can work with any seatstay spacing.

Will this rack fit a Club Tour Mk4 fitted with a TRP Spyre rear disc brake?
14 Aug 2017

This should be able to be fitted fine, however we have not tried this so we can not say for definite.

Clearance On Surly Straggler
17 Dec 2016

Does this rack fits 700c Surly Straggler with 42mm tires and fenders?


We cant say 100% that this will fit, however we have seen these racks fitted to bikes with 2" wide 29" tyres with mudguards without any clearance issues so you should be ok.

Clearance On 700C (Part 2)
09 Feb 2016
No, I didn't mean widthways, I meant vertically. 37mm is indeed the tyre nominal width, it's also the tyre height. So the nominal mounted radius is 622mm/2=311mm + 37mm = 348mm. Plus say 10mm mudguard clearance. Oh, and I want to go to 42mm tyres so +5mm. That's 363mm. Versus your 350mm plus 28mm axle centre to rack leg bolt centre = 378mm. So I am probably ok, but 29ers with big tyres may hit the tyre on the rack, vertically. I guess it does depend upon the bikes dropout design, too.

It does completely depend on the bike, it does look as though you'll be okay with 42mm tyres, but you may not be able to go a huge amount wider. We have however seen these racks fitted to bikes with 2" wide 29" tyres with mudguards without any clearance issues.

Clearance On 700C
08 Feb 2016
Hi, 350mm to top, but from which side of the bolt? On my 700C tourer with 37mm tyres & guards it looks like I'll have almost rackmudguard contact. Put it another way, in these days of 29ers, what's the biggest 700C tyre you'd recommend with this? I may well bring the bike in, Monday, BTW.

The 350mm measurement is to the underside of the rack. These racks are very wide so even with mudguards fitted you'll run out of room within the frame before you have any issue with clearance from the rack.

Just Fitted Exp Carrier Not Very Straight
28 Sep 2015
Hi. I've just fitted my Exp carrier to Genesis Croix de fer.
When viewed fro behind you can see carrier is not quite in line.
Tweeting and adjusting the carrier is mentioned, but doing this with rack on the bike is a bit scary. whats the best way to do this or am I being to fussy and it's best left as it is.

These racks do occasionally require a small amount of tweaking to get them better lined up, in some extreme cases though it is still not possible to get them fully perfectly in line. I would recommend seeing how far out it is, if its out by quite a bit we'd recommend quickly taking it back off of the bike to give it a tweak, if its a small amount then you may just be better off leaving it as it is.

Expedition Rack
20 Sep 2015
does the thorn expedition rack come with fixing bolts. if not what length m5 bolts are req.

All of the fittings required should be supplied with the rack.

Is It Safe To Mount A Child Seat On This Rack?
07 Jun 2015
I am considering mounting a child seat on this rack. The child seat clamps to the rack. Is this safe?

without knowing how the child seat clamps to the rack its hard to say if it is safe or not. If the child seat clamps securely then it should be safe enough as this rack will easily support the weight of a child-seat and child without any issues.

Mudguard Bolt Size Thorn Exp Carrier
02 Feb 2014
Just fitting mudguards back on our 2 Ravens for trip Oman to UK. What is the size of the bolt to fix the mudguards stays to the Thorn Exp carrier rack.
Thanks, Paul

They will use an M5 bolt to attach to the rack.