Sinewave Cycles Revolution USB Dynamo Powered Charging Device

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The Sinewave Cycles Revolution is a bicycle dynamo powered USB charger. It converts electricity generated by hub and bottle dynamos to USB output. The Revolution allows users to charge USB-powered devices while riding.

The Revolution is made in the USA

Unlimited Power For:
- Cell phones
- Battery packs
- Rechargeable headlights
- Rechargeable speakers
- Any USB-powered device!

- Best in class efficiency
- High speed overload protection
- Simple installation
- Shock and vibration toughened
- Waterproof
- Gold-plated USB connector won't rust or corrode

- Starts charging at 3.5mph (5.5km/h)
- Full charging at 9mph (14.4km/h)
- Max Current: 1 Amp
- Also works with DC input up to 52V
- Weight: 37g
- Dimensions: 54mm x 35mm x 14mm
- Wire Length- Approx 90cm
- Wire Ends: Stripped wire
- Warranty: 1 Year
Product Reviews (10)
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Product Reviews (10)
Overall Product Rating 4.8 / 5
Good upgrade
By JIm Dominy
27 Oct 2023
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNot a cheap investment when paired with a SON hub
ProsValuable addition to a touring bike
Fitted this to my touring bike running off a SON hub dynamo and used it last week on the Rebellion Way in Norfolk to power a iPhone SE running Kamoot without a cache battery.

It's a neat and very well made, rugged unit. At road touring speeds it was well able to keep the iphone charged even when displaying the turn by turn instructions and map display. Less so on the off-road or stop/go city centre stretches.

On the more flowing stretches it could significantly charge a sleeping iphone back to 90 % in a couple of hours.

Interesting to see improvements with new version of SON dynahub when released.
By Nicholas Copley
07 May 2023
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Lots of good reviews here. It is a great thing!
By Allen
16 Feb 2022
5 / 5
I recommend this product
I totally misunderstood/underestimated this tiny little box of tricks. It comes with installation instructions but not usage instructionsy. I installed it piggyback to a SON Delux shared with a SON Edelux II (with SON rack mount rear light). From initial tests with the SON lights off I am getting approximately 5% of charge for every 10km on both a Garmin Edge 1030 and an iPhone 7 (one at a time of course) on the open road. In town (central London) I am getting approximately 5% for every 20km. Impressive. Highly recommended.
By Shane Ruddock
26 Jun 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Didn't know how good i had it til I sold it. Best usb port on market. Sold it for an igaro d1 but that's not water resistant and yes it'll charge 2 gadgets but at big weight penalty a messier frame etc..this is ridiculously light and waterproof..the circuitry inside is waterproofed glue gun or similar so no worries about water ingress still avoid submerging..

Yes it won't charge any device quickly on its own. No bicycle usb port does because its 6v operation vs Wall charge. You must with all usb ports charge your phone via a power bank and pass through charge if it does or charge just a power bank if it doesn't pass through then your gadgets.

