Carradice SQR Saddlebag Uplift System

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Complete with block and frame. This mounts quickly & easily to the bike's seatpin with 2 steel bands, allowing greater support and security for the saddlebag being carried.
It also places the bag further away from the saddle rails, so the back of your legs are less likely to brush up against the back of the bag when cycling. The frame is detachable and is removed along with the bag.
Dimensions: Overall height of plastic block 100mm, clamps need 49mm of exposed seatpost.
Will work with all current Carradice saddlebags.
Fits 26 - 32mm seatposts.
Product Reviews (18)
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Product Reviews (18)
Overall Product Rating 4.8 / 5
Excellent Support for Carradice Saddle Bags
By Si Weait
19 May 2022
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsMmm…nothing found yet
ProsToo many to detail..
Very easy to fit and holds my saddle bag up and away from me. The quick release is very quick and easy to use allowing you to take your bag with you(…normally a cafe in my case!).
Great service again from SJS as well.
Very well made...
By Elfed
08 Mar 2022
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Consas listed above
Prosas listed above
The SQR system provides a quick release button which is very easy to use and the whole set up is very solid and should last many years. My only caveat is the instructions took some puzzling out but it was fine in the end.
Excellent product
By Hani Saleh
14 May 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsEasy to install and very quick to attach / detach the bag from the bike.
I needed a way of getting my Carradice Barley saddlebag off and on my bike really quickly and without effort, and this fitted my requirements perfectly. It also moved the bag a little further back, so it no longer touches the backs of my legs. Very pleased with it.
Needed to work with my Brooks Flyer
By Peter Steckles
05 May 2021
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsWell made. Easy to fit. Fast delivery.
Sent for a Brooks Flyer and tried to fit my Carradice Bagman detachable bag holder. The springs are in the way, so I sent for the SQR. Easy to fit, Works well. Keeps the Super C Audax Bag away from my legs whilst pedalling. Really pleased with the set up.
By m.s.
14 Aug 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
It is easy to strap onto the saddlebag and the QR is simple to screw to the seat pillar. Very pleased with it, so simple to detach.
A good system
By Andrew Davidson
05 Jun 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsCannot get to saddle rail adjustment screw
ProsQuick release
I bought this to replace a carradice bagman support when I swapped the Brooks saddle for one without bag loops.
This system is much preferable in all cases except with a very heavy load. It is lighter, quick release and does not limit fore & aft seat adjustment.
Does the job
By Anonymous
09 Oct 2018
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsDoes what it is intended to do
Does what I want it to do, easily fitted.
By Donald Tovey
02 Feb 2018
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNone that I have found.
ProsNo problems easy to fit
I am very pleased with the product it works well,ideal for its purpose it fits well on my brooks saddle.
By Federica
14 Jul 2017
5 / 5
I recommend this product
This is an amazing product.
I'm very glad that we decided to make this purchase in the end.
My husband and I have two Brompton and two Carradice saddle bags, I have to say that you can't possibly use the bag without the SQR. I mean, you can, but this makes things easier. The SQR it's easy to mount and while cycling behind my husband I could see his Carradice stay firmly in place, no movement.
Worked Well
By Jane
20 Nov 2016
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsBit on the heavy side for what it is.
ProsWorked well for what I wanted, versatile, sturdy..
Used to strap on an alpkit barrel bag for a credit card ride of the way of the roses. Did the job, without needing to buy and fit a rack, always tricky I find. I plan to buy the carradice bag for longer trips, with tent.
Useful Strong Piece Of Kit
By Jane
18 Aug 2016
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsBit still to remove rack from bracket, but will probably ease with use, I just took the bag off.
ProsEast to fit, versatile, strong build.
Used to hold an alpkit barrel bag (13l) for way of the roses trip staying in hostels. Great fun.
By Graham
20 Jan 2013
5 / 5
ProsKeeps my saddle bag away from my legs when riding
What a revelation this is the best devise I've seen to fit my saddle bag onto my bike. Easy to fit easy to use and I excpected it will last for years.
I've been very impressed with the SQR system and can highly recommend it
By Andy Rossiter
26 Nov 2012
