Rear Derailleur Hanger Extender

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Fits to your current derailleur hanger to extend the hanger further allowing use of much larger cassettes.

In some cases this means you can use a short cage derailleur on a 11-40t cassette! Perfect for a single chainring set up on a gravel/cx/adventure bike.
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Product Reviews (24)
Overall Product Rating 4.5 / 5
By Dean Jamieson
30 Aug 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Works extremely well with Alivio rear mech and single front 28 tooth chainring.
Not so good
By Mr M Ochsner
01 Aug 2021
2 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsSoft hanger bolt
Soft aluminum hangar bolt detracts from an otherwise good product.
Works well
By JBCambs
28 Apr 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Good solution if you need a greater cassette range
By mark
12 Apr 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
great piece of gear. Stops interference between jockey wheel and large rear sprocket
Great product
By Edward Wood
28 Feb 2021
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNot pretty
An inexpensive solution to an otherwise expensive rear derailleur purchase.
This simple hanger extender, allowed me to extend the range of gears on my vintage tourer from 24 to 32 without the need for purchasing a new long cage derailleur. Easy and quick to mount.
Nice little bit of kit
By Howard Lowe
25 Sep 2020
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsExpensive delivery
ProsWell made. Does the job
Nice not of kit. Does the job well. Postage is expensive for what it is though.
By Andrew Spencer
07 Sep 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsGreat item
Used this to replace a 11-28 ten speed cassette to a 11-36 cassette paired with a sram apex short cage derailler. It works perfectly. Why spend more.really pleased.
Works great after grinding tip of hanger
By Mark Rigby
24 Aug 2020
3 / 5
I recommend this product
Consdoes not fit all hangers
ProsCheap solution for lower gears
Cube Agree C 62 hanger tip (hook) is slightly too long for this to fit. After grinding about 1.5mm off the end of the hanger it fits and works very well to enable short cage Ultegra mech to go up to 34 teeth. All gear changes still smooth and quick.
Fits on a friends bike no problem so issue specific to my hanger.
Cheap answer to fitting wider ratios
By Roger de Faye
08 Aug 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsWell made, easy to fit, excellent price
Well made, easy to fit and easily accommodated a 32t cassette allowing for my standard cage 105 mech to be used without the expense of a new one. The original chain was still long enough (just) having previously been running a 27t cassette. It would probably cope with a 34T.
Not what I needed after all
By Naomi Crosby
21 Jul 2020
3 / 5
Consno instructions included
Proscheap. easy to fit
I put a bigger cassette on each of my bikes during lockdown. On the third I couldn’t adjust it so that the jockey wheel didn’t grind, so I bought one of these. (actually I bought two, as insurance against the aluminium bending in a fall). However it didn’t improve things and it turned out a little bit in the derailleur that holds the tiny screw that adjusts the angle (sorry, I don’t have the tech terms), was bent. once that was dealt with it was fine, without this gizmo.
By gary smith
15 May 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Saves you from having to buy a new longer arm gear very simple excellent idea
Very good
By Lars
08 Apr 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsCost very little. Does a great job.
This part works just fine -it made it possible to go from 34 to 40 teeth on the cassett (use a single ring up front).
I also have the "Sunrace Rear Mech Extended Link" on another bicycle. They are not exactly to same, both work best on one bike each.
Just the ticket
By Chris
28 Mar 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsCheap, effective
So, no longer have to worry about arthritis when I next tackle Bealach na Ba ..when we get shot of this virus. Simple yet effective, how did I cope all these years with 39x25?
Does the job
By Roy Willan
21 Feb 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
This extender solved the problem after adding a cassette for lower gearing. Solved the problem of clearance thus smooth operation of gears.
Does the job
By Trevor Lingard
07 Feb 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Proscheaper than wolf tooth and does exactly same.
Used on various makes of rear derailleurs to allow bigger cassette.
By Mick Nash
17 Sep 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNone yet
ProsIt works
I used this item and a 10mm X 1 tap (also purchased from you) to modify a simplex rear end in order to fit a long cage Campagnolo rear changer and wide range block.
It works beautifully and is hardly noticeable.
Thanks for the superb service.
By John Houlihan
08 Aug 2019
4 / 5
I recommend this product
The extender arrived on time and very easy to bolt on and works perfectly, great product
By Richard Angus
22 Jun 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsMake sure the derailler clears the spokes.
ProsNone to mention , only a allen key reqiured
Yes works well, I was fitting a larger block to the wheel to 32 teeth sprocket. The device enables the derailleur to do the job.
By EkG
17 May 2019
4 / 5
I recommend this product
Good stuff. Does what it is supposed to do
Works with a 105 triple on a Ribble Gran Fondo
By Darius Carr
06 Mar 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsYou need to test for yourself. A bit flimsy but does the job.
ProsIt works for me
I'm now running a triple with a 30 smallest cog at the front and an 11-36 SRAM PG1070 at the back on a SRAM PC 1051 chain.
All 105 with the long cage rear. Works perfectly.
By Nuno Romeiro
16 Jul 2018
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Consbolt little fragile
Proswork, cheap
Now SRAM XX1 10v work in 11-46 cassette.
By Phillip Winskill
28 Jun 2018
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsIt works and cheap
Perfect! A 53/39 and 12-23 aren't too easy on some of the Lakeland passes I ride from my home in Keswick. This little beaut' allowed me to fit an 11-32. Fitted in minutes. Now bought another 2 (I have lots of bikes...)
By Anonymous
03 May 2018
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Further to my review of 11 Apr 2018, bike now set up with 32 teeth big sprocket. 44 inner ring as planned. Lovely low gear works perfectly. Amazing result for cost of only £4.99.
By John Carr
11 Apr 2018
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Not fitted yet. Have classic Langsett 1957 bike with Campag ends incl. gear hanger, 49/44 TA Adaptor Set and Campag Gran Sport rear mech. with 14/26 capacity. I now need lower gears and hope the hanger extension will permit a bigger large sprocket. I'll report IDC. Ratings are provisional at this stage.
Questions & Answers (63)
Can I use the RJT rear derailleur hanger extender with Campagnolo Athena 11 speed?
06 Nov 2021
Compact 50/34 at the front and hopefully a 13/32 cassette, thanks.
Thank you for your enquiry, yes it will be fine

