Cane Creek Bearing for 40 Series Headsets

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Outer Diameter
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Dependable sealed bearing

Cane Creek bearings are cross-compatible throughout current and legacy product families.

Available in the following outer diameters;
- 38 mm (1 Inch) - Per Pair
- 41 mm (1 1/8 Inch) - Per Pair
- 41.8 mm (1 1/8 Inch Italian) - Per Pair
- 47 mm (1 1/4 Inch) - Each
- 49 mm (1 3/8 Inch) - Each
- 52 mm (1 1/2 Inch) - Each - 6.5mm thick, chamfered outer edge

Please Note: These headset are sold as pairs or each, dependant on size. Please refer to the listings above to see how this varies.
Product Reviews (2)
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Product Reviews (2)
Overall Product Rating 4.5 / 5
Did the job
By Stuart Fermor
15 Oct 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
SJS not only supplied the right bearings they advised me on which I should buy - headsets are a bit of a minefield so I was glad of their assistance!
Very good
By Colin
29 Mar 2020
4 / 5
I recommend this product
Bought to service the headset on my daughter's Santa Cruz 5010 alloy, perfect fit.
Questions & Answers (21)
I lost one of the bearing catridges for my Cane Creek headset -replacement size?
09 Sep 2021
The headset was the Cane Creek Forty EC34. The bearing cartridge I have is labeled 41mm, however I don’t know what size replacement cartridge I should buy (are the top/bottom the same size or different sizes?). It is for a Surly Troll . Thanks!!
Sadly we cannot say- your best option is to speak to the manufacture and enquire as to the exact size cups they used for top and bottom.

JK 09.09.21
Which bearings for my Cane Creek Forty headset
18 Mar 2021
Hi. I have a Cane Creek Forty 49mm for tapered steerer headset.
Upper: ZS49/28.6
Lower: EC49/40
Can you advise which bearings to order.
Thank you, Alan
On the bearings it should state which diameter and angle they are, failing that you can manually measure them / a local bike should can advise.

Hi I need these bearings
30 Dec 2020
Fork 1 1/8
Hi, we recommend using the FSA and Cane creek website to find the specific bearing you are after, from the information provided this does not link me to a product we stock to suit.

Thanks, 30.12.20
Will this be OK replacement
01 Oct 2019
My old bearing is shot,,, it has aaa00041k printed on old bearing, and is 52mm, will this be an OK replacement,
We could not confirm on those details, is the headset a Cane Creek? what are the shoulder angles?

Thanks - 01/10/19
what bearings for FSA ACB ZS-4D?
20 Jan 2019
i have a bmc with FSA ACB ZS-4D 44mm headset (bike not with me now so can't open to check).
internet says need a pair of FSA TH-800 bearings. 41.7/30.2 36x45.
not sure what to order......41mm or 41.8mm? (assume 41.8 but not sure!)
Hi there,

We would assume 41.8mm but could not recommend! The best option is simply pop onto the headset and it will be etched onto the bearings / measure them.

Thanks - 21/01/19
this bearing are 36º x 45º x 38 mm valid
09 Nov 2018
Yes this is correct.

Thanks - 12/11/18
Which size Bearings? Top and bottom
04 Oct 2018
Which size Bearings (Both top and bottom) would I need for a headset with these specs: Cane Creek 40.ZS49/10.EC49 Tapered Steerer?
If you pop the bearings out, it will be laser etched on the side.

Thanks - 08/01/18
Which bearings would I require for my cane creek 40 headset on my yeti arc hardtail
26 Aug 2018
Hi there,

As we do not stock that bike we would have no idea im afraid.

Spare bearings for Cane Creek 40 headset on Surly Troll?
06 May 2018
I am setting out on a 12-month cycle across Asia on a Surly Troll with a Cane Creek 40 headset (EC34/28.6 upper, EC34/30 lower). Are you able to tell me which spare bearings I need to take with me - it's not easy to figure out which diameter I need!
Hi there,

You simply need to open the headset and the bearings have the sizes laser etched onto them.

What bearings do I need for my Cane Creek ZS49/28.6|EC49/40 (Hope 4F)
30 Apr 2018
It’s on an orange 5
ZS49/28.6|EC49/40 (Hope 4F)
Hi there,

You can use SJS Cycles part number : 45699 and SJS Cycles part number : 45676

Which Headset replacement bearings for a ZS44/28.6 EC49/40 Cane Creek 40 series headset.
14 Apr 2018
Which Headset replacement bearings for a ZS44/28.6 EC49/40 Cane Creek 40 series headset.

