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- All new cassette 3 speed hub
- 3 Speed internal gear hub without brake (freewheel)
- Classic 3 speed gear ratio of 177%
- Compatible with 8 and 9 speed cassettes
- Compatible with standard MTB / ATB left hand shifters for front triple chainwheel

- Speed: 3 x 8/9 Speed
- Type - Freewheel
- Hub Shell Material: 6061 Aluminium
- Axle Diameter: 13/32" Slotted
- Axle Length: 179 mm
- Over Locknut Dimension: 135 mm
- Right Axle Protrusion Length: 22 mm
- Left Axle Protrusion Length: 22 mm
- Spoke Holes: 36
- Pitch Circle Diameter: 67 mm
- Center to Flange Right: 21.4 mm
- Center to Flange Left: 35.4 mm
- Flange Width: 53 mm
- Spoke Compatibility: 13g or 14g
- Cassette Sprocket Type: 8/9 speed
- Max Sprocket: 34T
- Min Sprocket: 11T
- Chain Line: 45 mm
- Indicator Chain: HSA716 Mark 8
- Weight: 1090g
- Overall Range: 177%
- Gear 1: 75% (-)25%
- Gear 2: 100% Direct Drive (Gear 1 + 33%)
- Gear 3: 133% (+)33% (Gear 2 + 33%)
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Questions & Answers (6)
Which Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Barend Shifter Do You Recommend
11 May 2016
SJS Customer Service:

There is only one 3spd bar end shifter that is compatible with this hub, these are SJSC part number 24436.

Is The Sturmey 3 Speed Barend Shifter Compatible With This Hub
08 May 2016
SJS Customer Service:

The Sturmey Archer 3spd bar end shifter is indeed compatible with this hub.

It Is Listed As 8&9 Speed, Would A 10 Speed Cassette Work?
28 Mar 2016
SJS Customer Service:

8, 9 and 10spd cassettes all fit to the same size freehub body so you could easily fit a 10spd cassette to this hub if you wanted to.

Is It Possible To Have This Hub Threaded For A Karasawa Drag Brake
22 Mar 2016
Can this hub (left side of course) be threaded by SJS Cycles to accomodate your Karasawa screw on drag brake?


SJS Customer Service:

We are not able to thread any hubs in this way I'm afraid and with this hub there would not be enough space to get enough threads either.

Hello Can You Get Hold Of The Black Version Of This Hub?
06 Nov 2014
SJS Customer Service:

We're not able to get hold of this exact model in black, but we do have the disc brake version (RK3) available in black in either 32 or 36 hole options. You don't require a disc brake to use it though, you can build it up into a normal rim and use it with rim brakes if you wish.

Gear Shifter For Sturmey Archer Rf3 3Spd Cassette Hub
03 Aug 2014
Hi, I have aTrice Classic recumbent trike, which originally had a Sram Dual Drive 9x3 hub + derailleur gears fitted, but the hub gears broke irreparabl some time ago, so have been running it with ordinary derailleur gears & a cassette hub.
I'm very interested in the Sturmey Archer Rf3 3Spd Cassette Hub 36H, but would also need a gear shifter for the hub gears. A twistgrip shifter would probably not fit, but a lever type shifter would be suitable. What shifters do you have, & how much?

Many thanks!
SJS Customer Service:

This hub despite being a hub gear actually uses a standard MTB style 3spd shifter, so any normal shifter used for the front derailleur on a conventional geared system will be compatible. So this means any shifter by Shimano or Sram will work fine.