Those that pass through charge speed up process massively even when power bank is dead within seconds to a minute of charging off this there is no worry with phone plugged in that it will run out of power and stop sending power to a device. I'd rely on this in the middle of nowhere
Surprised how good it is
By Anonymous
13 Jun 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
I previously had a USB Werks that lasted 6 years run off a Shimano N72 dymamo. I think the battery of the USB werks just gave up so I was intrigued how far tech had come to do without a cash battery.
As all these chargers seem incredibly expensive for what they are I looked into them quite carefully and really got into all the graphs etc. I chose this because it can be mounted in loads of positions and doesn't interfere with a quad lock mounted phone on the stem. I have an iPhone SE and it works really well. Not having a cash battery I was concerned the phone would lock out if you cycled below the min charging speed when cycling up a steep hill. It doesn't but picks up when you reach speed again. Also I have found it charges at 7mph while using Viewranger or Komoot on full screen and listening through bluetooth earplugs and with 4g on as well. It even charges the phone when the lights are on (B&M Cyo IQ) but probably slower.
By Andrew Nelson
12 Jun 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsExpensive for AC/DC converter chip.
ProsLight and very easy to fit and test. Perfect for long touring trips.
Ran this off my AXA traction HR bottle dynamo. Works perfectly. Charged my Garmin edge 1030 from 44 to 79% on a two hour, 20 mile ride with my Garmin switched on all the time. Advantage of bottle dynamo is you can take it off the tyre when going uphill. Simple maths shows that it works equally off bottle vs hub dynamo which generally have same power output of 0.5 amp.
Useful product
By Ay
10 Mar 2021
4 / 5
I recommend this product
When I use gps apps on my iphone the battery gets run down quickly. This is a great product for preventing battery drain. It is simple to set up and use. However, this device does not fully charge my iphone but just it keeps it from getting completely run down.
Superb Performance
10 Nov 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsIt will be great to have a dust cover for the USB charging port
ProsExcellent functionality
The best in the lot that is available for sale.
Charges good and without any damage to phone.
Amazing device!
By Paul
11 Aug 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsWhen running at night slight loss of power to the light but still plenty enough to see by
ProsClean simple design, does everything you would want it to!
After an a disappointing experience with a similar product by another brand that lasted 5 days I was recommended this by SJS. Its been faultless and I cant recommend it more highly! I recently used it on the London-Edinburgh-London 1400km Audax, it kept my iphone running RWGPS and my Garmin 500 charged for the entire ride. I had no issues running them directly off the device with no need for a cache battery. It worked in all weather conditions and was left out in the rain at night on several occasions and worked fine the next day. The build quality is very good and it can rotate on the mount which can be useful for moving it for different length USB cables or just ease of access.
Dependable Usb Power In A Tiny Package
By Kim
04 Jul 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsA little pricey, but worth it IMO
ProsEasy to fit, small, dependable
Only taken this on a brief test ride so far but the results are great. Super easy to fit and the unit is small enough to tuck in a frame bag, or be stealthily mounted on the outside of your frame. Will be an essential piece of my touring kit going forward.
Questions & Answers (30)
With nothing connected does all dynamo power go to lights
12 Mar 2024
I have the sinewave connected to a son dynamo with supernova lights - charging karoo during day but wish remove all charging devices at night so all dynamo power will go to the lights at night - does this happen automatically or do I need to add anything else ? Thanks
If there is nothing connected to the charger then the power will go to the lights. SK 14/03/24
Connecting Sinewave Revolutaion Edelux II with coax junction box
26 Nov 2023
Hi. I just purchased an EdeluxII from you, with coax junction box. I now need to add in the Sinewave Revolution. Which connector do I need to buy to connect them?
You will need a male connector #42744, it will need to be soldered into place. SK 28/11/23
What extras do I need to connect to a SP PL-7 Dynamo and running with exposure Revo Light
02 Aug 2022
Please email [email protected] so we can best advise on this :)

JK 02.08.22
Does device have a off switch
18 Jun 2022
When changing a mobile device, will it affect the amount of light output from dynamo lights.
So when charging a device, light's will be dim..unplug charging device, light's get bright again?
No, it does not, the on switch is whenever a device is plugged in and drawing power from the Sinewave. When charging and running lights the lights will dim slightly but only at lower speeds.

