Joseph Kuosac Handlebar for Bromptons - Mid Rise - 25.4mm Clamp - 600 mm - Black

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Designed to raise or lower the front end to suit the rider.

- 25.4mm Clamp
- Ergonomic handlebar with curve in design
- 600mm Wide
- 71.5mm Rise
- Weight 252g
- Standard 130mm handlebar grips compatible - Brompton bars use 120mm

When fitted to an S type stem the height position is the slightly above an M type. – Use H type cables.

When fitted to an M/H type stem the height is lowered by 30mm. – Use original cables.

If fitting to a Brompton that does NOT have a rear rack / larger easy wheels, you will most likely need to trim these down a little so they do not hit the floor when folding.
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Product Reviews (9)
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Product Reviews (9)
Overall Product Rating 5 / 5
Great quality
By Simon
20 Oct 2023
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Excellent fit and finish
Fantastic product and fantastic service
By Nick
06 Oct 2023
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsAbsolutely nothing
ProsSize, shape, finish and price
The final (maybe) mod to my A Line....maybe I should have bought a C Line? Perfect addition adding a better position and better handling - I'm a mountain biker at heart. No cutting down of the bars required when fitted to the A Line (which has the lowest stem length I believe), bike folds with plenty of clearance with the ground. Great service from SJS, quick delivery and very well packaged.
Great product and service
By IanB
07 Sep 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsWider bar means more room for lights etc.
Joseph Kousac mid riser bars fitted straight on to my Brompton H6R with no issues and no need to alter any cables. I trimmed them down half an inch each side still leaving them wider than the original bars and they definitely suit me better. Recommended.
Perfect fit
By Chrissie
26 Aug 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsEasy to fit, no need to make any tweaks
Fitted to my 2013 H3L as I wanted wider, shallower handlebars. Really happy with how it looks and feels, and it was easy to do.

As others have said - no need to cut the bars or tweak cables. Ergons fit fine too - they don't touch the floor when folded.
Brompton upgrade
By Ian
20 Jul 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsWider better look and handling.
I have a Brompton H6L and wanted some wider handlebars so after some research I decided to go for these.
Fitted easily without need to alter cables or reduce length of handlebars, didn’t affect fold at all.
Now I have lower wider handlebars with a more pleasing look and better handling.
Couldn’t be more pleased.
Excellent Brompton upgrade
By Scott Kavanagh
06 May 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsEasy to fit. Cost effective. Fold unaffected
Excellent quality upgrade for Brompton. Cost effective easy to fit. Looks great, much better than the standard bars and avoids changing cables. Fold un affected
super nice 'different design' part and quality
By Björn
28 May 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Consfitting needs some time if changing from standard
Prosquality part, black design and more comfort
very light, slightly larger handlebar than standard for more comfort but M6 bike still folds very neat
Good handlebars and value
By Mark Mitchenall
09 Apr 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsUseful markings to aid trimming to size
Bought these to replace the M bars on my 2018 Brompton, as they'd been through a lot, and wanted something a touch lower rising. Went for these instead of the carbon as wanted to try Ergon GP4 grips. Probably have trimmed a little over 25mm off each end, made easy with the markings, and hasn't significantly affected fold. With the addition of the grips, very comfortable for long rides, and more than stiff enough.
Easy fitting
By Gareth
11 Nov 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNot much at the price!
ProsEasy to fit.
Got these to replace P type bars. With the 600 rise it's in-between the upper P position (which I found too upright) and the lower P position (where you can't reach the brakes from). My worry was that I'd need to start trying to trim the cables but with the rise and wider lever placement on the bar the cables aren't too long. They do hang a bit lower, but that doesn't seem to be an issue and folding is no problem. Sturdier that the P type, and the wider position makes the ride bit less twitchy. Recommend them if you're looking to change a P type.
Questions & Answers (13)
do these handlebars take the normal 22.2mm grips?
02 Jul 2022
Yes they take 22.2mm brakes, shifters and grips.

JK 04.07.22
Will I need to cut the handlebar down if I'm going from a S to this?
19 May 2021
I am looking to upgrade my 6 speed S to this:

I understand I need 4 parts for the H gear / brake cabling, but will the fold be impacted?
These will fit no problem, you only need to trim down if you DO NOT have larger easy wheels / a rear rack!

Thanks - 21/05/21 RH
Can I use this with 2013 M-type?
10 Apr 2021
1. Will it fold properly?
2. How much lower will the the bars be? (I want a lower ride)
3. Do I need to change anything else?
4. If yes, which components and part numbers?

Yes, these will allow folding, it will be about 60mm lower.

The cables will be a touch baggy but should be okay if you are aware of this.

Thanks - 13/04/21
Can I fit these to a 2020 H2R without changing cables?
21 Sep 2020
Black Edition H2R, brand new from the shop (I suppose it could be an old stock 2019 but doubt it). I know they’re wider than stock and can be cut down, but does the handlebar height drop by about 30mm? If I want an even lower handlebar can you suggest a part number?
These fit on and you do not need to trim the cables at all. Even if you cut the bars a bit, the extra width takes up any slack.

Install on 2019 M3L need to cut? And luggage option
11 Apr 2020
Will the bar need to be cut down for the fso that it will roll properly after folding? And does this limit luggage choice for the front? Many thanks!
If you have a rack / larger easy wheels then they are fine, otherwise you need to trim a little.

No impact on luggage.

Thanks - 13/04/20
Can I use this on a M stem?
08 Mar 2020
Will I achieve the S handlebar height if I use this mid riser bar on a M stem? Or will it go lower than the standard S handlebar height?
This will achieve M type -30mm, there is 90mm difference between M and S types - plus the S type has a larger reach.

Thanks - 09/03/20
Hi, can you tell me the length of the straight grip section of these bars please.
22 Aug 2019
The room for grips / levers etc is 190mm.

Thanks - 23/08/19
Is this stiffer than current (shallow) official M bar?
12 Feb 2019
I have said official (shallow) M bar on an old Brompton pre2000MStem but it is still a bit flexy Is this one much stiffer
Hard to tell the amount of play with new ones, though by being slightly shorter they do tend to be slightly stiffer.
many thanks
Can you get these or another mid rise with no sweep or bend? Don’t want the wider fold. Ta
07 Feb 2019
I have a rohloff Brompton so already wider than usual.
These have the same angles as a Brompton M type bar, just less rise and wider grip area!

Thanks - 08/02/19
Hi, Putting this handlebar on a M 2017 stem will I need to trim the cables? Thanks! Cheers
17 Dec 2018
Unless you leave the bars uncut at 600mm, and run the brake levers and shifters wider than stock, it is advisable to trim the cables.

Thanks - 17/12/18
Mid riser on M 2018 stem
29 Jun 2018
Putting this handlebar on a M 2018 stem will I need to trim the cables?
Yes you will need to shorten the cables unless you widen the position of the brake levers.

What would a JK Midrise give me on a H6L 2018 stem?
25 May 2018
What ride height equivalent will it give me to the S or M models. Do I need to adjust cables. Will this fold OK. I want to achieve a more sporty position and look. Many thanks
Hi there,

These bars will drop the front end by roughly 30mm. An M type is roughly 60mm lower.

Yes you will need to custom cut the cables or they will be too long.

would this product be compatible with a 2010 'P' -type post?
03 Apr 2018
Hi there,

This handlebar on a P type stem would leave you roughly 5mm lower than the current M type.