Sturmey Archer Single Chainset with Detachable Ring & Guard - 170 mm

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Manufacturer part number : 
Sturmey Archer single chainset in silver with double chainguard.
- 42 or 44T
- 104BCD
- 170mm
- Compatible with geared chains and singlespeed chains
- Comes with crank caps
- 68mm x 115mm bottom bracket spindle required
- 3/32" chain compatible
- 45mm chain line
Product Reviews (6)
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Product Reviews (6)
Overall Product Rating 4.3 / 5
By Craig Mitchell
12 Dec 2023
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsAbsolutely none
Just what I wanted, looks great, good quality product at reasonable price. Replacement for a black crank on my e-bike, hate black, why is everything black on bikes. Can send photo if you like.

Big thanks to sjc great service, i live in Oz can not get anything like this over here. Will be using you again for sure.

Have a great day. Cheers Craig.
Exactly what I wanted
By Mike T
10 Mar 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsQuite weighty. Pricey maybe
ProsExactly what I wanted
Bought for the conversion of my old Dawes Galaxy to use a Nexus 8 hub gear. Spot on chainline. Double chain guard. Solid. Looks good.
By Teemu
03 Feb 2018
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsSolid no nonsense product, good value
Excellent product, and the chairing is a standard one and can easily be changed into a smaller if one wants to.

I even think the chain guard could be exchanged for a second chainring (if desired) but I am not sure. Am I correct?
Excellent Customer Service.
By A.Roberts
11 Mar 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Ordered this item which arrived very quickly.
Unfortunately it didn't fit, (No fault of SJS)
Returned item with no difficulty and a full refund was giving in super quick time.
Will use this company again.
Solid Quality
By Alexander Pankow
15 Dec 2016
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsOnly short cranks
ProsQuality, design
I found this one for my ever running city bike from Puch 1965. The quality is solid, the construction seems strong, the looks still better. The outer ring even protects your pants from oil and dirt, very smart and simple. The only disadvantage I see was the lack of 172,2 mm crank length.
Just Needed The Chainring, But Added Chainguard Is Nice
By Julien
27 Feb 2016
4 / 5
I recommend this product
Consmaybe a bit expensive, compared to simple chainring spare, but not sold here
ProsFull assembly, chainguard
I needed to change the whole chainset of my wife's pashley riding with a XRD5 from Sturmey Archer.

Sadly SJS does not sell only the chainring, so I went for this whole assembly as there is an added chainguard, which is nice.

I had to move the chainguard position, though, or it would conflict with the Pashley Provence frame...
SJS Customer Service:

Thank you for your review. The reason we do not have the replacement chainrings for these is that Sturmey Archer don't actually produce replacement chainrings for these. These cranks use a standard 104mm BCD chainring so if you had contacted us before we could have recommended a number of compatible replacements from different brands.

Questions & Answers (18)
Can this fit a Pashley Millennium ex-post office bike?
27 Dec 2020
Hi, My Pashley Millennium needs a complete new 42T chainset for use with Sturmey Archer gears. The current chainset is non-original at 48T. Bottom bracket axle is now 150mm across, but again may not be original. Chainline is currently 50mm from centre of seat tube. Do you know if this item could be part of what I need? As always, thanks for your help.
Sadly we cannot advise as we are not a Pashley dealer, and without having your bike here we cannot recommend parts to suit, We suggest taking your bike to a Pashley dealer.

Thanks 30.12.20
are the chainrings steel or aluminum?
04 Oct 2020
these are the manufacturers serial numbers and variants from the Sturmey (Sunrace) site:
• FCS720 42 tooth steel chainring without chainguards
• FCS722 42 tooth steel chainring with steel inner and aluminium outer chainguards
• FCS742 44 tooth steel chainring with steel inner and aluminium outer chainguards
• FCS750 44 tooth aluminium chainring without chainguards
• FCS752 44 tooth aluminium chainring with aluminium inner and outer chainguards
Hello, For this chainset the chainring is steel.

Hope this helps

Retro-looking bottom bracket with spider
27 Jun 2020
I have inherited a 1960 Holdsworth which I’m planning to restore. It has a Sturmey-Archer FM rear hub ONL 110mm. I wish to replace the current bottom bracket and cottered cranks. I think the chain line is 41mm. I will also need a new chain and rear sprocket (not decided on size of sprocket chainring combination yet)
Difficult to answer as there is no question!

We would suggest these may be suitable with around a 115/118mm BB but it would need to be tested.

Thanks - 29/06/20
Use with Rohloff ??
19 Oct 2019
I am thinking about using these cranks on a Rohloff build - I already have a Middleburn 104 BCD chainring that I could use.

Could you please tell me what length of bottom bracket you would recommend (splined carrier)? I do realise that you probably haven't done this so may not be able to give an accurate answer.
This will need to be test fitted, something we have not done, sorry!

Thanks - 21/10/19
Does this have a chainguard (guide?) on both sides of the chainring?
16 Sep 2019
It is hard to see in the photo, but is there a guide or guard on both sides of the chainring? Wondering if any other chain retention device is needed, particularly for the inside.
These are guarded inside and out.

