IRD Elite 10 Speed Cassette - Campagnolo Compatible

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Nickel-chrome plated steel cogs with light alloy spiders. Less pricy than Record or Chorus.

Nickel Chrome plated cogs
Alloy spiders hold the 4 largest cogs.
Alloy and resin spacers
Campy hub compatible

Available in the following ratios;
- 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 19 / 21 / 23 / 25t
- 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 21 / 23 / 25t
Product Reviews (6)
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Product Reviews (6)
Overall Product Rating 3.7 / 5
Broken cog - return to your metal treatment classes ...
By Markus Ackermann
25 Jul 2019
2 / 5
ConsPoor quality and finish, including cog failure.
ProsRange of gears, relative weight
11-32 Campagnolo-compatible Elite cassette bought June 2018 and used for a few pass climbs in the Alps. Hat put some 1,000 mls on the cassette when one of the smaller cogs broke apart, obviously where the cut-outs weaken the cog. Checked the nature of the fracture, and it showed amazingly coarse crystals, suggesting that IRD have flaws in their control of the metal hardening/annealing process. 35 years and 10s of thousands of mls of biking on almost exclusively Campa parts - this hadn't happened to me before. Demonstrably, it takes more than copying existing high-end material and producing it somewhere in a shop. Please note I had posted a review on this item already last year.
Average - too little value for money
By Markus Ackermann
13 Jun 2018
3 / 5
ConsPoor quality compared to price
ProsRange of gears, large cogs
11-32 cassette came in a card board box with no information whatsoever, let alone how to dismantle the cogs from their plastic holder w/o raw force ( ... use a dowel).
The cogs themselves are quite primitive, simply die-cut with no post-processing, and the teeth on the 32-cog showing up to 3/10th mm of difference in width. The Italian original comes with milled teeth and chain cut-outs, machined grooved spacers and the upper 6 cogs on aluminium holders. IRD only treats the upper 4 cogs to that finesse, and the smaller, albeit big steel cogs will merciless bite your (alu) freewheel.
Shifting is rougher than on Campa with more chattering, probably owed to the poor surface quality. Will see how the IRD performs on riding and try to find out how to combine the big IRD cogs with the rest of them from Campagnolo.
Expensive, But Extends Range And Is High Quality. Additional Info On Rear Meachs
By D Austin
14 Jul 2016
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsCost...especially now campag do an 11-32 :-)
ProsQuaility, range.
I have 12-32 and 11-34 (10 speed). I use with 34x50 Campag CX cranks on 1 55cm frame. My experience is that you can just about push the short cage veloce rear mech to 50x32, but its not happy. You really need to mid-cage. Mid-cage is ok on 50x34, but triple is better.

If you have longer chain stays, maybe the triple would be better all-round.

If you want to risk , not shifting onto the 32 or 34 then you will be fine with a short cage rear mech.
Expensive, But Extends Range And Is High Quality.
By D Austin
02 Jul 2016
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsHigh quality, extended range.
IRD Elite 10 Cassette 12-32 & 11-34
Ird Elite 10 Cassette 11-34T
By Anonymous
21 Jun 2016
4 / 5
I recommend this product
If you want to use more than 8 out of the 10 sprockets with a standard compact 50/34 you will need a long cage rear mech to take the large chain length difference. A short cage will not run across all the sprockets. On large chainring you would lose the biggest sprockets and on small chainring you would lose the 11 and probably the 13..
Ird 12 To 32 Campag
By Anonymous
03 Sep 2013
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsGood, gear, wide range. Smooth, shifting
Impressed by this quite light as uses alloy carriers and gives a good wide range with the 32 bail out for those protracted Dolomite style climbs at 10%
Used on Raid Dolomites and very glad I`d got it :)
Initially was a bit rattley sounding but within a 100 miles use it was smooth and slick changing, no graunched changes at all.
Questions & Answers (8)
I have Veloce 10 speed small cage. Can I use 11/32 with this?
08 Oct 2018
My bike is a Bianchi Infinito C to C. 2013. Wheels are Fulcrum Racing 7.
No, short cage will go to 28t 10 speed, or if 11 speed it will go to 30t.