Thank you for your enquiry. You will need the 41mm option for the top cup & the 52mm option for the bottom cup, the 41mm bearings are only available as a pair whilst the 52mm bearing is sold as an individual item.

Kind Regards
Replacing 1 inch standard Cane Creek S8 bearings
27 Oct 2017
Replacing 1 inch standard Cane Creek S8 non-integrated on 631 steel frame: Bearings are identical top / bottom, but writing worn off(!) Can you suggest if this item likely the right one for me? Thanks in anticipation.

As far as we're aware Cane Creek have always used the same angles on their bearings so the 38mm option should be the correct ones for your 1" headset.

Can you tell me the internal diameter of the 38mm bearing? Thanks
11 Oct 2017

The internal diameter is approximately 27mm.

I need replacement bearing for my Cane Creek IS-8i Carbon headset (circa 2010)
31 Jul 2017
Can you advise me which bearings you stock are suitable for this headset. The fork steerer is a straight 1 1/8". The Cane Creek site says the dimensions of the bearings is top I/S 41x 3.2 H and bottom 41 x 7.0 H
Hi, we don't have access to a IS-8i headset so can't confirm which bearings are suitable. If you dismantle the headset the bearings should have identification numbers on them which should help in the search for replacements. Thanks.
Do The 41.8Mm Italian Have 45/45 Bearing To Fit A Cane Creek Is24 Off A 2010 Cannondale Caad9?
03 Jun 2017

These are replacements for the 40 series headsets that use 45/36 degree angles so unfortunately would not be suitable for your bike.

Specialized Bottom Headset Bearing
04 Jan 2017
I need to replace my bearings on my Specialized Tarmac, and this seems to be the only place I can purchase a 1-3/8 bearing. My current on reads on the side TH industries 1-3/8 45 x 45. Are you able to confirm if this is the correct replacement?

Cane Creek bearings use are usually 36 x 45 so it is unlikely that they will fit your frame I'm afraid. We don't have anything else that matches your dimensions I'm afraid.

Can You Confirm That The Following Bearings Are Suitable For Replacement As Follows
03 Jan 2017
I have a 1 1/8" x 1.5" mixed tapered

S.H.I.S ZS44/28.6 EC49/40

Replacement bearings required?

Upper - Cane Creek 40 series 41mm bearing
Lower - Cane Creek 40 series 52mm bearing

You are correct, those are suitable replacement bearings for your headset.

Kinesis Kr-810 Headset
15 Oct 2016
The bearings from my headset have the following markings,
30.15x41x6.5 36/45
Would this bearing be suitable?

The dimensions of the 41mm option match the details of your current bearing so they should work as a suitable replacement.

Headset Tarmac Sl4 2012
16 Feb 2015

I am after the bearings for a Specialized Tarmac SL4

I've obtained the frame and forks separately without bearings, so have no bearings to measure. The above site says

"Campystyle 1 1/8" to 1 3/8" headset with sealed, CrMo bearings ensures precision, low maintenance, and lighter weight with 20mm of carbon spacers"

Will the 1 1/8 and 1 3/8 bearings you sell on
fit this frame and forks ?

In all honesty as we are not a Specialized dealer and do not sell these bikes I can not say for definite. If you frame does have a fully integrated headset where it is only the bearings that need to be pressed in then providing these are the correct size they should fit. I would recommend checking the dimensions of your frame first to make sure that the outer diameter of the bearings match up with your frame.

Correct Bearing For Cane Creek 40 Series Zs44
08 Aug 2014
The lower bearing on my Cane Creek 40.ZS44 needs replacing. I have a tapered headtube. How do I measure the exisiting bearing so that I can select the correct replacement?

To choose the correct option, you just need to measure the outside diameter of your current bearing and choose the correct option from the list.

Cane Creek Bearings
21 Dec 2013
I require a lower head set bearing for my bike the bearing has no number but I believe it is cane creek the dimensions are 47mm outer 34 mm inner and 7mm deep. You have in stock a 1 1/4. Bearing (47mm) will this be suitable?

Yes these bearing should be suitable as all of the dimensions you have specified match up with this one.