Fietsen op Maat Crank Shortener - Universal Left or Right Fitting - Each

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The Crank Shortener is designed for people who have different length legs or for those who cannot reach the pedals in the most downward position. This cycling device neutralizes any problem or inconvenience in leg length. For all other problems related to knee bending / flexing or lower leg prostheses / implants, Fietsen op Maat recommend to use their eccentric pedal device.

- It compensates all problems related to leg length
- Easy and quick installation with the use of your existing pedal
- Suitable for all bikes, tandems and exercise bikes including electric
- Universal solution for either side, left and right (one unit containing both left and right threads supplied only, if you require crank shorteners for both left and right cranks, two units will be required)

The crank shortener is made of high-quality aluminum and anodized in a neutral finish.

- 1 x Crank Shortener
- 1 x Back Plate
- 2 x Back Plate Fixing Screws
- NOTE: This product WILL mark your crank it is not suitable for carbon cranks
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Now my friend can ride his bike again
By Piers
11 Apr 2024
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsExpensive but well worth it
ProsInfinite adjustment
What a difference this has made to my friend who has had a knee replacement but now has limited movement and was unable to cycle. Now he can and as his movement increases he will be able to move the shortener to lengthen his stroke. Brilliant, thanks.
Really useful well-made device
By Brendan
29 Mar 2023
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsCould mark cranks, possible alignment issues
ProsMinimal impact on Q factor, very versatile
Recovering from a ski injury I've limited bend in one knee and bought one of these used as a stop-gap. I wrapped a strip of coke can around my old 1980s Stronglight crank, and this seems to provides enough grip and protection, so the "will mark your cranks" seems thus far to be avoidable.

For my 100° bend, short legs and 170 cranks, I had to go down to 105mm on the affected side. The great thing about this device is it offers a vast range of adjustment for either leg. The obvious downside to 105mm cranks is leverage and extension, so of course a pedal swing would be a better solution as it halves the amount of crank shortening and restores some leverage and full extension - I have one on order but not a Fietsen op Maat, as I opted for one that comes with a crank shortener that self aligns in the spindle threads.

This device will do in the meantime - hey I'm back on a bike! Even tempted to add a Magic Stepper as a halfway house while waiting for a longer more versatile swing
By cam swift
25 Jun 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsAdjustable for each leg
Having had two total knee replacements and not regained my full knee bend in either knee I was unable to cycle. These crank shorteners work, they can be adjusted for differences in each knee and I am now using them daily on a turbo trainer so i can regain strength. What is great, is if my knee bend improves they can be adjusted.
Excellent product
By Mike Lonsdale
26 May 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsDoes what its supposed to.
Simple design, but an absolute godsend after weeks of trying to obtain shorter cranks, SJS advised me of this product and me and my replacement knee have not looked back. Highly and unconditionally Recommended.
By Daniel anthony coyle
18 Oct 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsEasily fitted
Have knee replacement heel only on pedal now now sole as normal on both pedals struggles gone enjoyments back
Helps with knee replacement
By Kevin Morley
25 Aug 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Saw a different product at SJSCYCLES when I rang about was given a link to this. It's actually better than some others on market because it's infinitely adjustable.
I have used this to shorten by 47mm, the only issues I've had are cramps behind knee, found the answer was to drop my heel down at bottom of the pedal stroke just enough to stretch the back of knee.
As my knee improves I'll start to lengthen it again, one thing I've noticed is the difference on the down stroke. It's on 128mm just now, I'm considering getting another to shorten the other side to 160-165mm to see if it helps reduce fatigue on inclines.

If you see this and it interests you ring and ask for Jamie in sales as they have a different types for different cranks.

Used 3 times after 12hr shifts, works ok, couldn't use it on 175mm unless just woken & used ice. Definitely a cycling life saver for me.
Questions & Answers (9)
Does this item fit a modern Shimano crank ?
10 Nov 2021
Yes it should fit most cranks all ok.
Are there 2 distinct L/R threaded versions?
10 Nov 2021
No, this one item can we used for left and right

JK 10.11.21
Will this increase Q factor?
14 Jun 2021
Yes it will,

JK 14.06.21
Suitable for Peloton?
10 Apr 2021
Hi there, are these crank shorteners suitable for the original Peloton bike? Standard Peloton cranks are 170mm.

This works with most cranks- while we have not tested with Peloton it's unlikely that this would not suit.

Thanks, 12.04.21
Can this be used on shimano hollowtech crankset
16 Jan 2021
Yes it can, however, we would not recommend it for superlight Shimano cranks- XTR/ Dura Ace.

Thanks 18.01.21
Hi, I am interested in the above product but am not sure whether it will fit securely on my cycle.
01 Jul 2019
Can this product be adapted to fit my crank which has a slightly curved front face ? It is flat at the back.Thank you.
Regards Peter

we have never tried this ourselves so couldn't say for certain if it would work. It could possibly but it would depend on how curved the crank was.
What stops pedal shortener slipping down?
23 Apr 2019
what is there to stop the pedal shortener slipping down the the crank shaft under heavy cycling
Hi, they do not slip when the bolts are tight. They rely on metal to metal friction to stop slipping. Thanks 24/04/2019
What weight is this?
25 Jul 2017

This crank shortener weighs 180grams.

I Have Limited Bend In My Right Knee
20 Sep 2016
as a result I am unable to bend sufficiently at the top of the pedal revolution can you recommend a product which will allow me to cycle. I use a mountain bike

Something like this crank shortener would be the best we'd be able to recommend, as it will reduce the amount the knee needs to bend. For a more in depth analysis and a better idea what length you should be shortening it too we would recommend speaking to a cycling specific physio therapist as they would be able to offer a scientific insight.