Shimano Nexus SG-8R31 Right Hand Cone w/Seal - Y37J98080

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For use with Shimano Nexus SG-8R31 internal hub gears.

This Right Hand Cone can also be used on the following internal hub gears:

- Shimano Alfine SG-S7001-8
- Shimano Alfine SG-S7000-8
- Shimano Alfine SG-S501
- Shimano Alfine SG-S500
- Shimano Nexus SG-C6011-8R/8V
- Shimano Nexus SG-C6010-8R/8V
- Shimano Nexus SG-C6001-8C
- Shimano Nexus SG-C6001-8CD
- Shimano Nexus SG-C6001-8D
- Shimano Nexus SG-C6001-8R/8V
- Shimano Nexus SG-C6000-8C
- Shimano Nexus SG-C6000-8CD
- Shimano Nexus SG-C6000-8D
- Shimano Nexus SG-C6000-8R/8V
- Shimano Nexus SG-8C31
- Shimano Nexus SG-8C22
- Shimano Nexus SG-8C20
- Shimano Nexus SG-8R36
- Shimano Nexus SG-8R35
- Shimano Nexus SG-8R30
- Shimano Nexus SG-8R27
- Shimano Nexus SG-8R25
- Shimano Nexus SG-8R22
- Shimano Nexus SG-8R20

These are an "A" match which indicates that the parts are the same in materials, appearance, finish & size etc.

Genuine Shimano replacement part.
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Y37J98080 - will this work on the Shimano Alfine Di2 SG S7051-8 SP hub
14 May 2021
i have a Shimano Alfine Di2 SG S7051-8 SP hub and would like to use the manual shifter instead of the electronic shifter. Wondering if this is possible and what parts I need. I already have a manual cassette (Y7ZR98010) for the S7001-8 hub on my bike.
You cannot UN Di2 a Di2 hub- nor can you make a non Di2 hub have Di2 functions.

Thanks, 14.05.21

JK 14.05.21
Looking for Part
30 Aug 2018
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am desperately looking for my Shimano Nexus 8 Model SG 8R31 part which is the Carrier unit model Y-36v98030. I really hope u can help me, i really need this. Please. If u have, please tell me the price including the postage to Malaysia. Thank you for your time to read my message
Hi, I am sorry to tell you we can not get part Y-36V98030 from the UK Shimano importer.