WD 08/11/21
Can I use with a RD5600 short cage derailleur
19 Oct 2021
I have a Shimano 105 FD5700 34/50 and a RD5600 short cage at the rear. Cassette is currently 11-28 but could I use this to get an 11-34?
Thank you for your enquiry, yes this will be fine

WD 20/10/21
Can i use with old Shimano rd 6401 .
23 Jul 2021
i have a old bike with
52-39 and 14-26 with Shimano RD 6401 and FD 6401 8 speed.
Could i use this support for 14-34 ?

thanks from france

Thank you for your enquiry, yes this will be fine
can i use this with a tiagra 9 speed rd4500 (short cage i think) to install 11-34 cassette ?
17 Jul 2021
Thank you for your enquiry, yes will be fine

WD 19/07/21
Compatibility question.
03 Jun 2021
I am currently running a 10 sps 11-36 cassette with a shimano XT rear mech. Will this allow me to extend the Mech to use an 11-46 cassette please ?
Most likely yes! however, we have not tested this exact combo to confirm for definite.

JK 03.06.21
Zee short cage and 11/36 cassette compatible on mtb?
14 May 2021
Would this be the right part to extend a zee short cage mech to run an 11/36 cassette on an mtb,or would the sunrace extender be better
Thank you for your enquiry, yes will be fine

WD 14/05/21
I have a 53-39, would this work with ultegra 6800 so I can add a 11 32 cassette?
11 Apr 2021
Yes, will be fine

WD 12/04/21
can i use this as a b link to use on a Box four Derailleur
19 Jan 2021
As we don't stock BOX components we cannot confirm this.

Thanks, 20.01.21
Can I use this with a Shimano 105 10 speed and new casette?
27 Nov 2020
My bike has
Cassette Shimano 105 11x28T 10sp
Chain KMC X10 SL 10sp
Crankset Shimano 105 Compact 34x50T
I'd like a cassete that is at least 11x32T or more than 32 if possible.
What cassettes sizes do you recommend please?.
Hi, we cannot give you a proper recommendation without more information. Please locate the RD and FD codes on your front and rear derailleurs so we can make a recommendation which is within the design limits of these components.

JK 30.11.20

Can I use this with my 9 speed Dura Ace 7700?
22 Nov 2020
I have a RD7700 Rear RD Dura Ace, 9 speed, will this help extend its normal capacity of 11t-27t, to increase it to 11t-30t? The front is a compact crank 50/34. Full Dura ace 7700 set. I tried the sun race but it doesn’t fit on the Principia RS6 hanger.


This could work, however as we have not tried it with your particular setup we cannot confirm compatibility.