Thanks - 08/10/18
Cassette/Rear Mech Selection
05 Jul 2016

I currently run a Campagnolo Veloce set-up with 34/50 on front and 13-29 on the back with a short cage derailleur. Being a 'fat lad at the back' I would really like to go to the 11-34(2) being offered here. Question is will this work or will I need to invest in a medium cage derailleur as well?

Really appreciate your response as if this works want to order ASAP as doing John O'Groats to Portsmouth with my mates in 4 weeks!!!!

In short, yes you can use the 11-34T option with a short cage rear derailleur if you are sensible with your gear choices. Both Shimano and Campagnolo recommend that you do not cross the chain too much (like being in the 50T ring at the front and currently your 29T at the back for example) but we all know it is possible. If you fit an 11-34T cassette then you will not be able to achieve this sort of chain cross with a short cage derailleur, it could possibly jam. However these "crossed gears" give a ratio that would be achievable by correct selection of the front rings anyway so are not necessarily needed. If you want a full spread of all of the cogs at the back available in either of the two front chainrings then you will need a front derailleur.

11 To 34T Cassette Version (1)
28 Apr 2016
This has a six tooth jump from 28 to 34T. Sounds like trouble. Will it be OK? I have 34/48T "old" (2005, last of the carbon Campag Record tapered bottom bracket design) chainset and can change my rear derailleur to a 10 speed Campag Record medium if necessary. Of course 34T is way beyond Campag's recommendation for max sprocket size, although my current 30T bottom sprocket works OK with a short Centaur rear. Thanks.

The 6 tooth jump will cause for a slower shift but it will still shift okay. If you don't like the idea of a 6 tooth jump there is a second 11-34 cassette with the last two teeth being 30 and 34T so only a 4 tooth jump. IRD have been producing these cassettes for a number of years and we've never had any issues with customers not being able to use their short cage rear derailleurs with a 34T bottom sprocket.

Will I Need A Medium Rear Mech If 10 Speed Centaur Group Set Or Will I
24 Dec 2015
I have to get long?
Hi, if you are using it with a Road Double chainset a short cage mech should be OK.
21 Sep 2015

I currently have Campagnola Athena on my road bike, 52/36 in front and 11/28 on the back, i have just returned from cycing Mont Ventous and was told i could have made my life easier with a different set up? Would it help for my next time, if i used a 11/32 casette with my current set up, would this product be compatible and what else would i need to order with it, to ensure it would work? Should i be thinking of changing the front to 50/34?



In theory fitting a 11/32 cassette will help as it will effectively provide you with another lower gear than what you're currently running. You should not need anything else to allow one of these cassettes to work with your current set up, the only thing you may need to do is to adjust the limit screws on your rear derailleur to allow it to cope with the larger cassette. If you felt that you could have done with two lower gears from your current set up then a 50/34 chainset will again effectively give you another gear lower, but this will also mean your top gear is now one gear lower.

I Have A Campag Centaur 10Spd 13 To 29 Rear Sprocket.
11 Jul 2015
Can I fix an 11 to 34 or 11 to 32 on there. Without too much modification.

These wider range cassettes are designed to be able to be used with standard Campagnolo rear derailleur without any modifications to the construction. You will have to adjust your limit screws though to allow it to cope with the wider range.

11 To 34 Campagnola 10 Speed Cassette
23 Mar 2014
I currently run a 11to 29 campagnola veloce cassette , will the 11 34 fit, do i. Need a new lock ring or chain?

The 11-34 should fit you just may need to adjust your rear derailleur. You shouldn't need a new lock ring although the cassette is supplied with one so yo0u may as well fit it anyway. You will probably need a new chain though, not just because you will probably need to lengthen it but also because running a worn chain on a new cassette will cause it to slip and jump.

Will This Fit Without Any Modification.
25 Nov 2013
Using the record medium cage.

Yes, this cassette will fit without any modifications needed. If your chain is also very worn though you will find the chain will slip so you may need to replace the chain also.