Madison Universal Light Mounting Kit for Madison Pannier Racks

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Universal light fitting that can clamp to rack tubing up to 10mm in diameter.
Can take seatpost/ strap on style lights or Cateye style lights that fit to two holes 20mm apart vertically.

Diameter: 25mm
Length: 48mm of usuable space
Product Reviews (5)
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Product Reviews (5)
Overall Product Rating 3.8 / 5
Does the job for me
By Alwyn
17 May 2022
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNone for my application
ProsNeat, does the job
Despite other review to the contary I did not have any problem mounting this unit and tightening the clamp sufficiently. Yes if you get heavy handed it will snap for sure and yes if you give it a brisk knock from the side it will rotate out of line. However I found the clamping force perfectly adequate for normal use both on and off road with the associated vibration not moving the unit.
Mine is fitted to the Carradice saddle bag support to allow me to add a Knog rear light and does this job well
Good solution
By Dan
14 Jun 2018
4 / 5
I recommend this product
I needed a way to fix a seatpost-mounted light to a rear rack and this does the job. Just screw on to one of the rear struts (or the rack itself) and you have a roughly seatpost-sized bar to wrap your light too. It is made of plastic but I was able to fix it securely without feeling as if I was risking somehow snapping the plastic. Very happy.
Useful but could be improved
By Simon
29 Nov 2017
3 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsLet down by design details and that is precisely where the Devil hides - in the details
ProsClever idea which allows many mounting options
This was the second mount I bought which allows me to mount lights on the rear rack without interference from saddle bags, etc. The angle of the mount can be adjusted and it allow the use of the common rubber band type attachments Though it will adapt to different diameter tubes a rubber pad on the "jaw" would improve grip and make it harder to knock the mount out of line
This has worked very well for my Exposure Flare rear light on a Tubus rack However, the plastic cap is potentially fragile and should not be over tightened (why not metal ) and an overlapping flange on the cap would provide additional protection against the light slipping off
By Anonymous
18 Nov 2016
2 / 5
ConsVery poor design & build of vertical bracket
ProsCosmetic finish
Does a job but really the only difference between using this and a piece of drilled copper pipe is the cosmetic finish. The grip on the vertical mounting bracket is far too weak for purpose, and can be easily knocked off-vertical. Tightening the hex nuts to prevent this simply split the plastic end-cap - very poor. If the end-cap had been metal it might have worked.
Really Useful Accessory For A Rack
By Colin
14 Nov 2012
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsAccessory that does just what you want
I have a Madison rack, and this fits at the back, using the two screw holes on the flat surface of the rack to create a post to mount a light unit. But it can also be used as an upright post by clamping it over any bar of a rack, and thus add an additional point for a rear light. My rear light uses its standard fitting to wrap around this upright mount so the light was really easy to fit. Great addition, I can now mount two rears for dark days, and this is a secure fitting. SJS staff explained its use to me on the phone very well, and I'm very pleased with my purchase. I didn't know any other way of fitting my lamp onto the rack.
Questions & Answers (7)
Can I use this with a Blackburn EX-1 rack?
11 Nov 2017
I have a Blackburn EX-1 rack -
on which there are two horizontal rails welded together at the top/back of the rack. Will this bracket work with this rack, e.g. could I mount it on one of the 'stay' rails so that the cylinder is horizontal, or do lamps need to be in the other orientation?

Assuming that the rack tubing diameter is less than 10mm then you could mount this wherever you like. Whether or not the orientation is suitable will completely depend upon what lights you're panning on using.

Would This Fit A Carradice Bagman Rack?
19 Apr 2017
Bit confused about how this product works... Could I mount this item vertically on a Bagman rack so that I can attach a seatpost-fitting light? Thanks.

As long as the tubing has a diameter of up to 10mm, it should be mountable with your rack, although we have not tested this so we cannot say for definite.

Mounting A B&M Dynamo Light
08 Nov 2016
My new bike came fitted with an M:Part AX4 rack which is missing mounting holes for lights. I'm going to add a hub dynamo and lighting in the near future, so could I use one of these to mount a B&M rear light (one of the Toplight models probably)? The alternative may be mounting a rear on the mudguards (M:Part Primoplastic), but there's no mount point that I can see on those, so it would involve getting the drill out, which I'm not sure is a good idea! Any suggestions welcome!

Both this Madison universal light mount and the mudguards would be a suitable way of mounting a light, but unfortunately neither would work with a B&M Toplight as they usually only come with direct rack mounting. For the mudguard you would need to go for a mudguard specific light and be prepared to drill the mounting holes and for the light bracket you could either use a seatpost mounting light on this bracket or a cat eye light with its two vertical fixing bolts.

Topeak Mtx Rack With Lezyne Seat Post Rear Light
10 Feb 2016
I am looking for a way to attach my Lezyne rear light to my Topeak MTX rack. Unfortunately the light is designed to attach to a seat post only, but this is obscured when my bag is fitted to the rack. There is a mountain bracket on the rack, but is is not designed for my light. Would this product do the trick? In other words could it be fitted in such a way that it is the same angle as a seat post so that I can wrap my light around it, but still get my bag off the rack easily?

This Madison light bracket should be the solution you are looking for, but we can't say for definite as we have never tested it with the MTX rear rack.

Would With Work With A Tubus Airy For Exposure Blaze?
28 Jun 2015
Do you think I would be able to use this to fit onto a Tubus Airy to be able to fit my Exposure Blaze rear light?

As the Tubus Airy has 10mm tubing and this light rack adapter can be fitted to tubing up to 10mm in diameter it should be able to fit to the Airy rack fine. The mount looks suitable for your Exposure light also but we have never tried to fit one of those lights to one of these mounts so I can't know for sure I'm afraid.

Would This Fit A Tubus Tara Lowrider Rack?
02 Jul 2014
Dimensions of the fittings would be useful.

Thanks in advance, Paul.

I'm afraid it won't fit your front low-loaders as the diameter of tubing is too large. These light mounts are designed to clamp to tubing up to 10mm in diameter.

How And Where Best To Fit The Light Mount
01 Jun 2014
I am not able to work out how best to attach this mount to my Madison Trail rack. Where it should be fitted on the rack or how to attach it. I would be grateful for any advice. Thank you.

To attach this mount, you remove the end plate and use that and the supplied bolts to clamp it to one of the tubes on your rack. This can be done in any direction or position providing you can get it too clamp. The mount then provides a surface to mount lights too.