Busch & Muller Toplight LineTec Brake Plus Rear Dynamo Light

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Designed and built in Germany the Toplight LineTec Brake Plus is very small - 16mm thick, 90mm wide and 44mm high. It fits into many spaces that previous lights would not fit! It has good all round visibility and is very light weight. 50mm fitting for pannier rack mounting.

LineTec is a very clever concept developed by B&M. Before LineTec cars approaching a bicycle from behind could only see a single rear light spot without being able to judge the distance very accurately. To judge distance the human eye requires spacial relation - especially in 'spaceless' darkness. B&Ms lights with the LineTec light strip emit 'spatial' light. With LineTec other road users can estimate the distance to a cyclist much more accurately.

BrakeTec - How does it work for bicycles?

Motorised vehicles signal braking with bright shining red light to following traffic. This style of function is now available for bicycles. The new BrakeTec technology is integrated into rear B&M light. Unlike vehicles no connection is need to the brakes. Simply exchange your existing rear light for a BrakeTec rear light. This new function is approved by German road traffic regulations.

How does it work? Firstly your dynamo system needs to be operating. A processor inside the rear light analyses signals from the dynamo. If the velocity of the bicycle decreases significantly the processor registers deceleration and the rear light shines noticeably brighter.

- Patented lighting technology - Made in Germany!
- Extremely bright light exit at 320 degree all round visibility and glass protected red reflectors
- With plug contacts (central) for power and mass connection
- Beam shape helps motorists gauge your distance more easily
- Very light weight approximately 53g
- Switch for standlight deactivation
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Product Reviews (6)
Overall Product Rating 3.2 / 5
Short lifespan
By Oeax
19 Mar 2024
2 / 5
ConsFails after modest usage
ProsBrake light function
I have now seen a third of these fail, each after around two years of modest use. One was replaced by the manufacturer and I bought a replacement while that replacement was in the post from Germany. The concept is good but the manufacturing is obviously not there yet.
By Tim Whittle
18 Jan 2023
1 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsStand light liable to failure
ProsExcellent light
As per Alan’s review, I bought a second one when the first one stopped working when stationary, ie the stand light function failed.
Having made the replacement, I carefully dismantled the light. The softer black bit is glued to the harder transparent red and white bit so you have to be VERY careful not to break it! (I did snap a small piece off). Inside, it was evident that the battery/capacitor had come loose due to a poor soldered joint. Having resoldered and reassembled (I used a softish wood glue to stick it back together) voila! Stand light working again! so I now have a spare :-)
Great light till standlight failure
By Alan
21 Jan 2022
2 / 5
ConsStandlight will fail, need to replace after failure.
I've had 2 of these lights fail on different bikes.
The light is fantastic, bright, with reflector get brighter when you slow down and it has a standlight.
At least it has a standlight for a while, then one day you suddenly won't have a standlight anymore. Having 2 fail on different bikes says it's a failure in the light.
As an all year round commuter I want the stand light, even though I run a secondary battery light in flash mode. This is poor for a costly light. I won't be buying B&M lights again
A top class piece of kit
By Kevin
26 Sep 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsHigh quality - fit and forget
I wired this with the wurth spade connectors and found that the connectors needed a tiny squeeze with pliers to tighten them a little. According to the instructions on the packet (in german) bare wires can be connected using the little holes in the back of the light. I didn't try it as I had already crimped the wurth connectors onto my cable.
The light contains a super capacitor that keeps it lit for a considerable time after the dynamo stops giving power. There is a small push button on one end of the light that will discharge the capacitor if you want the light to go out straight away. I have found this useful as railway station staff ask me to turn off the red light on platforms.
I know from my last B&M rear light that the mounting bolt can corrode. I have used a liberal amount of assembly grease this time, and will regrease periodically.
The 'brake light' feature is quite impressive. Whether the following traffic appreciate it or not is something I can only guess at.
Brilliant rear light to run off a dynamo
By Alan
03 Jul 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsExcellent light
This light is fixed to my rack. It was easy to fit and produces a bright light. It has a built in reflector, and the stand light works perfectly. I'd recommend this light to all.
impressive but incomplete
By Tim
08 Oct 2017
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsMarginally more faff to set up than need be
Proslots of light, when you need it
The light is bright and the standlight impressive, after just seconds of wheelspin. I can't watch behind me to see if the brake light actually works, as it's better not to crash while testing things. But why does a quality light like this not come with the two mini-connectors it needs, and preferably shrinkwrap as well? Everyone will need these after all and would cost B&M just pennies (or eurocents) to add in.
Also it would be useful (but not quite as essential) to have a backing plate or bar the width of the two bolt holes, which would help if your rear rack doesn't have the right width holes.
Questions & Answers (6)
compatibility with SON edelux II and what's needed to set up
11 Feb 2020
I have Shimano alpine hub running a SON edelux II front dynamo light. Can I connect this B&M rear light to the SON edelux and what else do I need to buy to set this up. I can't see any other port to connect another set of lights to the SON edelux. Thanks
Hi you need a SON Coaxial Cable for Tail Light part # 15905. There is a port for this cable near the mounting bracket hole on a Edelux II. Thanks 18/02/20
Can this be mounted on a seatpost? If so are there additional parts required?
09 Jun 2018
This is designed to fit on a rear rack, to fit to a seatpost you would need to create a custom bracket.

Hi Is This Light Compatible With Hub Dynamo Sp Dynamo Pd-8 Disc. Thank You
20 Nov 2016

Rear dynamo lights can only piggy back off of a compatible Dynamo front light, they cannot be powered directly from the hub. As long as you have a front light compatible with this rear light (anything by B&M or Schmidt) then you should be fine using them with that hub dynamo.

04 Oct 2016
I have one of these which has been great. Still works fine - except the standlight feature which now doesnt ?
Any idea why before I order another one ?
Its on a brompton with son hub dynamo and son edulux front. Thanks

The most likely cause of a light having this issue is that the capacitor within the light has failed meaning it cannot hold any charge anymore. The light will obviously still work when there is power being supplied but it cannot hold its own power so will turn off as soon as the power is ceased.

Compatibility And Wiring
21 Jun 2015
I am keen to buy this light but need reassurance that it is compatible with b&M IQ2 front light.
Also I have seen indication that it foes not come with wires to connect to front light. If this is so, do you have the necessary cables in stock?
Thanks, Iain.

You are correct in that these lights do not come with the necessary wiring. The cabling just needs to be standard dual core dynamo wiring like SJSC part 25542, this cable only comes with two ends fitted so you will need to purchase some more separately. These are 2.4mm spade connectors which are SJSC part 4614. It is also recommend that you cover the newly fitted spade connectors with heat shrink wrap which is SJSC part 4606.

Is This Compatible With The B+M Luxos U Front Light?
22 Feb 2014
There are a number of reports online (Peter white cycles, Sheldon Brown) That the earlier versions of this light are known to not be compatible with the Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U front dynamo light.
However the newer versions of the above light ARE compatible. These apparently not only get brighter, but also pulse under braking. Please advise if this is in fact the compatible version you have in stock and if it is I will buy one from you.

Further info: http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/taillights.asp

I know the lights are the newest available from out supplier, but I'm afraid I don't know for sure whether it is compatible with the Luxos light.