Ergotec Ergotec EP-1 Pedals

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Improved pedalling performance. With its large, ergonomically shaped surface the new EP-1 pedal hugs the sole of your feet and ensures the optimum transmission of power.
In the case of conventional pedals the foot only comes into contact with specific points and is distorted in the longitudinal direction because of the short surface of the pedal. However, with its large contact surface the EP-1 gives full support to the sole of the foot. This also ensures that problems such as numbness or pains in the foot do not arise in the first place.
On the large, anatomically shaped, non slip contact area the foot is able to find its ideal position, which if necessary can be individually adjusted for the left and right foot. The inner guide rails ensures perfect positioning and prevents any contact between the foot and the crank.
The use of a short axle reduces the Q factor (the distance between the two pedals). This means that the foot-knee-hip joint sequence is aligned correctly with the axle.
As is the case with ergonomic handlebar grips you will notice the gain in efficiency and comfort immediately.
Product Reviews (7)
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Product Reviews (7)
Overall Product Rating 4.4 / 5
Review after 6 months - Brilliant!
By Mal
22 Nov 2023
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsPlatforms a bit slippy at first
ProsLight, good traction, bearings, non-slip platforms
Following on from my review six months ago, the only issue I had with the pedals, was that the platforms were a bit slippy. Now, after six months of use, the slippiness has worn off, and they grip my shoes well, so they really seem perfect ??
Great design, let down by tight bearings
By Owain
16 Sep 2023
4 / 5
ConsJust check the bearings before shipping!
ProsSmart design, well-implemented
Like others, the bearings on mine were over-tight. They felt like they'd been installed mechanically, with no check that they rotate smoothly.

Such a shame, because once this is fixed (not something the average customer should be expected to do), they're great for everyday utility cycling.

The slight concave surface and concave inner lip make my work shoes feel extra secure, and the surface gives a really grippy feel.

Also, the size of the pedals makes it much more comfortable standing up on the pedals when you want to have a stretch during a long recreational ride.
Fantastic - almost perfect...
By Mal
30 Mar 2023
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsPedal platforms could be more grippy..
ProsLight weight, good bearings, superb comfort, efficient pedalling force
After experimenting with lots of MTB platform pedals, and finding them not quite right, I decided to give these a try - and I wish I had tried them earlier! - super comfortable! - pressure is even across your whole sole, guard rails act superbly - making sure you get your foot exactly the right distance from the side of the pedal. Bearings are great too! - I have just tried them out on a 40 mile ride with steep (20%) gradients and long stretches, and have found them better that anything I have tried! - However, they are "almost perfect" - the pedal surface (hard textured plastic) is not as grippy as it could be - the forthcoming PT pedals from Ergon might be "the ones"...

I have UK size 10.5 feet, and were wearing flat pedal shoes (2FO Roost)
By Simon Davies
04 Nov 2020
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNon entirely non-slip, in my experience.
These pedals have eliminated the pressure discomfort I used to get in my feet. I would say they are not entirely non-slip, but perhaps I have not been positioning my feet correctly. I am very happy with them though.
My frame and forks have enough clearance for the pedals when turning. I'm told there could be a contact problem if your front wheel is close to the frame.
Good choice for hybrid
By Anonymous
12 May 2020
4 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsCheck toe overlap & allen key fitting/removal only
ProsGood feet/knee alignment
Great on hybrid for tours of Danube and Rhine cycleways, so not big climbs. Allows comfortable positioning of feet/knees in walking shoes - no need to take another pair. Bearings aren't high end but no problems. Worth checking for toe overlap and these only install/remove with an allen key (not spanner), so don't forget to pack one if taking boxed bike on flights!
Excellent pedals
By Anonymous
18 Apr 2019
5 / 5
I recommend this product
ConsNone as yet
ProsEase of use
Having fallen off my bike last summer whilst clipped in I seriously damaged my shoulder.
I have been using these pedals ever since, being concave they hold your foot firmly, without being clipped in and are very comfortable, as are Humpert handlebars.

Wide Platform
15 Sep 2018
3 / 5
I recommend this product
ProsWide Platform (this recommended)
Upon receipt of these pedals the spindle was too tight on the bearings. Prising off the plastic end cap revealing the top nut(9mm size box spanner I used if memory serves correctly) deep in the body, a 6mm alan key held pedal in worktop vice, readjustment made with a thin screw driver to adjust the bearing nut, and so running freely. Inevitable slight damage to plastic end cap.
Questions & Answers (4)
Other pedals
31 May 2020
Hello, are you able to order other Ergotec pedals please? Specifically the Ergotech Cargo.
Thanks for your time
Hi, sorry no, we are limited to the range our wholesaler stocks. Thanks
Earlier question
26 Mar 2018
Thanks for your reply.

Apologies if my earlier question was unclear but what I was trying to ascertain is whether The Torn Raven Catalyst has a 9\16" crank thread in order to be compatible with the 9\16" pedals I'm considering ordering?
It depends on the crank in particular, but as far as I know, all Thorns have been fitted with 9/16" cranks.

See below
25 Mar 2018
Please can you advise whether or not the axle thread size of 9/16" of these pedals is compatible with the crank thread of my Thorn Raven Catalyst bike.
Yes these pedals have a 9/16" axle thread.

Which Shoes Would Be Best To Wear With This Pedal?
23 Jan 2016
I can't use spds
Been using strapless toeclips with mountain bike pedals on my road bike as I was use to them on my hybrid bike

I noticed that the front wheel touches pedal when turning which worries me, not had problem with it but wanted to try alternative

Unfortunately toe/wheel overlap is unavoidable on a lot of shorter wheelbase bikes especially road bikes. Different pedals/ toe clips/ shoes may help, but all only by small amounts and may compromise the most comfortable pedalling position.