JK 23.11.20
11-46 with RD-M591
05 Sep 2020
I have a shimano RD-M591 rear mech SRAM 42 tooth (1x) crankset. Could I use this to support a 11-42 or 11-46 ten speed cassette?

Hello, Yes this product should help you achieve the range you are after- however as we have not tested this setup we cannot guarantee the functionality of this setup.
50x34 front 11x36 back possible?
16 Aug 2020
I have a tiagra 4601 long cage with 12x28 cassette. Could I put a 11x36 (or higher?) cassette on with this?
You can use the RD-4601 with a 30t (triple) or 32t (double) so we would expect that 36t with an extender is possible.

Thanks - 18/08/20
Can I use this with a 38t front, 11 - 46 t rear on a medium cage, fitted to a cube hybrid.
26 May 2020
Need a lower gear for the big hills, so will replace the 11 - 42t cassette currently on my Cube touring pro hybrid 500.
In most cases this should work okay.

Thanks - 28/05/20
New chain?
05 May 2020
I currently have an 11-25 cassette on my Campag Chorus standard length cage and wondered if I looked to increased this to an 11-29 with the hangar if this would likely necessitate a new chain?
Probably, it's 2 more links, depends if your current chain is only just long enough on big to big or if there is some "spare" RT
what the maxium cassette ring size for a Shimano RD3500 Sora 9spd with this extension
28 Apr 2020
Hi, we don't know the maximum size cassette sprocket you can use with an RD3500 derailleur. Thanks 29/04/2020
Can I use this with an 8 speed Claris Derailleur?
20 Apr 2020
If so what is the maximum range of cassette the Derailleur would take? I am looking towards an 11/40, failing g that would an 11/36 work?

Hi, yes you can use it with a Claris derailleur. We don't know the maximum range you might achieve but with a short cage mech I think 36 is ambitious. Thanks 22/04/2020
Short cage mech 1x9, 11-40, 34t chainring
02 Apr 2020
Can I use in a 1x9 setup using: SRAM x9 short cage mech, 11-40t cassette, 34t chainring? Thanks I advance.
We could not advise this would definitely work, it would need to be tested.

Thanks - 03/04/20
Force X1 medium cage
13 Mar 2020
Will it extend it to take a 11-42 rear cassette
yes, it should extend to 42 in most cases.

1X10 32T on a 42t or a 46t cassette
22 Feb 2020
Will this work on a 11-42t or even a 46 t cassette? currently I use a shimano 10 speed XT 786 Long gage and a 11/36 XT Cssette
11-40 should work, 42t will in most cases, 46t would need to be tested.

Thanks -24/02/20
Larger cassette.
13 Feb 2020
I have a Tiagra 50/34 crankset and 11-32 cassette. What is the largest cassette I could run with this extender?
34t yes, 36t+ would need to be tested.

Thanks - 14/02/20
Campagnolo 8-speed compatibility?
19 Jan 2020
I was wondering if your derailleur hanger extender would work with Campagnolo Chorus 8-speed?
Campagnolo states the maximum cog size is 26 teeth but I would like to try a cassette with a 28, 30 even a 32 tooth cog.
Thank you!
28t yes, 30/32 would need testing.

Thanks - 20/01/20
Will this work with di2
17 Jan 2020
Could I use this with my ultegra 6870 short cage di2 rear derailleur to change from 11-28 to a 11-32 rear Cassette and using a 50/34 front chain ring ?
Hi, yes, you will probably need to fit a longer chain too. Thanks 20/01/2020
Does this fit all derailleurs?
15 Jan 2020
I'm looking for a 2nd-hand Airnimal, but most are 9-10spd with approx 11-32 cassettes and so I'd want to extend the gearing to approx 11-42. Does this hanger extender work with all Shimano derailleurs or are there some it doesn't work with? (I don't want to buy a bike for which I can't extend the gearing!) Thanks.
Hi, yes it works with all modern Shimano derailleurs. Thanks 16/01/2020
Compatibility with RX-810
12 Jan 2020
Hello, can I use this with shimano rx-810 rear derailleur? Right now it works with 11 speed 11-42 SLX, I would like to go for 11-46.
In most cases this should work okay.

Thanks - 13/01/20
Can I use this with a 11-30 9 Speed with a triple front ring
08 Jan 2020
I have a 9 speed triple set up with a medium cage Claris rear Rear Derailleur front ring 50-39-30 rear cassette 11-30
Hi, yes this will work with your setup. Thanks 9/1/2020
Can I use this with sram 11 speed 11/36 cassette ?
31 Dec 2019
Can I use this with sram 11 speed 11/36 cassette and Shimano 105 medium cage on a 2015/16 Specialized Roubaix sport sl4
In most cases yes this would work perfectly well.

