Busch & Muller Secula LineTec Rear Dynamo Light - Mudguard Fitting

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Recently added to the range the Secula is a compact rear light designed to fit onto the mudguard. It has a standlight. It has a prism system which creates a light crown powered by a single high powered LED which is very distinctive due to its 'spatial' shape. This allows other road users better capacity to estimate the distance to the bicycle. The circumferential elegant transparent glass shines bright red when operating.

LineTec is a very clever concept developed by B&M. Before LineTec cars approaching a bicycle from behind could only see a single rear light spot without being able to judge the distance very accurately. To judge distance the human eye requires spacial relation - especially in 'spaceless' darkness. B&Ms lights with the LineTec light strip emit 'spatial' light. With LineTec other road users can estimate the distance to a cyclist much more accurately.

- Single high powered LED
- Exceptionally bright LineTec light crown
- Standlight
- Centrally integrated rear reflector
- Compact casing
- 38 x 55mm
Product Reviews (3)
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Product Reviews (3)
Overall Product Rating 5 / 5
Very effective
By Edward
06 May 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsEffective, good quality.
Works really well, bright and the standlight feature lasts plenty long enough. Easy enough to fit.
Great Rear Light
By Dan
30 Mar 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNeeds fitting to mudguard and dynamo (not difficult)
ProsGood stand-light time, bright light.
Good bright rear light with an excellent stand-light time.

Easy enough to install by hand but does require a little confidence in routing cable and attaching to mudguard and front light. Comes with enough bits and a long enough cable to attache to my Sonn Edilux II front light.
Good Strong Rear Light
By Dave Rush
20 Sep 2016
5 / 5
I recommend this product
This rear light is bright and cleat and continues working for about 3 or 4 minutes after cycling
Questions & Answers (14)
Fixing instructions
02 Aug 2023
There are no fixing instruction supplied with this light. Do you have any guidance for how this attaches and what connections are used where please?
Hello & thank you for your enquiry.
This rear dynamo light has a single mudguard fixing provided together with 2 spade end connectors with cable.
Kind regards, pc 3/8/23.
Is this compatible with the Son Edelux II Hight power LED Headlight?
28 Feb 2023
I am about to purchase the SON Edelux II High Power LED Headlight w/ Coaxial Junction Box - Black Anodized - 60 cm. Can I connect this rear light to the front light? How long is the wire supplied with the rear light?
Yes the light will work with a Son Edelux 2, you will need a 6mm ring connector to connect it with the light (not supplied) The rear light is supplied with 2m of twin core cable. SK 28/02/23
Can I use this light with a B & M bottle dynamo?.
18 Jan 2023
I could not get my old one off the remains of a broken mudguard and I understand most people use hub dynamos now so would it still be compatable?
Thank you for your enquiry, yes you still will be able to use this with your bottle dynamo. You may at low speeds have some flickering but it should be fine.
Kind Regards. JP 19/01/23
What is the max capacity of this light please?
08 Nov 2020
1 light blown, another lasted 1 mile downhill,

Both B&M secula. Do you think my Dynamo could be faulty and throwing too much power out to the light to blow it?
Hello, these are designed to only take 0.6 W of power- and should be fed from the front light. If you are running rear lights directly from the hub this is most likely the cause of the problem.

JK 09.11.20
14 Sep 2020
Can I get new spade connectors and rubber covers as I've had to replace the mudguard that the light's mounted on and have damaged the original connectors
Im Afraid not, the spades are an integral part of the light and are not replaceable.
Light stays on when stopped
02 Nov 2019
I have this fixed to a front B&M IQ X dynamo light and when I turn off the front light the rear stays on until the power has depleted - is this correct ?
The rear has a standlight, so will stay on for a period of time after use even if you turn the front off yes.

Thanks - 04/11/19
Could this be mounted on a 50mm wide rack?
02 May 2019
This is only suitable for fitting to a rear mudguard.

Thanks - 07/05/19
Further to previous enquiry re 'bulb service'
06 Nov 2018
Hi, I've since discovered that the reason the bulb blew(?) light is no longer working is my ancient Schmit klassic needs a service, and I understand one of the symptoms of its need for a service is the current modulation circuitry fails..so mega speed downhill, all current going to rear light..too much man too much power. .. hence light circuitry failed...catastrophically.
Now replaced with cheaper rear light, (and new dynohub) new light ok, but defo not as long a standing rear light function. Not an issue as I'm a rural rider, but if an urban noctural rider, I'd be paying the extra for longer bright standing time to ensure visibility when stationary.
Is the LED a replaceable item ?
26 Aug 2018
This is fitted to a sonn dynamo
with a cheap front light unit.
It's done about 1000kms and it appears to have blown.
In transit the dynamo contacts got bent, but I've straightened them, so they're no longer touching and the front light works OK. ??
Hi there,

Without taking the light apart it is hard to tell and we cannot do that unfortunately. We do not have any replacement LED's here I'm afraid.

Is this light B&M Secula best used in conjunction with a flashing rear light?
27 Nov 2017

This light uses a single high powered LED, a steady light allows other road users better capacity to estimate the distance to the bicycle. A second flashing light is a nice addition to attempt to seek attention from other road users but it is a personal choice.

Can I Link This Rear Light With Another Dynamo Rear Light?
13 Mar 2016
More detail as I refer to the Busch & Muller Toplight Line Plus and son dynamo front hub powered from an edeluxe. The idea is to have two running from the rear, one off the rack (Busch & Muller Toplight Line Plus) and this one on the mudguard.


In theory this is possible (providing you're happy to splice the wires together) but as you'll be taking twice the power from the front light it won't be as bright. You'll still be able to achieve full brightness but it will require you to go a large amount faster than previously to achieve this.

Use With E3 Pro2?
28 Nov 2015
Hi. Would I be able to use this light with a Supernova E3 Pro2 front light?

I'm afraid this light would not work with your Supernova front light. Only Supernova rear lights can be used with Supernova front lights. Most dynamo lights use an AC current but the rear light output from Supernova front lights is DC and only Supernova's rear lights can be powered by a DC current.

What Voltage Does The Light Work Off
22 Jul 2015
Is the light compatible with the BOSH performance line system fitted to the Haibike Xduro Trekking RX

Dynamo rear lights are designed to all run off of very low output as they all piggy-back off of front lights. You cannot run the rear light directly from the power source as there will be too much power going to it and it will blow instantly.

Does This Rear Light Come With The Wiring?
08 Jul 2014

Yes, this rear light comes with wiring.