JK 20.06.22

A Son 28 dynamo….
15 May 2022
…. And do I need extra cables or connectors, or does this come with everything I need? Thanks!
Please email [email protected] so we can best assist with this :)
can i use this product with a Shimano Nexus Dynamo DH-C3000-2N 6V/2.4W
12 May 2022
Thank you for your enquiry, yes will be fine

WD 12/05/22
I have a shimano 3w dynamo hub & herrmans H-Trace ECO LED light set
16 Mar 2022
Will the revolution mean I have to also buy a new light set?
Do you have the necessary adaptor plug.
Excuse these may be dumb questions but this is my first dynamo hub:-)
HI mark, not a dumb question at all, ping me over an email and i'll help you out :)

[email protected]
Do I need an additional part/cable to use this with Son Deluxe Hub and E3 Triple 2 headlight ?
14 Jan 2022
Do I need an additional part/cable to use this with Son Deluxe Hub and E3 Triple 2 headlight ?
Piggyback connectors:
Can I use this with a sondelux 12?
26 Aug 2021
To charge devices and run edylux light.
What connectors do I need?
Do I need a cache battery? If so what do you recommend?
SON delux is designed only for running lights OR USB at the same time.

Please refer to the diagram here for parts:
I have a Brompton with a Son hub, is everything included with this for fitting.
15 Jul 2021
NO- you will need x2 4.8mm spade connectors for USB charging only (SJS part: 2870). If you wish to run Dynamo lights and charge at the same time you will need two of these - SJS part: 2870. and two of these- SJS part: 28876.

Some crimping and wire stripping will be required.

Hope this helps.

JK 15.07.21
any power draw if there's nothing plugged in?
05 Jul 2021
If there is nothing plugged in to the charging port, does the device make any demand on the dynamo?
Just wondering if I need a switch, of its enough to unplug the cache battery I'll be running output through.
Nothing plugged in = no draw.

Unplugging the cache battery will work fine to have no draw- say to operate lights at full brightness.

JK 06.07.21
Can I use this with......
18 May 2021
Hi. Can I solder the wires on this to part number 42744 allowing me to use it with the Son coaxial adapter on my Son Dynamo? Cheers
Yes, you can! its recommended to use SJS part 45909 when soldering to help secure the male coaxial connection when soldering.

JK 19.05.21

Will this work with this wheel
06 Feb 2021
I'd like to buy one of these but need to check it'll fit on this wheel first. Will it need extra connectors? Do you stock them?

Is this wheel actually any good or would it be a waste of time?

Many thanks
Thank you for your enquiry, as this is not a set up we have tested we cannot confirm if it will work, however if it is 6v 3watt then it should work.

WD 08/02/2021
Does it has a switch?
17 Jan 2021
If this is permanently wired in but the USB port is unused is the power consumption minimal?

Can you recommend a switch box so I can switch between lights/sinewave/both? My lights do have an off switch but I think a switch box would be better.
No, it does not have a switch, for this, we recommend using the Klite lighting and charging system. You can simply unplug your USB device as well to reduce power draw.

Thanks 18.01.21
Under specifications it says Max current: 1amp. Can it charge a 3.8A or 4A (for example) power bank?
28 Mar 2020
it can charge anything that needs a normal USB input (like from a PC)
Performance at low speed?
13 Jan 2020
Is this product effective at slow touring speeds (e.g. 10-12km/h)?
- Starts charging at 3.5mph (5.5km/h)
- Full charging at 9mph (14.4km/h)

Thanks - 13/01/20
Can I use with an Alpkit Juice hub dynamo?
26 Sep 2019
What, if any, connectors would I need, or would bare wires be acceptable? Finally, where do the wires run in the stem mounted Reactor if, as previously stated, there is no need to drill carbon forks: it was the Reactor that really caught my eye.
These fit bare wire onto that hub, same as Shimano or SP or Jtek.

The Reactor wire simply goes into the bottom of the fork and up the steerer tube.

Thanks - 30/09/19
how to connect the stripped wire end to dynamo hub SON 28 ?
16 Sep 2019
needs to connect to SON 28 dynamo hub?
We use - SJS Cycles part number : 28876

Thanks - 16/09/19
Add a Garmin mount to the Revolution?
18 Jul 2019
Is it possible for you to customise the Revolution with a permanent mount so that it fits on the underside of the double mount for a Garmin gpx? The advantages are an easier installation by twisting it 90 degs to lock it as opposed to using a cable tie. Also the device will benefit protection from the rain as it positioned under the Garmin device. Thirdly is it a far better space saving area than cable tying it to the stem. I lead charity cycle tours London 2 Paris many times a year, keeping my Garmin and phone is paramount. I am sure for many, it is a winning idea.
We have never tried! We like the flexibility of simple cable tying the box wherever it fits. On our Thorn touring bikes and many similar we rarely see anything mounted in the small space under the stem so this is an obvious and ideal place to pop it. The device is fully waterproof so no need to worry about rain protection.

