Igaro S1 Pro Dynamo USB Power Converter

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The Igaro S1 Pro is the world's highest performing USB power converter and fuses together our advanced knowledge and experience with the very best technology. Use the Igaro S1 Pro with STVZO 3W dynamo hub and charge your USB devices on your next Audax / Randonneuring challenge, round-the-world tour or commute to work.

By integrating maximum-power-point-tracking and dual reactance tuning, the Igaro S1 Pro extracts every milliwatt of power out of the dynamo hub and does so at maximum efficiency, regardless of speed and riding volatility. This power is buffered into super-capacitors with 60 times the capacity of those found in high-end dynamo lights and which provides up to 4 minutes of standby power. With two USB-C ports designated for primary and secondary roles, power is first delivered to a phone or GPS and then surplus power is typically output to a power-bank.

With an all metal body which doubles up as an accessory bar and IP69 waterproof rating (keep the USB ports dry - all USB ports corrode when wet), the Igaro S1 Pro is made for long-term use. It works at any speed, generates no heat and comes with a 5 year international warranty.

- Active Rectification
- Critical Fault Protection
- Dynamo Light Detection
- Heatless Overspeed
- Maximum Power Point Tracking
- Micro Control Unit
- Reactance Tuning (Dual)
- Super Capacitors
- Synchronous Regulation
- USB Auto Reconnect
- USB Auto Transfer

- 8.0A maximum (shared between USB-C ports)
- USBv1 (100mA) current at 76kph
- USBv2 (500mA) current at 12.5kph
- USBv3 (900mA) current at 18kph
- USB-C CC (1.5A) current at 30kph
- 150g weight (with two brackets)
- 188mm length x 22.2mm diameter
- Removeable power cable
- Tuning optimised for Schmidt SON 28 at 15kph and 25kph (but works well with any 3W dynamo hub)
- Surplus power hoovering on dynamo light detection

Igaro warranties the Igaro S1 Pro to be free from defect for a period of 5 years from date of purchase. Warranty is non-transferrable and does not include corrosion to USB ports due to water ingression, general wear and tear, or damage due to user error or mechanical force.
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Product Reviews (2)
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By Anonymous
04 May 2023
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsPerformance, LED indicators, form factor, quality build, support
Have been waiting for the perfect dynamo-USB power converter for close to 10 years, and it’s finally here. The form factor is great and the LEDs that let you know what’s going on are super handy. I mainly use it to charge my phone while it’s on - using it for navigation etc. and performance is amazing. Seems to squeeze every last bit of power out of the hub.

Great support from Igaro as well. If you have a dynamo hub, you need one of these.
By Mark Swan
15 Apr 2023
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsSuper-capacitors are huge! Performance. Quality.
I was torn between the Igaro D2 and Igaro S1 and chose the Igaro S1 for a 2 month tour around Namibia and SA. Charging a phone and keeping a DJI Mini 3 drone topped up seemed a lot to ask for dynamo power and initially I carried a power-bank to supplement the power generation. Half way through the power-bank got wet and failed, but I managed fine without it thanks I'm sure to the huge super-capacitors (240F versus 4F in most high-end dynamo lights!) that work so brilliantly at soaking up the volatile dynamo hub power.

What else? There's a aluminium body with flush lights that don't annoy and the USB ports are recessed so rain isn't an issue. No further brackets or protection are necessary.

I love what Igaro are doing. It's great to see a small UK company innovating and taking the lead in, the country needs more of them.
Questions & Answers (1)
Use it in frame bag instead of on the bar?
08 Feb 2023
It looks like this is designed to live in front of the handlebar but would this work equally well in a frame bag or top tube bag? I know you wouldn't see the lights but apart from that?
The item was designed to work externally from a bag, we recommend speaking to Igaro regarding use in a bag. SK 09/02/23