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Sturmey Archer 3 Speed NIG Internal - HSX120

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Hub Sa X Rd5 (W)
17 Oct 2015

I have a Babboe cargo bike. The hub is not working anymore (well, gears 2&3 only).
I think my options are 1) replacing the whole mechamism (aprt HSX 152 I think) or try to fix the mechanism.
Can you help? Do you have the part? Can I send the mechanism to you? Either way, what would be the cost?


The HSX152 is no longer a current part and has been replaced with the HSX158 which is SJSC part 38295. Fixing the internals is a possible option as all of the parts are available individually. This is not something we normally undertake, if the hub was purchased from us and it is still under warranty then we can accept it back and send it on to Sturmey Archer's UK distributor for repair. If it did not come from us then you'll need to take it to a shop that can undertake hub gear repairs.