Supernova E3 Pro 2 Dynamo Front Light

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The E3 Pro 2 is the improved successor of the model of Supernova's front dynamo lighting range. It is their most popular light by far. This lamp is used as daytime light in the heat of California, has withstood British weather conditions all year round and each winter has to endure the salt on German roads. The E3 Pro 2 is already being used by bike riders touring the most remote regions of the globe as it reliably lights the way of commuters on their daily way to work. Its extremely bright light provides great safety in traffic and is great for illuminating potholes and road detritus. The new side illumination greatly increases the safety in traffic and the brightly glowing Supernova logo is a real highlight.

- Typical flicker from a hub dynamo has been almost eliminated
- Very fast charging and active support from the condensor / capacitor ensures active support for the light at very low speeds and a bright stand light for five minutes
- The E3 Pro can have its LED emitter upgraded by Supernova service centre to the latest compatible lens for a small fee at any time
- Body made from 6061 aluminium
- Compact control push button switch is easy to use
- The unique colling fins on the body of the light ensure key cooling of the LED emitter thus ensuring optimal efficiency and full brightness even at low speeds

- Max Brightness: 205 Lumens
- 5 Minute stand light
- Lens Type: Terralux 2
- Illumination: Power LED
- Size: 69 mm Length x 40 mm Diameter
- Material: 6061 Aluminium Housing
- Weight: 110g (without bracket)
- Bracket: Multi-Mount Bracket
- 5 Year Warranty
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Product Reviews (2)
Overall Product Rating 4.5 / 5
Superb lamp (Grey no rear wire)
By Greg Collins
04 Apr 2018
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsMounting it was a faff on my frame and fork
ProsBright, good beam pattern, lightweight
Brilliant bit of kit which I'm using in combination with a SON hub dyno. Found it impossible to mount using any of the Supernova mounts. They just would not clear my headset (Genesis Equilibrium 853 f&f with Hope headset) and brakes so I used
Easy To Fit With Good Light Output
By Garry Bayford
15 Nov 2016
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNothing so far.
ProsLight output
This replaced a basic light that came with the bike and the light output is much more impressive. The stopped glow is ok but a little weak. It was very easy to fit with clear instructions. The bracket could do with being a bit longer as it was difficult to get clearance for the front v brake.
Questions & Answers (14)
What does the push button do?
26 Jan 2020
Is it an on/off switch? or make it flash?
Thank you for your enquiry, the button on this light is an on/off switch, there is no flashing option.
Kind Regards. 27/01/20
Dynamo Compatibility?
07 Nov 2019

Does the Supernova range (including rear lighting) work with bottle dynamos or just hub dynamos?

Many thanks.
yes, works with bottle
hub dynamo compatability
16 Feb 2019
Hi, can I just check what spec hub dynamo is required? I have a shimano nexus 6v3w (model DH-C3000-3N) will that work? Do I need a separate voltage regulator/surge protector (and if so which one)? Also can you confirm that this front light has the cable outlet for rear light as well?

This light is compatible with your hub, as long as you have the connector cap that is supplied with the hub to connect the light to the hub then no further items are required. The light is supplied with a small length of rear cable for which you will also need to purchase our item number 21402, which are the connectors to enable you to wire a rear light cable.

Regards 20/02/19
Supernova dynamo front/rear
21 Oct 2018
I hear there are 2 versions of the E3 pro2. Is this the one with the rear cable to enable the rear light to piggy back? I would like to buy the front/rear set.
These have a rear light cable, we currently have none of the no rear light cable lights.

Thanks - 22/10/18
Tail light - no cable loop
01 Sep 2018
I have one without the tail light loop. Whilst there's no cable for the rear light there is agile where it would have , I assume, come out with a rubber bung. Can supernova retro fit a rear light loop or is that not possible?
If you have the no rear light version, you cannot retrofit a rear light cable.

standing light question
31 May 2018
Can the 5 minute standing light be turned off immediately using the on / off switch. For example when on a train platform bike lights aren't really welcome.

Hi there,

Yes turning it off will turn the light off regardless of stand light.

Running This And The Plug 3
29 Jun 2017
If I run this light with the rear light and a Plug 3 usb charger. When I switch the light off will all the power from the hub go to the plug instead? Forgive me if this is a silly question, I'm notes technically minded!

Depending on the hub you're running they both should actually operate at the same time. If you switch off the light all of the available power will go to the Plug meaning that it will start charging at a slower speed, this will also happen in the opposite way with giver more power to the lights. There is no on/off switch for the plug but if there is not anything plugged into then it will not be drawing any power.

Does This Come With A Handlebar Mount Option?
26 Apr 2017

The lights are only supplied with a fork crown mounting bracket but a handlebar bracket is available separately. We stock these and they are SJSC part number 42488.

Supernova E3 Pro 2 Query
25 Apr 2017
Might be a silly question, but does the 'no rear wire' version of this simply have a hole where the rear wire would go (and therefore be suseptable to water getting in), or is it a different model that simply doesn't have the rear wire? I don't need the rear light, so have no need for the cable, but equally I don't want any issues! The difference in cost between the standard and 'no rear wire' version seems quite big, which is great though!!

The no rear cable version of the light uses a different body, so it is still completely sealed. We ordered these in a large quantity at a better price because they are unusual compared to the standard model, hence why we're able to offer them at a better price.

Colour Of No-Wire Version Grey Or Silver?
23 Feb 2017
Hi, the image of the no-rear-wire version on your site looks more like the silver than grey. Could you confirm that it's definitely the grey, the same as the with-wire version, and not silver? thanks.

The no rear wire version of the light is definitely grey the same as the version with the rear wire.

Igaro D1 Compatability
30 Jan 2017

Does this have an on/off switch? It will be compatabile with the Igaro D1 I presume?

Many thanks

This does indeed have an on/off switch. Both the light and the Igaro will take power directly from the hub so providing your hub can handle running both then they will be fine working together.

Supernova E3 And Plug 3 Usb
15 Jan 2017
How do these work with usb plug 3. Do you have to wire some sort of switch to swap dynamo power between plug and e3 light. Or can the light be powered from the usb from the plug 3

Both the light and the Plug will wire directly into the dynamo and share the power from the hub.

Supernova E3
21 Nov 2016
You state in reply to a question on 02 November 2016 that this light can be used with a rear light but the version that is almost £100 cheaper (SJS part 39776) cannot. Is this is just a case of not being able to switch the rear light off, as the rear light can be directly wired to the dynamo. Voltage control, if required will be via the separate control unit supplied with the dynamo. I assume the more economically priced light is the same light unit as the more expensive one.
I really need to get a light purchased so would appreciate a promt reply.
John Moss

Rear dynamo lights have to piggy back off of a front dynamo light, they cannot be directly wired into the dynamo. The light without the rear cable is identical to the other lights minus the rear cable, the only other reason for the reduced price is we ordered these as a batch so paid a better price meaning we're able to offer a better price.

Mounting On A Recumbent
20 Sep 2016
Is there any way to mount this on the front derailleur post of a recumbent bike? Unlike a handlebar the post is more vertical than horizontal. Edelux have a mounting that works with their light, but can something similar be done with this?

Also concerning rear wire - presumably connection for a rear light can be run in parallel off the hub itself? But the rear would need to include its own standlight capacitor?


Depending on the size of the derailleur post you should be able to use a handlebar bracket like the one metal produced by Schmidt as this is still compatible with the Supernova lights and the fittings can be rotated to suit an upright fixture. Rear lights need to piggy back off of front lights, they are not designed to handle the full output from a dynamo hub directly.