Thanks - 19/07/19
Son delux 12 Hub, Exposure light and Revolution
25 Jun 2019
Hello, my bike has a son deluxe 12 hub wired to rear of Exposure Revo front light, which then feeds rear red eye. Can I fit Revolution to charge battery power bank to then charge garmin and iphone? If yes, can it have connectors to wire between existing cable and revo. As in permanently wired ? If not, is it possible to come with connectors that the electrical feed to light is removed from light and plugged into Revolution indaylight? thanks Alan

to light can be plugged into Revolution
Hi there,

We think your best option would be to use piggyback connectors at the Dynamo, which will allow you to wire in the Revolution at the dynamo and have constant power going to it.

However, as we have never tried this here we cannot guarantee that this will work 100% I'm afraid.

SP PD8 Dynamo
23 May 2019
Thanks for your earlier reply.

The SP dynamo hub came with the bike so there are no connectors with it. Could you please recommend some connectors?

Thanks again.
Hi there,

The best connectors to use would be part #32495.

SP PD8 Dynamo
23 May 2019
Can I use the Sinewave Revolution with an SP PD8 Dynamo and if so how would I connect them please? Many thanks.
Hi there,

You should be able to do this without an issue. The Sinewave comes with bare cable allowing you to insert this into the connectors that should have come with the hub.

Can I use the sinewave to charge my Iphone 8
13 May 2019
Can I use the Sinewave with a Son Edelux11 & a Sondelux dynamo? What connectors would I also need to run the light and USB at the same time? Also would this be able to charge an Iphone 8?
The deluxe Is only suitable for lighting, its a paired down version of the 28 so not really suitable for both / or charging.

Connectors - SJS Cycles part number : 28876

Thanks - 13/05/19
Son dynamo, Revo light AND other devices
10 May 2019
How do you connect the son dynamo to the Sinewave so that you can switch between Revo lights and/or charging other devices? Do you have to crimp & run two cables from the dynamo or is there a more neat solution?
We would use SJS Cycles part number : 28876, connecting both the lighting and charging devices at the same time.

Thanks - 10/05/19
Can this be wired into SON coaxial cable connector?
05 May 2019 that I could connect to SON Y-junction box rather than piggyback connectors at hub
Yes, this would work.

Thanks - 07/05/19
will this charge a samsung s7 phone using son dynano
06 Dec 2018
Yes, this should have no problem!

Thanks - 07/12/18
bottle dynamo ok?
29 Jul 2018
Can I use this with a bottle dynamo? If so, which one would you recommend?
You can use this with a bottle dynamo, but we really do not think the power output would generate enough to actually transfer a power into a device and therefore would not recommend it.

Can I use this with Exposure Revo Dynamo?
08 Jul 2018
Would this be needed to if I were to use an exposure revo dynamo light? Many thanks
Yes this would be suitable.

What comes in the box?
28 Feb 2018
What parts are supplied with this product?

You get the charging unit, the hard wired cable coming from it and a large zip tie for mounting. You will need to supply the appropriate connectors for your hub.

Revolution vs Reactor
30 Aug 2017
Hi - is it just the form factor that is different when comparing the revolution to the reactor? I don't particularly want to drill the fork on my bike, as it will invalidate the warranty and if there is no added benefit other than the size, I wouldn't see the need of spending an additional £100


The differences are just in the fitting, internally they both are the same. You should not need to drill your actual fork to fit the reactor though.