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Shimano WH-R500 Front/Rear Nipple - Y012Y4341

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For use with Shimano WH-R500 wheels.

This nipple can also be used on the following wheels:

- Shimano WH-RS010 - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-RX010 - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-RX05 - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-R501-A - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-R501-30 - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-R501 - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-M505 - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-MT15-A-F15-275 - Front Nipple
- Shimano WH-MT15-A-F15-29 - Front Nipple
- Shimano WH-MT15-A-F15 - Front Nipple
- Shimano WH-MT15-A-275 - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-MT15-A-29 - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-MT15-A - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-MT15 - Front / Rear Nipple
- Shimano WH-3N71-T - Front Nipple
- Shimano WH-3N71-NX - Front Nipple
- Shimano WH-3N71 - Front Nipple

These are an "A" match which indicates that the parts are the same in materials, appearance, finish & size etc.

Genuine Shimano replacement part.
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Questions & Answers (1)
13 Apr 2015
I have Shimano WH R501 wheels bought this March and also 3.25mm spoke key. This key will not fit the nipples as it is too small. It however fits the nipples on other makes of wheels that I have. I normally keep spoke and nipple spares for my wheels so I would like to resolve this one please.
Thank you.

I'm sorry for the incorrect information we provided in our last reply. Although we measured the flats on the nipples at being 3.25mm wide (it is also possible our verniers are under reading by around 0.05mm), normal nipples are actually closer to 3.23mm wide meaning that "red" spoke keys do not fit. The larger size of spoke key is actually required, these are listed as 3.4mm but still gain plenty of grip on the Shimano nipple. We have just tested it with the Rixen and Kaul Spokey Black and it worked fine.