Rohloff Double Butted 2.0/1.8/2.0 Spokes with Nipples - Black - Set of 35

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Manufacturer part number : 
- Double butted
- 2.0/1.8/2.0 Gauge
- Includes 14mm Secure-Lock Nipples
- Head/Neck Length: 2.9mm

Bicycle spoke gauges refer to the thickness or diameter of the spokes used in a bicycle wheel. The gauge is a crucial measurement because it affects the strength, weight, and durability of the spokes, thus influencing the overall performance of the wheel.

Spokes are typically measured in either millimeters (mm) or in gauge (often referred to as "g"). The most common gauge system for spokes is the British Standard Wire Gauge (BSW) or the Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) in the UK, while the United States typically uses the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system. The gauge number represents the diameter of the wire. In general, the lower the gauge number, the thicker the spoke.

Here are some common spoke gauges and their characteristics:

14G (2.0mm): This is one of the most common spoke sizes for standard bicycle wheels. It provides a good balance between strength and weight and is suitable for most riding conditions, including road and mountain biking.

15G (1.8mm): Slightly thinner than 14G spokes, 15G spokes are used in some lightweight applications or for riders seeking to reduce rotational weight on their wheels. They may be found on high-performance road or racing bikes.

13G (2.3mm): Thicker than 14G spokes, 13G spokes are used in heavy-duty applications such as tandem bicycles or cargo bikes, where additional strength is required to support higher loads.

16G (1.6mm): Thinner than 14G spokes, 16G spokes are occasionally used in lightweight or specialized applications where minimizing weight is a priority, such as on high-end racing or touring bikes.

12G (2.6mm): Even thicker than 13G spokes, 12G spokes are used in heavy-duty or industrial applications, such as on heavy cargo bikes or for e-bikes with high torque outputs.
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Spokes for 27.5" rims with Rohloff hub
29 Jun 2022
This guide sheet by Rohloff:

Suggest I need 246mm spokes to build a two cross wheel with Ryde Zac 421 584mm rim (ERD 557), but this size is not listed. Is not important to use these spokes for larger wheel diameters? What does SJSC master builder use for these rims?

I guess I could use 244mm spokes with 14mm nipples, but that is not one of the options either.
Sadly we no longer offer spoke calculations unless the wheel is being built in-house by our master wheel builder, for more info please email: [email protected]

JK 30.06.22
Is the nipple Poylax secure lock? or just a normal Sapim secure lock nipple?
07 Jul 2021
Thank you for your enquiry, they are secure lock

WD 07/07/21
I calculated 234,8 but there is only 234 and 236. Should I round up or down?
10 Jun 2021
HI, if you're calculating for a Rim and Hub we sell, please email [email protected] with the items in question so we can calculate spoke lengths here.

JK 10.06.21
I need 291mm length. Will this length be coming in?
01 May 2020
Hi, we don't have this spoke in 291mm. That is very long for a Rhohloff wheel build. Thanks
Are these ok for Mavic Open Pro C 700c 622 Rims?
30 Apr 2020
Are these ok for Mavic Open Pro C 700c 622 Rims and the Novatec A186SBT Fixed/Free Track Rear Hub - Black - 32 Hole/Novatec Track Hub - Front - Black - 32 Hole? And what length spokes would I need to build those wheels please?
Yes, to calculate the lengths you need copy and paste this link:
RT 01/05/2020
What length do I need to order?
09 Nov 2019
I have an idworx bike fitted with idworx Darim II 26" rim and Rohloff hub. The manual says "Spokes/nipples: Sapim Race/Messing". None of my spokes are broken, therefore I don't know the actual length of those spokes. As fitted on the rim - it measures about 231-2mm from inner edge of the rim to the neck of the spoke on the hub. I'd like to buy some as backup. In this circumstance can you please suggest me the required length? Thanks.
Hi, we can not advise which spoke length you need as we don't know the ERD of the Idworks Darim II rim. If you contact Idworx they should be able to help you with either the spoke length or the ERD measurement. With the ERD you can use the online Sapim spoke calculator to find the correct length. Alternatively carry a Fibre Fix Emergency spoke (our part 20155) which will fix any wheel, you may never need these backups! Thanks 11/11/2019
Can i use these spokes on a hope hub?
21 Nov 2017
It's written that they're made specifically for use with Rohloff's hubs but can i also use them with hope? What's the length of the nipples?
Thank you

The angles of the heads are designed to suit the large flanges of the Rohloff hub so we would not recommend them for use with Hope hubs. We do plenty of other spokes like the Sapim Race and DT Swiss Competition spokes that we'd recommend with Hope hubs. These Rohloff spokes come with 14mm nipples.

Are these Sapim, DT or other?
18 Oct 2017
And brass nipples? I measured my ERD using 12mm Sapim nipples so need to know whether or not to change calculated spoke length for these 14mm nipples.

Are they basically Sapim Race with brass nipples or other?

These spokes are made by Sapim specifically for use with Rohloff's hubs. They come supplied with Brass nipples.