Thanks - 03/01/20
Can I use this with a 6800ss derailleur so that I can use a 30t?
05 Dec 2019

yes, this should work.

how much lower will the derailleur sit compared to not using this extender? Thanks
24 Nov 2019
what is the extension/offset dimension between the two bolt centres?

This drops the derailleur around 22mm.

Thanks - 25/11/19
Can I use an 11-40 cassette with Tiagra long cage
15 Nov 2019
I've got a 44/28 upfront with Tiagra 4700 long cage rear derailleur and 11-34 cassette. This all works fine. Can I swap out the cassette for an 11-40 and use the extender to bridge the cap to the 40 tooth cog?
In most cases this should work okay.

Thanks - 15/11/19
Can I use on Sram force 22
16 Oct 2019
I wish to fit a 11-32 cassette without changing the 11sp force 22 rd short, the frame is a Boarman carbon pro slr, is this possible, thanks
Hi there,
You should be able to use this without an issue, however, as we have never done this we cannot say for certain I'm afraid.
Thanks. 17/10/19
Can I use this extension for my XT 760 short cage with 34T cog?
09 Oct 2019
I have a XT M760 rear derailleur low normal version and really love it. But i want to increase the cadence when climbing up so want to up the cassette up to 11-34 but this mostly exceed the derailleur capacity. Does this extension can solve this problem and my derailleur can work smoothly on this 34T cog?

Hi there,

You should be able to use this without an issue, however, as we have never done this we cannot say for certain I'm afraid.

Rear Cassette Options
20 Sep 2019
2018 roubaix i have a Tiagra 10 speed with 50 34 and 11 34 cassette can i run a 36 or 40 with your drop link and assume longer chain ?

You can definitely use a 36T and in most cases a 40t yes.

Thanks - 24/09/19
Sram Red etap short cage derailleur
19 Sep 2019
I have a Sram etap short cage rear derailleur which states a max capacity ot 28T cassette. I want to increase to a 30T cassette . Can I use this hanger and will it work? Thanks
Hi there,

You should be able to do this, however, without testing it we cannot say for certain I'm afraid.

Tiagra 4600 ss 46/36 Crankset
18 Sep 2019
My cheapo gravel bike has 46/36 crankset and Tiagra 4600ss rear mech. The cassette is 12/28.
What is the largest cassette that you would expect to be workable with this extender fitted?
Hi there,

You may be able to get this up to 36, however, without testing it we cannot say for certain im afraid.

Specialized Roiubaix Comp 2010
14 Sep 2019
Can you advise if this would fit my rear mech hanger on my Roubaix Comp 2010? I have tried to fit the Wolftooth adapter to it without success.

We would need to see the mech hanger/know the issue with the Wolftooth as we have no experience of that bike!

Thanks - 16/09/19
Would this be suitable for using a medium cage Sram rival 1 RD with a 11-42 cassette? Thanks
20 Aug 2019
Hi there,

Unfortunately, as we have never used the two together we cannot say for certain I'm afraid.

Sram Force 10sp with standard crankset
06 Aug 2019
Hi, would this work in conjunction with a Sram Force 10sp short cage RD, and standard (39/53T) cranks? I’m looking to switch from an 11-28 to a 12-32 cassette. Thanks.
Hi, yes it will work. Thanks 07/08/19
long cage derailleur plus the hanger extender to get 11-42t?
30 Jul 2019
I am trying to make a drop bar 1x10 set up running 42t chainring and 11x42t on the back.
It was suggested I could use the Shimano Tiagra 4700 10 Speed Rear Derailleur (GS) plus this hanger to get me the extra to the 42t.
is that possible?
Yes, we think you should be able to reach 42t with the hanger and a GS 4700 mech. We could only be 100% by testing though!

Thanks - 30/07/19
Can I use it with Ultegra Shimano 600 mech, it's on a Giant CFR1 vintage bike
05 Jul 2019
yes RT 05/07/19
Can I use this with the new Ultegra 8000 short cage deraillleur to enable a 32 tooth sprocket
28 Apr 2019

yes, this should work fine.

Can this be used with a campag athena 11 short rear mech and 16_30 cassette?
19 Apr 2019
Hi there,

Unfortunately, as we have never done this we cannot say for certain I'm afraid.

