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Shimano XTR WH-M988-F15 TL-HB16 Hub Setting Tool - Y20W98020

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Manufacturer part number : 
Specialist tool for holding wheels with thru axles when building or adjusting cones, for use with Shimano XTR WH-M988-F15 Wheels.

This hub setting tool can also be used on the following wheels:

- Shimano XTR WH-M9020-TL-F15-29
- Shimano XTR WH-M9020-TL-F15-275
- Shimano XTR WH-M9000-TU-F15-29
- Shimano XTR WH-M9000-TL-F15-29
- Shimano XTR WH-M9000-TL-F15-275
- Shimano XTR WH-M985-F15
- Shimano XTR WH-M980-F15-29
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M8020-TL-F15-B-29
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M8020-TL-F15-B-275
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M8020-TL-F15-29
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M8020-TL-F15-275
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M8000-TL-F15-B-29
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M8000-TL-F15-B-275
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M8000-TL-F15-29
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M8000-TL-F15-275
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M788-F15
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M785-F15-29
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M785-F15-275
- Shimano Deore XT WH-M785-F15
- Shimano WH-MT500-CL-F15-B-29
- Shimano WH-MT500-CL-F15-B-275
- Shimano WH-MT500-CL-F15-29
- Shimano WH-MT500-CL-F15-275
- Shimano WH-MT68-F15
- Shimano WH-MT66-F15-29
- Shimano WH-MT66-F15
- Shimano WH-MT65-F15
- Shimano WH-MT55-F15-29
- Shimano WH-MT55-F15
- Shimano WH-MT35-F15-29
- Shimano WH-MT35-F15-275
- Shimano WH-MT35-F15
- Shimano WH-MT15-A-F15-29
- Shimano WH-MT15-A-F15-275
- Shimano WH-MT15-A-F15
- Shimano XTR HB-M9010-B
- Shimano XTR HB-M9010
- Shimano XTR HB-M988
- Shimano XTR HB-M978
- Shimano XTR HB-M976
- Shimano Saint HB-M820
- Shimano Saint HB-M810
- Shimano Deore XT HB-M8010-B
- Shimano Deore XT HB-M8010
- Shimano Deore XT HB-M788
- Shimano Deore XT HB-M778
- Shimano Deore XT HB-M776
- Shimano Deore XT HB-M758
- Shimano SLX HB-M7010-B
- Shimano SLX HB-M7010
- Shimano SLX HB-M678
- Shimano SLX HB-M668
- Shimano SLX HB-M667
- Shimano Zee HB-M640
- Shimano Deore HB-M6010-B
- Shimano Deore HB-M6010
- Shimano Deore HB-M618-B
- Shimano Deore HB-M618

These are an "A" match which indicates that the parts are the same in materials, appearance, finish & size etc.

Note: Not for Riding!

Genuine Shimano replacement part.
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