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5 Speed Sturmey Archer SLS-5B Sprinter Thumbshifter

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Questions & Answers (8)
Is this compatible with a X-RF5
17 Apr 2019
My hub is the older style toggle chain style, trying to change from a rotary shifter to a thumby. Many thanks.
Hi, a rotary shifter is designed for rotary hubs without a toggle chain. This shifter will be fine for use wih the X-RF5.

Thanks - 23/04/19
Can I use it with dura ace 10 speed bar end?
19 Nov 2018
Do you think I can use the clamp for my dura ace 10 speed bar end levers? If not Can you suggest me a thumb shifter that will suit fine?thanks
We would recommend - SJS Cycles part number : 10405 or

Thanks - 20/11/18
Will this shift lever fit a Sturmey Archer bar-end shifter pod?
21 Sep 2017
I would like to use this shifter lever with the shifter pod from a Sturmey-Archer 5spd SLS50 T5 Barend Shifter.

The fittings are the same so this shifter would indeed fit to a Sturmey bar-end shifter pod.

Compatible with the Summit S5 (late 1990s)
31 Jul 2017
Hi, is this the correct shifter to use with a Summit S5 hub? It's just like a sprinter only with a different axle and sun gear clutching mechanism (still single indicator chain), It has what I believe to be the narrower ratios of 0.66, 0.79, 1, 1.27 and 1.5.

Is the cable pull different between these older 5 speeds and the newer (w) models?
Hi, we believe this shifter will work with your hub. Thanks.
Compatible With 1995 Sprinter?
15 Oct 2016
Your SJS part no 13639 appears to be identical to my existing single cable trigger (which may need replacement soon).
Can I use this cheaper and better-looking SJS 36991 instead, please?

This newer shifter uses the same cable pull so will be absolutely fine for use with your Sprinter hub.

Is This The Correct Shifter For The X-Rd5 Hub You Stock Then?
12 Aug 2016
Is this the correct shifter for the X-RD5 hub you stock then (the closer range non 'w' one)?

We normally recommend the SLS50-T shifter for use with the X-RD5 hubs as they are all the (W) model.

Hi...Will This Fit On A 29Mm Approx Down Tube....Many Thanks...Bw
08 Jul 2016

I'm afraid not, this shifter is designed for fitting onto handlebars that are 22.2mm in diameter.

What Ist The Difference Between
22 Jul 2015
5 Speed Sturmey Archer SLS5B Sprinter Thumbshifter
SturmeyArcher 5spd SLS50 T5 Thumb Shifter?

whitch shifter do I need vor this Hub?
1994 Sprinter S5C 5speed coaster brake hub with single cable

Uwe Bergfeld

They don't actually differ that much, but I'd recommend going for the Sprinter specific shifter as you have a Sprinter hub.