Hi Ii would like to use a hanger on my Giant TCX.
17 Apr 2019
I have a 50/34 Chainring and a 10 speed 105 Derailier and would like to fit a 34 tooth rear cassette. Would I have to fit a longer chain if I fit a hanger
It is quite possible, you would need to fit it and see whether the chain is long enough.

Thanks - 23/04/19
Can I use this with sram NX Eagle 11-50?
06 Apr 2019
After converting my 3x10 shimano xt/slx to SRAM NX Eagle, the rear derailleur doesnt fit. My hanger is to short and/or wrong shape for the B-screw to put the jockeywheels in the right distanse. I have a quickrelease shaft which won't fit on the Canyon-hanger for Sram for my bike since the right hanger is for 142x12-shaft. Will your product help? Can you post some pictures of your extended hanger in use on a bike please?
We simply would need to have the bike in person to understand the issue further, it would be probably best to speak to a local shop / the manufacturer.

Thanks - 09/04/19
Can i use with Shimano Tourney A070 Rear Derailleur
22 Mar 2019
Can I fit custom 13-40 Cassette 7 Speed on my Tourney Rear Derialleur with Hanger Extender?
Hi There,
yes that will work fine,
Can I use this with a 6700 short cage ultrgra
25 Feb 2019
Current set up is 50-34 with a 30 rear sprocket ( just out of Shimano spec but works- just)
I need 34 sprocket at least to assist on steep climbs since a back injury.
32t yes, 34t would need to be tested.

Thanks - 25/02/19
11-32 Compatibility with Ultegra 6800SS
18 Feb 2019
Hi, would this be possible to use with my 6800SS derailleur and an 11-32 cassette? Thanks.
Yes this should be suitable,

Thanks - 18/02/19
Can I use this with a Shimano Tourney 7 speed?
14 Jan 2019

I have an 'Adventure Flat White' touring bike with a short cage Shimano Tourney 7 speed (11-28t) & double 34-50t at the front.

I find that the current gear range is not low enough for me when in hilly areas.

Would this extender allow me to run a 12-32t cassette?
Is 32t the max you'd recommend or would 34t be reachable?

You will definitely get the range of 11-32, you will probably get an 11-34t, but we would need to test it to confirm.

thanks - 15/01/19
Can I use this to fit 11/32 cassette with Sram Red short cage rear derailleur
27 Dec 2018
My current setup is Sram Red 10 speed, running a short cage rear derailleur and an 11/28 cassette. Will this item allow me to run the same short cage derralieur but with an 11/32 cassette?
Yes, this will happily work with 11-32t.

Thanks - 28/12/18
105 short cage possibilities with this widget?
16 Dec 2018
I have a 105 short cage derailleur. With this widget, could use a tiagra 11-36 cassette, or do you think 11-34 is the limit?
11-32t is definite, 11-34t is normal expectation, 11-36 would need to be tested on your personal set up.

Thanks - 17/12/18
Can I use this with Shimano Dura Ace 9 speed?
14 Dec 2018
The Chainsette is a FRM 53/39 on Zicral Rings. Rear wheel is a 9 speed 11-28 cassette on a Mavic Aksium wheel. Dura ce rear derailleur is short cage. I can't go to 10 speed unless I change my Dura Ace 9 speed handlebar control levers which I am reluctant to undertake.
Yes, this is not specific to a groupset, brand or speed.

Thanks - 14/12/18
Can I use this with a Shimano Dura Ace
08 Dec 2018
Hello. Can I use this to make a Dura Ace derailleur work with a 11-32t cassette? I’ll be running a 50/34t chainring at the front.
If you currently have a short cage, then yes, you will be able to use 11-32t and probably 11-34t.

Thanks - 10/12/18
11 Speed Camapag Super Record
09 Oct 2018
Can I use this to enable me to use 12-32 or 11-32 with 11 speed Super Record?
Yes, this should allow you to get up to the 32t.

Thanks - 09/10/18
Can I use it with an sram GX on a mtb?
12 Sep 2018
Hi there,

Unfortunately as we have never tried this we cannot say for certain im afraid.

Can I use with a whyte Suffolk 105, currently 50/34 11-32 how high could I go 11-40?
04 Sep 2018
With your current set up you would definitely get 11-36, you may get 11-40 - you would need to test the set up.

02 Sep 2018
I have a SRAM red etap group running 52/36 and 11-28 with the short cage RD. Would this allow me to install an 11-32? I don’t really want to shell out another £450 for the med cage RD. thanks.
This should work for pretty much any derailleur, we have not used it with Etap, but it should not pose any issues.

