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Shimano 105 RD-5700 Tension & Guide Pulley Unit - Y5XH98120

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For use with Shimano 105 RD-5700 rear derailleurs.

This Tension & Guide Pulley Unit can also be used on the following rear derailleurs:

- Shimano 105 RD-5701
- Shimano 105 RD-5700-A
- Shimano Tiagra RD-4601
- Shimano Tiagra RD-4600
- Shimano Deore LX RD-T670-A
- Shimano Deore LX RD-T670
- Shimano Capreo RD-F800

These are an "A" match which indicates that the parts are the same in materials, appearance, finish & size etc.

If the correct Tension & Guide Pulley Unit is unavailable you can also use the unit from the following rear derailleur:

- Shimano Deore XT RD-T780

This is a "B" match which indicates that the parts are usable, but differ in materials, appearance, finish & size etc.

Genuine Shimano replacement part.
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Questions & Answers (5)
Would you please let me know if this will work the RD-M510 Deore derailleur?
09 Nov 2018
Thanks and kind regards,
No, you need - SJS Cycles part number : 47330 for the upper guide pulley, but the lower tension pulley is no longer available.

Thanks - 12/11/18
will these work with a 9sp sora rear mech?
14 Jun 2018
No, you will need SJS Cycles part number : 34586

Will These Fit Rd-5600 Rear Mech?
09 May 2017

These jockey wheels should be fine for use with your RD-5600 derailleur.

Compatibility With Rd-M531 Rear Mech
23 Feb 2017
I have seen on other sites that the RD-5700 jockey wheels will fit a RD-M531 rear mech, is this true, and if not do you sell one that will


These jockey wheels are the same size and fitting so should be fine for use with your RD-M531 derailleur.

Compatibility With Rd-2400
19 Jan 2017
Hi, this item is listed on Shimano's docs as part of the RD-4600. And the jockey wheels from an RD-3500 are listed as a 'B' match for the 4600. Would it work the other way round - ie would this item be okay in an RD-3500? (Actually for an 8 speed RD-2400 but 3500 is listed as the same pulleys. I don't dare buy the RD-2300 wheels as I think the tension pulley is too big for the cage.) Thanks!

It does work the other way as well so you would be fine to fit these to your RD-2400 derailleur.