14/17g DT Revolution Black Double Butted 2/1.5 mm Spoke with 12 mm Alloy Nipple - Pack Of 6

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A high performance lightweight spoke for use when weight saving is important.
The 14 / 17 gauge double butted spoke is 1.5mm thick in the centre to save the greatest amount of weight, but 2mm thick at the end where strength is needed.
The butting process adds strength through cold forging of the metal, and the shortest possible butts are used to save even more weight.
Made from X5 stainless steel, containing chrome for rust resistance and nickel for strength.
The rolling of the nipple thread removes no metal from the spoke and preserves the grain of the material, maximising strength.
Finished in black using an electro-chemical treatment that is durable, and does not weaken the spoke.
Comes supplied with 12mm DT alloy nipples.
Weight: 283g for 64 x 264mm length spokes.

Bicycle spoke gauges refer to the thickness or diameter of the spokes used in a bicycle wheel. The gauge is a crucial measurement because it affects the strength, weight, and durability of the spokes, thus influencing the overall performance of the wheel.

Spokes are typically measured in either millimeters (mm) or in gauge (often referred to as "g"). The most common gauge system for spokes is the British Standard Wire Gauge (BSW) or the Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) in the UK, while the United States typically uses the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system. The gauge number represents the diameter of the wire. In general, the lower the gauge number, the thicker the spoke.

Here are some common spoke gauges and their characteristics:

14G (2.0mm): This is one of the most common spoke sizes for standard bicycle wheels. It provides a good balance between strength and weight and is suitable for most riding conditions, including road and mountain biking.

15G (1.8mm): Slightly thinner than 14G spokes, 15G spokes are used in some lightweight applications or for riders seeking to reduce rotational weight on their wheels. They may be found on high-performance road or racing bikes.

13G (2.3mm): Thicker than 14G spokes, 13G spokes are used in heavy-duty applications such as tandem bicycles or cargo bikes, where additional strength is required to support higher loads.

16G (1.6mm): Thinner than 14G spokes, 16G spokes are occasionally used in lightweight or specialized applications where minimizing weight is a priority, such as on high-end racing or touring bikes.

12G (2.6mm): Even thicker than 13G spokes, 12G spokes are used in heavy-duty or industrial applications, such as on heavy cargo bikes or for e-bikes with high torque outputs.
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Nipple colour
24 Apr 2022
Does the colour of the included nipples match that of the spokes, ie. black?
Thank you for your enquiry, the nipples included are silver

WD 25/04/22
Appretiate The Superb Work Of Team
06 Mar 2017
Very impressed by rnd team for the collection of products on the Website Superb 10 on 10
Great work and good delivery....

Thanks and regards