Can I use this with an Ultegra medium cage derailleur and compact chainrings?
18 Jul 2018
Can you advise re the largest sprocket that would work/recommend a cassette?
Hi there,

This should work fine, However the only way to definitely confirm this is to try it. In terms of the biggest chainring you could use, again its a matter of testing as we can not say for certain.

Can I use this with canyon areoroad 8?
09 Jul 2018
Need a lower gear for long steep climbs. Icurrent setup is 52/36 witha11/30 cassette.rear derailleur is 8050 short cage. I have a 11/32 11 speed cassette. Shimano say replace derailleur with medium cage but I'd rather not spend £180 or buy compact 50/34 for similar cash. Will extender work?
Yes this extender should work, it simply drops the whole derailleur downward to accommodate a larger cassette.
Triple (48-38-28) 11-34 to 13-40, If I ignore 48T Chainring?
21 May 2018
Triple (48-38-28) 11-34 to 13-40, If I ignore 48T Chainring


Thanks for your previous answer.

I currently have up front, a triple consisting of 48-38-28.

In the rear, my cassette is an 8 speed 11-34 and the Derailleur is a Shimano Tourney TZ which has a maximum cassette cog spec of 34T

I would like to upgrade my cassette to an IRD 8 Speed Elite 13-40.

In a previous answer you advised that:

“Generally triple set ups do not work with the Extender, the only way to tell with your specific bike is to test fit it.

The reason being is the rear derailleur simply is not capable of that amount of range. “.

However, I wasn’t ever planning on cross-chaining by using the big 48T chainring with the large 40T cassette cog (I only ever use the three smallest sprockets on the rear when using the big 48T chainring up front).

So with that in mind, would fitting this Derailleur Extension device present any problems?

Thanks in advance.
As our previous answer explains, the derailleur will not be able to cope with the amount of chain length change by using such extremes. It is best suited to single or double chainrings.

Triple (48-38-28) 11-34 to 13-40?
20 May 2018

I currently have up front, a triple consisting of 48-38-29.

In the rear, my cassette is an 8 speed 11-34 and the B-Tension Screw is screwed in the maximum amount (and with screw thread to spare). The Derailleur is a Shimano Tourney TZ

I would like to upgrade my cassette to an IRD 8 Speed Elite 13-40.

Using your hanger adapter, would I be able to do that?
Generally triple set ups do not work with the Extender, the only way to tell with your specific bike is to test fit it.

The reason being is the rear derailleur simply is not capable of that amount of range.

Campag Record 10 Speed
08 May 2018
Have a Campag Record 10-speed setup with a 12 - 28 cassette and 50/34 chain rings (SRAM crankset but who cares right?). I rarely ever use the three (12 - 14) cogs on the cassette. Aging knees beg for lower gearing. Would this allow me to run a wider range cassette and get lower gears leaving all else, inc. rear mech, in-situ? (trying to weigh up pro's and con's of a cassette change with this doodad vs putting smaller chain rings on the cranks)
Yes, except if the cassette still had 12t top the shifting at the top end would not be so crisp, also you'd have to be sure that the rear mech could cope with extra amount of chain to take up.
can i fit your drop hanger as per following
03 May 2018
sorry for the wrong questionning earlier .My bike is equipped with triple chain ring Campagnolo 30 40 50
the cassette and derailleur are both Campagnolo
11 to 29 T

can I fit your drop hanger and change the cassette up to 13 to 38 ?
with thanks
Hi there,

Generally triple set ups do not work with the Extender, the only way to tell with your specific bike is to test fit it.
We would recommend to expect you to be able to use up to a 36t cassette IF it does work.

is it made of aluminium and if yes what kind ?
03 May 2018
can I fit to a triple chain ring with 10 speeds campagnolo derailleur
Hi there,

From the information provided I cannot offer any advice, please specify exactly what you have / would like to have.

Yes the item is made from aluminium, it is not listed exactly which.

extender adapter compatibility
12 Apr 2018
I have 1978 Cartlton Pro 5 frameset with 5 speed campy v3 nouvo rear derailleur and 24/14 freewheel,,42/51 crank. Will the extender adapter enable use of 5 speed 28/12 freewheel or even bigger if there is one?
Hi there,

Yes this will allow you to use a 12-28t freewheel. Without testing its hard to confirm, but experience suggests this may allow you to use up to a 30t - you would need to test this in real life though.