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsOccasionally fiddly to use.
ProsQuality, ease of fitting.
Been looking for a rack bag that I could remove from the bike easily, but I couldn’t find one big enough for all my commuting kit. The SQR enabled me to switch to a Super C saddlebag and it’s excellent. Easy to fit, unobtrusive and holds the bag away from the back of my legs. Any doubts about its weight capacity were dismissed the first time I went shopping. My ony gripe is that because I still have a rack on the bike I occasionally find it’s a bit of a fiddle getting the SQR frame in its locating slots, but it's no big issue.
By Stephen Garratt
18 Oct 2012
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNone what so ever.
ProsEasy to fit, indespensable.
This is the second SQR purchased in the last 19 years. The first was purchased back in 1993 and this one was bought to support a second Carradice nelson long flap saddle bag on a second bike. I used to have an earlier Carradice incarnation from 1980 which was a simple but effective small grey plastic coated steel frame, with two loosely fitting steel lugs which slipped into the Brooks saddle bag eyes, but that vanished with the bike that was stolen last boxing Day!
Perfect For The Carradice Nelson Bag
By Anonymous
28 Sep 2012
5 / 5
I recommend this product
Consnone worth mentioning
ProsQuality product
I bought a Carradice Nelson bag and attached it to my Brooks B17 Imperial saddle. It fits well but on occasion was catching the back of my legs and it's the last thing I need before embarking on a 300mile London to Paris ride. I ordered the SQR uplift system and its great. Exactly what I needed. Well built, easy to fit and it holds the saddlebag very securely. Best of all, I can remove the saddlebag and bracket in seconds .. it only takes a couple of seconds to reattach to the clamp that attaches to your seatpost. Highly recommended.
A Simple Solution To A Perennial Problem
By Pete Gill
08 Aug 2012
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsWell Designed, Strong, Durable
Have ridden with Carradice bags for 40+ yrs & can't fault them, but am a bit fussy re: bags 'dangling' on the back of my Brooks B17. I use alot of weight in my bag these days (camera kit). so needed a secure, trustworthy bag mount that didn't take AGES to fit/remove on either of my 2 bikes (OR fall off without me knowing). This mount is superb . . . strong, secure easy to fit and use and never lets you down :)
Very Clever System
By Victoria Tsavdaridou
13 May 2012
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsEasy of use
I use this system to support a Camper longflap saddlebag. Previously I was attaching it with its own straps, but I have no longer Brooks saddle, so I bought this system. It is much easier and quicker. Highly recommended even if you have Brooks saddle!!!!
Excellent Solution For Carradice Bags
By Anonymous
13 Feb 2012
3 / 5
I recommend this product
Prossturdy, ingenious, British
I use this to support my Carradice Camper Longflap, and it works perfectly. Rapid attachment and removal is a cinch, and looks like it's easier than the Bagman Quick Release. Another advantage over the Bagman is that one size fits all, whereas the bagman has two sizes for different bags.
Questions & Answers (6)
How to select band type?
16 Feb 2023
On Carradice website they require to select Standard/Large Bands. How can I do it here?
Our mounts are supplied with the standard clamps, if you need item 40466 if you have a 32-40mm seat post SK 16/02/23
Do i need an metal seatpost or can i use carbon ?
08 May 2019
Hi there,

We would say that you need a metal seatpost, however as we have never fitted this to a carbon one we cannot say whether this would work or not I'm afraid.

Will this suit and support the Pendle saddle bag?
05 Feb 2019
according to Carradice: "Will work with all current Carradice saddlebags."
many thanks
What diameter seatpost is this compatible with?
02 Aug 2017
26 to 32mm
Is This Compatible With A Sprung Saddle?
24 Aug 2016
Can this be used with a Brooks Flyer sprung saddle and Carradice Barley saddlebag? The Bagman QR doesn't fit saddles with springs, but does this? I'd like something that puts the saddlebag far enough back to keep it from brushing my thighs, allows the saddlebag to be removed fairly easily, and sits lower than the Carradice classic saddlebag rack.

As long as you have enough seatpost available for the clamp to keep it low out of the way of the springs then you should be okay to use this with a sprung saddle.

Carradice Sqr Support
31 May 2015
Can you tell me how much of the seatpin requires to be shown for the support to be attached or tell me how long is the block side that bands onto the seatpin? Thanks.

The actual clamping section is only 50mm long, but the overall length of the block is 100mm. The bottom 30mm is offset so you could get away with having as little as 70mm of available seatpost.