Thanks - 16/09/19
a 125mm spindle
06 Sep 2019
I am converting to a square taper from a cottered crankset. The bike has a 68mm BB shell with 42mm chain line and is five speed.
I've got the 125mm figure by measuring the length of the cottered spindle from the middle of each groove where the pin went.
We would start with 118mm, you will need to test fit to confirm.

Thanks - 10/09/19
What BB size with this please?
28 Aug 2019
I'm converting a 90s steel emmelle mtb into a 3 speed urban commuter. What BB should I use with this chainring please and what tool do I need to fit it?
Many thanks
The BB length will depend on the chainline, generally 103-110mm would be suitable.
Tooling required will depend on the selected BB, generally SJS Cycles part number : 16507 works for most square taper ones.
Thanks - 30/08/19
70mm BB length
27 Aug 2019

Could you please recommend a BB for this crankset?
70mm Italian, single speed
Two options are SJS Cycles part number : 26974 and SJS Cycles part number : 30670W111, axle width is dependant on your set up and chainline required.

Thanks - 30/08/19
11 speed compatibility & BB?
02 Jul 2018
Hi, will this work with an 11 speed chain, and what size BB would you recommend for 130mm rear spacing? Kind regards.

We would recommend 118mm JIS would be the best starting point, as this chainset was only designed with up to 10spd in mind we would not recommend this for use with an 11speed chain.

Which bottom bracket with Altus RDM310DL Cassette?
23 Feb 2018

Can I use the 42T version with an 11-32T 8-speed Altus rear cassette, and an 8-speed chain? What bottom bracket would work?
Hi there,

Yes this will be suitable with an 8spd chain. We normally recommend 118mm JIS bb.

Which bottom bracket would you recommend to get a straight chain line with an Alfine 11 hub?
14 Jan 2018

We would normally recommend Shimano bottom brackets, these are SJSC part number 26972 - normally a 118mm should do the job, but we would need to test fit it to you bike in particular to confirm this.

19 Nov 2017
Hi there.
Can you recommend a BB for this crankset please. (68mm English).
I plan on running with a 7/8 speed rear mech, a Shimano Altus or similar. (11-34 cassette)
Also what tools would I need for fitting the B&B.
(I'll buy the let from you!)
Many thanks.

We would normally recommend Shimano bottom brackets, these are SJSC part number 26972. We would recommend an overall length of 118mm to suit a MTB style chainline. This bottom bracket uses Shimano splined type fitting, Shimano's own tool of this type is SJSC part 858.

Can i use this with an 8, 9 or even 10 sram cassette?
19 Sep 2017
Also what length BB would you recommend for these cassettes, on a 135mm rear hub?
Thanks for any advice!

This chainset would be suitable for use with an 8, 9 or 10spd chain. To get a suitable chainline you would need a 118mm bottom bracket.

replacement chainring only
27 Jul 2017
Can you recommend a separate replacement (44t) chainring for the Sturmey Crankset, please (I understand SA don't market these themselves)

Thanks in advance.

The best option we can recommend is the Thorn rings as these are well made and will out last almost all other rings out there. These are SJSC part number 11054.

Threadless Bb
19 Jun 2017
Which length threadless bottom bracket (YST Threadless 68 mm Sealed Bearing Bottom Bracket) would this be compatible with when used on a raleigh lenton (in order to get around the 26tpi issue...)?

We would normally recommend quite a short bottom bracket like a 103 or 107mm with this chainset but as the YST bottom bracket is only made a short as 110mm then this would be the next best option but you'll just need to be aware that it may push the chainline out slightly.

Can You Get Smaller Chainrings To Fit This Crankset?
05 Mar 2017
If so please could you suggest the part numbers of perhaps suitable 38,36,34,32 chain rings. Thank you.

As this chainset uses standard 104BCD chainrings there are plenty of smaller options including all the way down to 32T. We normally recommend our Thorn rings which are available in all of these sizes. These are SJSC part number 11054.

Will 42 Teeth Chainset Fit My Brompton If I Remove Inner Chain Guard
14 Dec 2016

Unfortunately not, to get the correct chainline the tab of the chainset contacts the frame of the Brompton when folding. If you're looking to fit a smaller chainring we'd recommend fitting Bromptons current spider chainset and an aftermarket ring like the Stronglight Dural. These Stronglight rings are SJSC part number 18495.

Brompton Compatability
22 Dec 2015
Hi, I m thinking to replace my 2015 six speed brompton crankset with this 44t version. Can this series fits or are there any other options?
Thanks for your advise and inputs.

Although in theory this chainset will fit your bike, due to the way the Brompton folds you'd need an extra long bottom bracket to allow it to clear the frame when folding the bike up. It's unlikely you'd be able to get a bottom bracket long enough I'm afraid. If you are looking to lower the gearing by fitting a 44T front chainset then you could just replace the chainring on your current cranks. Brompton's replacement 44T chainring is SJSC part number 31173.